Brutally Honest Cupshe Review: Everything You Need To Know Before Buying

Who hasn’t’ paid over-the-top prices for bikinis or swimsuits that only end up being worn for a few months in the summer and then stored out of sight for the rest of the year?

If like me, you’re obsessed with buying swimsuits regardless of whether it’s swimsuit season or not, then you may have already come across Cupshe in your search for cute yet affordable swimwear.

What Is Cupshe?

A swimwear/clothing brand that is inspired and created for vibrant and fun women all across the globe.

Cupshe made its mark on the industry by designing and creating stylish yet affordable swim pieces that could be worn by every woman.

Where Is Cupshe Located?

Cupshe’s headquarters are based out in China, however, they have a US-based warehouse in New Jersey and a UK-based warehouse near London.

Is Cupshe A Legit Brand?

Cupshe is a genuine company with real products, and I was pleasantly surprised by the quality of the swimwear.

Cupshe Sizing 

Cupshe’s sizing goes from XS up to XXL and also offers sizes from 0X to 4X for plus-sized ladies.

Fabric & Quality Review

The pieces looked like they could be from any semi-affordable retailer: the fit and the quality were great, and everything looked as expected.

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