15 Best Cartier Perfumes That Smell Like Opulence

Cartier is not only known for its watches, leather goods, and jewelry; they also have an impressive range of wonderful scents that are perfect for any special occasion.

 Just like the brand's luxe jewelry, their perfumes also make for a great investment piece – here are the 15 best options worth considering.

1. La Panthère Eau De Parfum

One of the brand’s best sellers,  La Panthère is cheekily described as a “feline-floral” perfume. It's modern, elegant and expensive – you wouldn’t expect anything less from Cartier, would you?

2. Baiser Volé Eau De Parfum

Baiser Volé, which translates to “stolen kiss”, is the expression of love according to Cartier: it’s utterly feminine, while still having a mature, sophisticated vibe about it.

3. Le Baiser Du Dragon Eau De Parfum

This scent is a great choice for cold weather thanks to its combination of warm liqueur notes, spicy-woody accords and enveloping sweetness that isn’t too intense.

4. Les Épures Pur Rose Eau De Toilette

Pulsating with freshness, this rose fragrance is as clean as they come. It’s easy to like, and easy to wear – perfect for daily wear.

5. Les Épures De Parfum Pur Muguet

Pur Muguet is a hyperrealistic lily of the valley scent, with all aspects of the flower taken into account. It’s spring in a bottle – simple but extraordinary at the same time, with no added fluff.

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