40 Adorable Baby Halloween Costumes That Will Melt Your Heart

Are you looking for adorable Halloween costumes for your newborn or toddler? 


If so, you’re in the right place  – these cute baby Halloween costumes are sure to warm your heart!

Baby Mouse

Although Halloween might seem a long way away, it’s always best to get organized sooner rather than later.

Ramen Noodles

That’s exactly why we‘re sharing our favorite baby Halloween costumes now.

Jack Skellington

Leaving you with ample time to prepare all your family holiday outfits.

Pebbles From The Flintstones

All of the outfits listed below are from small businesses, which means that many of them will be handmade with love.

Bubble Tea

Whether you’re more of a fan of funny baby costumes, or you want a practical and sweet costume for your bumpkin.


We’re sure you’ll find at least a few ideas that you’ll love!

Raggedy Ann

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