Kate Spade Outlet Vs Retail: What Are The Differences?

The Kate Spade aesthetic is a polished, chic, and sophisticated look that will suit your personal style and make a statement – perfect if you are on the hunt for a new elegant handbag! 

We’ve got all the information you need to help you to decide whether you should buy your new Kate Spade bag from an outlet mall or a Kate Spade store.

The items that are sold in the outlet stores are at a lower price because they are made from lower-quality materials.

Kate Spade Outlet Vs Retail – What’s The Difference?


This will often be cow leather because lamb leather, which is some times used to make Kate Spade retail bags, is more expensive.

Kate Spade also produces collections specifically for the retail outlet stores as well as department store outlets such as Nordstrom Rack and Marshall’s.


Kate Spade is not the only popular designer brand to do this, Coach also creates specific Coach bags for their outlet stores.

You should also be aware that goods purchased from outlet malls will have a shorter warranty. Often Kate Spade will only offer one month warranty on their outlet products.


Whereas a bag purchased from a regular retail store will have a one-year warranty.

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