Are Luxury Brands Cheaper In Hawaii?

There are many reasons you may choose to visit the beautiful island of Hawaii, namely the luscious sandy beaches and the blue sea, but is it worth also coming home with a new luxury purchase?

We know you're always looking for the best price to buy luxury goods. So, today, we're here to answer the question, are luxury brands cheaper in Hawaii?

The short answer is YES, luxury brands are cheaper in Hawaii than in mainland US. It is sometimes described as the best place to go luxury shopping outside of Europe.

If you live in America, Hawaii is the perfect place to buy any luxury goods as it can be much closer than France or Italy if you live on the West coast. Plus, the weather is always amazing!

Why Are The Prices Cheaper In Hawaii?

No one is 100% sure why luxury brands offer discounted prices for their goods in Hawaii, but there are several different theories.

For example, many companies consider Hawaii as their own special pricing zone, and so they do not have the same pricing on goods as mainland USA or mainland Asia.

The Different Discounts From Each Brand

Each luxury brand offers different discounts – for some, all items are discounted, while some fashion houses only offer a discount on certain goods.

Here are just some examples of discounts compared to the US market: – A Louis Vuitton store will offer 10% off leather goods, and 5%-7% off shoes, clothing, and accessories – what a great deal!

Burberry and Saint Laurent both offer 10% off all luxury goods – so these are two brands you should definitely check out.

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