Are Luxury Brands Cheaper In Dubai? Here’s All You Need To Know

Dubai in the United Arab Emirates is known for stunning beaches, sparkling clear blue seas, incredible architecture, and its enormous shopping malls.

The city remains one of the top luxury shopping destinations and offers a lot of variety. But are the prices cheaper in Dubai then elsewhere?

On the whole, it depends where you're visiting from. Luxury brands are not cheaper in Dubai compared to Europe and the UK – they are more in line with prices in the US.

However, if you are visiting from China, India or a South East Asian country, the prices will be approximately 15-25% cheaper.

We speculate that the main reason for this could be that Dubai is a tourist hot spot, and so the brand will raise their prices as they know tourists are likely to buy these goods while they are on holiday.

Another reason could be that the population of Dubai, and thus demand for luxury products, is relatively small compared to the US and Europe, which have much larger populations.

Where To Shop In Dubai For Deals


This shopping festival is held in the Dubai Mall, and usually, around 700 brands participate, offering massive discounts of up to 90% off!

If you are planning a trip to Dubai, the winter months are a great time to go as your trip will coincide with the heavy discounts of the Dubai Shopping Festival.

If you are visiting the Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates, then you really need to go to the Dubai Outlet Mall.


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