Burberry Vs Burberrys: What’s Really The Difference?

Ever wondered what the difference between Burberry vs Burberrys labels are? Well, we’ve got all the answers and explanations you need to buy Burberry with confidence.

We will go through the difference between the two and how you can get your hands on genuine Burberry items rather than any fakes.

The only difference between Burberry vs Burberrys is that Burberrys is the old name of the luxury fashion house and is no longer in use.

The Difference Between Burberry Vs Burberrys

This means that if you come across a Burberry trench coat or Burberry bag with the word Burberrys written on the label you may have found yourself a vintage treasure.

The name was changed from Burberry’s of London to just Burberry in the late 1990s by the owner and design director of the brand, as a way of modernizing this historic label.

This fashion brand is known for incredible Burberry clothing, stylish accessories, and classic leather goods.

Our Top Burberry Picks

The Kensington Trench, in this mid-length form, is a stunning heritage piece that will remain eternally stylish.


A classic item that automatically imbues you with an effortlessly chic aesthetic. The scarf is made from 100% cashmere and is decorated with an antique yellow Burberry check.


The Burberry Derby calfskin tote is a vintage bag designed under Christopher Bailey. The grained calfskin leather in this neutral beige color will suit a whole plethora of outfits.


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