15 Best Versace Perfumes TO Obsess over

As they say, the best way to accessorize yourself is through a signature scent. Here, we rounded up the 15 best Versace perfumes that you’ll want to get your hands on!

We promise that perfume lovers will be beyond pleased with the luxurious and high-quality scents carefully created by the designer brand.

1. Versace Yellow Diamond

Starting this list off strong is Yellow Diamond, which is a layerable, glamorous fragrance created to reflect a woman’s infinite beauty. It's ideal for ladies looking for a clean, floral scent that can be worn all day to work.

2. Versace Bright Crystal

What sets Bright Crystal apart from other perfumes offered by the brand is that it’s a special blend of founder Donatella Versace’s favorite floral fragrances.

3. Versace Dylan Turquoise Pour Femme

If you’re seeking an opulent perfume with a bottle that could be found in one of Italy’s art museums, this one is for you. The scent opens with a potent citrus smell, which are then complimented with floral notes.

4. Versace Crystal Noir 

Ladies who love warm and spicy perfumes are sure to adore Versace’s Crystal Noir as it contains warm floral notes.

5. Eros Pour Femme Eau De Parfum

A classic floral scent that’s best suited for ladies hoping to exude attraction, sensuality, desire, and passion.

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