Are Luxury Brands Cheaper In Hong Kong? Well, Yes And No

Hong Kong is a great shopping destination, with amazing street markets and enormous shopping malls to pick up clothing, accessories, or local delicacies, as well as several luxury shopping centers.

If you are planning a trip to Hong Kong anytime soon, or just love getting a good deal on designer handbags or luxury shoes, then this article is perfect for you as we’re answering the important question, are luxury brands cheaper in Hong Kong?

Luxury items and brands are cheaper in Hong Kong than in the rest of Asia, but typically they are more expensive than in the EU, especially if we are talking about European brands.

Hong Kong prices are also typically more expensive (or on par) with US prices, but it depends on which state you are visiting from and how big the state’s sales tax would be in the US.

Why Are Luxury Brands Cheaper In Hong Kong


Hong Kong has an import policy where they do not include tariffs on luxury goods that are brought into the country.

Tariffs are added on the goods that are imported into the country from a different country. This makes the items more expensive for those buying these goods.

Hong Kong has no VAT or sales tax, making all items a little cheaper. This means that it is worth picking up a luxury pair of shoes or a new handbag while you’re in Hong Kong.


In the United States, Europe, or the United Kingdom, the price you pay for a certain product is the price of the item plus the VAT or sales tax.

Some brands are very much aware that there is no sales tax in Hong Kong and so they adjust their pricing accordingly.


Some countries may also charge you a customs tax on anything you have bought abroad. The amount you need to pay in customs tax usually depends on the price of the item you bought.

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