15 Best Burberry Perfumes For Women

Founded by Thomas Burberry in 1856, this luxury British fashion house has been crafting signature fashions and accessories, including the iconic trench coat, for decades.

It wasn’t until 1981 when their first fragrance was launched, and since then, the brand has incorporated its instantly recognizable distinct check pattern into many of their 80+ perfume bottles.

But which of Burberry’s luxurious scents can truly claim to be the greatest? Here is our list of the 15 best Burberry fragrances for women.

1. Burberry Her Blossom Eau De Toilette Spray

This one stands out above the rest thanks to its delicate composition of fruity and floral notes for an uncompromisingly feminine bouquet.

2. Burberry My Burberry Eau De Parfum Spray

The precious My Burberry bottle features a honey-colored glass flacon and a prominent stopper resembling a trench coat button – the ultimate fashion statement.

3. Burberry Brit Eau De Parfum Spray

Featuring a curious, unique blend of aromas this light and refreshing fragrance holds lime, pear, and almond top notes that pair beautifully with base notes of amber, tonka bean and mahogany.

4. Burberry Women Eau De Parfum Spray

Designed for the Burberry woman – a confident and charming archetypal figure with great style who loves city life – this perfume is flirty, fearless, and unmistakably feminine.

5. Burberry Her London Dream Eau De Parfum Spray

This charming concoction offers a romantic, yet modern take on city living – particularly the Burberry woman who naturally embodies a sparkling flair for style and beauty.

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