25 Best Luxury Lingerie Brands You’ll Want In Your Life


Lingerie may be one of the things that have been overlooked in your wardrobe, but it really deserves more attention, which is why we have created this list of the 25 best luxury lingerie brands.

The category of lingerie can include everything from sleepwear to underwear, to silk robes so there are many different ways to incorporate stunning lingerie into your life!


It was a brand founded in Italy in 1954, when Ada Masotti opened a small store offering handcrafted corsets – this small brand has now grown into one of the biggest brands in the lingerie world


This London-based brand was established in 1994 in Soho with the aim of subverting the male gaze in order to empower women, so if you are looking for lingerie that will make you feel confident, Agent Provocateur is a great brand to go for!


First began in 1949 as a shapewear brand and then added bras to the collection in the 1960s. Chanelle Lingerie is still crafted in Epernay, France by highly-trained seamstresses.


Founded in the early 2000s and has been creating couture-like lingerie ever since, making use of fun and playful colors and lavish materials.


A female-led lingerie brand that was established in 2005 in the UK that has now become a top international brand.


Known for their creative color combinations, inclusive size range, and gorgeous yet comfy underwear and sleepwear.

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