75 Creative Halloween Makeup Ideas To Try This Year

Are you looking for inspiring Halloween makeup looks that you can replicate this year to go with your costume? If so, this post is perfect for you!


Whether you’re looking for cute or scary looks...

Button Eyed

...These amazing makeup ideas are going to blow you away with how creative they are!

Red Sugar Skull

From creepy clown makeup to playful cartoon looks and everything in between...

Mermaid With Gills

...There’s something to go with everyone’s Halloween costume.


Many of these looks are easy enough to recreate even if you feel like you don’t have the makeup skills of NikkieTutorials.

All Eyes On Me

However, there are also some looks that will be a little bit more challenging to reproduce.


Whatever your skill level, the important bit is to have fun with your makeup and get inspired from these looks – perfection isn’t necessary!

Botched Lips

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