15 Best Byredo Perfumes That Are Worth The Money

Byredo’s minimalist perfumes have been gaining a lot of traction lately, but which scents are worth purchasing? Find out in this roundup of the best Byredo perfumes!

Although the brand has catapulted into mainstream consciousness just in the last few years, Byredo was actually launched 15 years ago in 2006 by Swedish native Ben Gorham.

Gypsy Water

The brand's first scent was Gypsy Water, a delectable perfume that has since become an undisputed cult favorite. This scent is full of excellent sandalwood, lemon, and vanilla scents which give it an aroma akin to a warm campfire in winter.

Mojave Ghost

Next, we have Mojave Goast – one of Byredo’s most popular scents. As so many are eager to try it, this perfume is sold out a lot of the time. It is a lovely sweet-floral scent with touches of wood and amberghis.

Bal D’Afrique

Taking inspiration from Paris in the 1920s, when the city was infatuated with African culture and art, Bal d’Afrique is an expression of joy, excess, and euphoria.

Rose Of No Man’s Land

This is a very cool floral fragrance that is soft and subtle with notes of fresh rose petals and a hint of spice. At its base, you'll be able to smell amber and pink pepper, which add richness to the scent experience.


The amorous aroma of the Bibliothèque scent originally started as a candle. It is extremely hard to find an exact description of this unique scent, but it evokes the atmosphere of reading old, leather-lined books in a European library.

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