7 Best Celine Bags That Will Stand The Test Of Time

If you’re wondering what the best Celine bags on the market are (or if they’re still worth adding to your collection), this is for you.

Purchasing your first Celine bag is an incredibly special moment as they are timeless, trendy, well-made, and will elevate all of your future fashion looks.

1. Triomphe Bag

The Triomphe has become one of the latest it-bags, and we could bet that you won’t be able to scroll Instagram without seeing at least one of your favorite influencers wearing it. If there's one bag you should get from Celine, it's this!

2. The Belt Bag

This classic bag from Phoebe Philo's era comes in multiple different colors, with seasonal colors added here and there, including the ever-so-important neutral shades like black, light taupe, and grey.

3. (Nano) Luggage Tote

The Luggage tote is easily one of the most recognizable Celine bags from the recent years. While back in the day, the larger size was the preferred option, nowadays, we would argue that the Nano version hails supreme.

4. The Ava Bag

The 90s-inspired style of the Ava shoulder bag is very trendy at the moment and the small size makes it perfect for casual evenings out.

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