25 Luxury Hosiery Brands For Added warmth 

Looking for high-quality tights, stockings, or socks? We’ve got twenty-five places for you to start – some names you’ve heard of, and some you’re sure to hear more about.

But ALL of these fantastic and fashionable options cater to those with an eye for style, substance, and comfort. Check out our list of 25 must-have names in hosiery excellence.

1. Falke

Falke is now a globally recognized retail brand that continues to manufacturer some of the  finest-quality tights, knitted socks, and hosiery products for women and men for a fairly affordable price.

2. Wolford

They are built to last and come in a variety of shades, colors, and styles: one of the most popular designs is the brand’s sheer, seamless toe–perfect for pairing with peep-toed shoes.

3. Sheertex

Best of all, Sheertex hosiery products are made with high-quality materials and they come with a 30-day  worry-free guarantee: no rips, snags, or tears, or your money back.

4. Heist

From basic sheer panel pantyhose with built-in adaptive waists for great hold-ups to hand-sewn woolen garments, you can count on Heist to bring you to any event in affordable style.

5. Spanx 

There is a wide range of tights available, whether you are looking for something thick for winter or statement fishnets, plus they are all built with slimming technology.

6. Commando

The Commando brand has an enormous range of tights, from sheer options to thick winter tights, to patterned options to add an exciting touch to your look!

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