40 Boho Christmas Decor Ideas For A Whimsical Holiday Vibe

Craving a bohemian yet chic Christmas? If so, you’ll love these whimsical boho Christmas decor finds that you can use to create your own peaceful haven at home.

We love all things boho: fashion, home decor, even the lifestyle itself! If you’re a free-spirited person who wants to incorporate the bohemian aesthetic into your life even during the holiday season, we got you!

Bohemian Christmas decor is simply gorgeous: it is minimalistic, contemporary, and at the same time, pretty understated (at least when it comes to the color palette!).

Like the bohemian lifestyle itself, boho decor is carefree, hippy, and natural.

Boho decor makes use of wooden beads or wooden shapes, macrame (which is a form of textile using knotting techniques), fabric tassels, dried flowers and grass, feathers, and more.

However, you don’t have to be a bohemian enthusiast to have your own boho-themed Christmas! If you’re looking to switch it up this holiday season, we suggest giving this aesthetic a try.

We’ve already fallen in love with the whimsical boho Christmas decor we found online, so we’re sharing 40 of our favorite ones with you!

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