20 Beautiful Throw Pillows To Add Elegance To Your Home

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Throw pillows are one of those small home decor details that can have a big effect on how your living space looks overall, but that go unnoticed way too often. Just think about what a hotel bed would look like without stylish throw pillows and you’ll get the picture!

Similarly, throw pillows can have a big effect on how cozy and welcoming your couch looks. Although standard cushions that come with sofas are fully functional and practical, they often lack style and character. 

By switching out boring cushions to stylish throw pillows, you can create a space that looks more balanced, elegant and inviting. Below, I’ve featured some of my favorite throw pillows and cushion covers that you can mix and match to create the perfect look for your living room and bedroom.

Personally, I tend to like to stick to neutral colors with an occasional pop of color to match the overall color palette of the room, so most of the pillows I’ve chosen feature a neutral color palettes, with some blush tones thrown into the mix.

In this post, I’ve included a mix of affordable cushion covers under $25, under $50, as well as more expensive luxury cushion covers. Some of them include only covers, whereas others come with inserts. I hope you find some good ideas for your own home!


The Most Stylish Cushion Covers For Your Home


The best stylish cushion covers and throw pillows


Get the items here:
  1. Cobble Hill Pillow Cover
  2. Blush Pink Willowbrook Pillow Cover
  3. White Tarifa Pillow Cover With Tassels
  4. Blush Miramonte Pillow Cover
  5. White Embroidered Leaf Pillow Cover
  6. Cheetah Pillow Cover
  7. Black & White Pillow Cover
  8. Pink & White Woven Cushion Cover
  9. Wool Pillow Cover
  10. Deco Shells Chenille Jacquard Pillow Cover
  11. Striped Accent Lumbar Pillow
  12. Black & White Broken Stripe Pillow
  13. White Textured Waves Pillow
  14. Black Arrow Pillow
  15. Blush Pink Pillow Cover


The best affordable cushion covers and throw pillows under $50


Get the items here:  
  1. Corded Metallic Pillow Cover
  2. Boho Cushion Cover With Fringe
  3. Pink Linen Cushion Cover
  4. Beige Basic Cushion Cover
  5. Pink Ruffle Trimmed Cushion Cover
  6. Dark Grey Ruffle Cushion Cover
  7. Pink Cushion Cover With Tassels
  8. Black & White Oversized Throw Pillow
  9. Wool-Blend Cushion Cover
  10. Light Grey Natural Linen Pillow Cover
  11. Black Pillow With White Stripes
  12. White & Stone Metallic Pillow Cover
  13. Blush Pink Corduroy Pillow
  14. Chunky Knit Pillow Cover
  15. Silk Mini Stripe Cushion Cover


When choosing cushion covers, my top tip is to mix and match the textures of the throw pillows. For example, if you want to add a faux fur pillow, make sure to balance it out with a contrasting texture on other pillows. It’s also a good idea to get cushions of different sizes to make the overall look more interesting. Plus, if you’re choosing throw pillows for your bed, make sure to add a lumbar pillow to the mix too!

I hope that you found some great cushion covers in this post! For home decor ideas, check out the posts below.


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