Gucci Outlet Vs The Gucci Store: What’s The Difference?

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Have you ever wondered what’s the difference between a Gucci retail store and the outlet store? This analysis of Gucci outlet vs Gucci store has all information you need to know.

Since Gucci is one of the best designer brands at the moment, there are lots of Gucci stores all over the world; 501 to be exact, including 97 in the United States and Canada, and 107 across Europe.

Designer outlet stores, like the Gucci outlet, are stores in which manufacturers sell stock directly to customers, as opposed to going through a retailer, which is what happens in Gucci stores.

The main differences between a Gucci outlet and a Gucci store are the price and the range of products available.

Difference Between A Gucci Outlet And A Gucci Store?


Items in a Gucci outlet are discounted by between 35% and 65%, but the longer a piece has been in the outlet store, the higher the discount will be.

If an item hasn’t sold after six months, they will discount the cheaper price by 50% again – this second discount will be written in red.

The range of products and range sizes you will find in a Gucci outlet will be much more limited than you will find in a Gucci store.


Since the items in a Gucci outlet will be discontinued or out of season, there will only be older or seasonal shoes, bags, and clothing. This means you are less likely to find a best-selling Gucci bag.

Outlet stores also often stock irregular pieces that have some sort of mistake or error, usually this imperfection is small and not that noticeable, but still, the piece will still be available for a lower price.

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