Coach Vs Dooney & Bourke: Is One Brand Better Than The Other?

Both Coach and Dooney offer a stunning range of bags and accessories, all available at affordable prices – making them the perfect option if you are looking for a gorgeous new handbag that won’t break the bank.

Both brands offer leather options, as well as coated canvas bags decorated with the brands' monograms. As you can see, there are many similarities between these two brands, making it difficult to choose between the two.

However, if you look a little closer, you will see that there are significant aspects of each brand that are different, which will make it a little easier to figure out which brand is right for you – let's get started!

Dooney and Bourke bags range between $55 and $950 depending on the size of the bag and the material it is made from.

Differences Between Dooney & Bourke Vs Coach


Coach handbags, on the other hand, sell for between $150 and $795, which is a very affordable price range compared to some of the more established luxury brands like Louis Vuitton and Saint Laurent.

As you can see, D&B bags start off a little more affordable but generally speaking, the best-selling bags from both brands’ retail for roughly the same price.

Dooney and Bourke have a wide range of leather bags, including pebbled leather, smooth leather, textured leather, and exotic leather.


This exotic leather is calfskin which has been embossed with a crocodile or ostrich print. There are also more affordable nylon and polyvinyl-coated cotton bags, which are often decorated with striking prints or the D&B logo.

Coach is similar in its range of materials, which includes Nappa leather, natural leather, and pebbled leather, as well as coated canvas, plain canvas, and nylon.

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