The BEST Timberland Look Alikes From $20

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For this week’s dupe article I wanted to focus on Timberland look alikes. When you think about hiking/ outdoor shoes, what other brand really comes to mind? There aren’t that many outdoor brands that have as big of a status as Timberland does.

For example, the ‘Timbs’ have been worn by celebrities countless of times, including on the feet of Kanye West, Cara Delevigne, Karlie Kloss, Rihanna and just about any other celebrity under the planet.


Image via Angelica Blick


Timberland’s aren’t that pricy – they normally retail for around $100, but that doesn’t mean that cheaper Timberland alternatives aren’t available! I searched the internet again and found quite a few very good Timberland dupes starting from only £14.90!

Even websites like Boohoo shamelessly promote their Timberland imitations when you search for the keyword ‘Timberland dupes’. (Go on, try it out!)

It always makes me laugh when you search for a certain brand and the first ads that come up are the brand’s direct competitors! It’s very smart, but very cheeky as well!

Anyhow, I digress. Let’s get into Timberland dupes now!


Best Timberland Look Alikes From $20


Timberland Look Alikes, Timberland dupes

Timberland Look Alikes, here


Timberland Look Alikes, Timberland dupes

Timberland Look Alikes, here (US) / here (UK) and here (UK)


Timberland Look Alikes, Timberland dupes

Floral Timberland Dupes, here (UK)



Timberland Look Alikes, Timberland dupes

Timberland Look Alikes, here (US), here (UK) & here (UK)


Timberland Look Alikes, Timberland dupes

Timberland Look Alikes, here (Worldwide)


Timberland Look Alikes, Timberland dupes

Timberland Look Alikes, here (US)


What do YOU think of Timberlands? Are they your cup of tea or too outdoorsy to wear in the city? I would love to hear your thoughts on the trend and how you would rock it, if you would. Let me know your thoughts the comments!

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