15 Chic Designer Dog Collars To Glam Up Your Pet

If you are looking for a posh, new collar for your furry friend, you are in the right place as we have brought together the 15 best designer dog collars you will love!

A designer dog collar is a perfect accessory for your dog; they will be wearing it all the time so you might as well splurge a little to find a top-quality collar that looks just perfect – here are 15 chic options.

1. Gucci GG Supreme Pet Collar

This collar is made from GG supreme canvas and features gold hardware, including the rounded buckle, Gucci logo charm, and spiked studs that add a punk edge!

2. Givenchy X Disney 4g Leather Dog Collar

This collar is secured with a chunky silver buckle, while a 4G Givenchy pendant hangs off the loop to attach your pet’s lead for that luxurious finishing touch.

3. Versace Leather Dog Collar

This collar is made from high-quality Italian leather and then embellished with glittering gold hardware, with the square buckle and Medusa head studs.

4. Prada Recycled-nylon Handkerchief Dog Collar

This collar opens with a quick-release buckle to make it easy to slip around your dog’s neck. For decoration, it has a stylish silver D-ring to attach a lead and ID tag.

5. Goyard Goyardine Dog Collar

This collar is complete with a gold buckle and leash loop for ultimate practicality. There is even a specific little hoop on which to attach an ID tag with your phone number.

6. Gucci Striped Large/extra-large Pet Collar

This stylish collar features Gucci's GG logo stud, as well as a rounded buckle, and two D-rings to attach your dog’s leash and ID tag.

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