Why I Quit Working With Brands As Much (And You Should Too!)

Why I Quit Working With Brands As Much (And You Should Too!)

I know this post may seem a little bit ironic, as only recently I posted another #ad on my Instagram feed.

My blog and Youtube channels are  not completely free of that little connotation either and in fact, the bag that I’m wearing in these outfits is a generous gift from the brand Teddy Blake.


The perfect gold pleated skirt outfit for a casual look! Maria is wearing a gold pleated skirt from Reiss, Valentino rockstud dupes, white slogan t-shirt from New Look and a pink Teddy Blake bag on Bond Street, London.

Shoes, here / Skirt, here / Shirt, here / Bag, here


However, I’ve started to feel less and less enthusiastic about working with brands recently and I wanted to discuss the topic here too.

For a lot of people, blogging or Instagramming is another way to make make some extra income on the side. For many, it doesn’t really matter what they do, as long as they get some moolah from their side hustle.

But for others, deciding to go into blogging represents freedom more than anything: when you’re self-employed and no one can boss you around.


Working For Yourself Or Working For Someone Else?


I saw blogging as a way of working for yourself, on my own terms. Much like owning a business, if you own a blog, you’re in full charge of the content that goes into it, how frequently you work, what your products are, where your revenue comes, etc. Until you’re not.

Blogging and accepting sponsorships is like having a business and dealing with clients – they all have their specific wants and needs and they ultimately dictate if they are happy with your work. To me, having clients sound like having multiple bosses. And well, I never really liked the idea of having a boss that much.

Of course, when you have a blog you often work with multiple brands, and if one particular brand is hard to work with, you can just choose to not work with them in the future.

But what if you’re income is completely dependent on having multiple clients? You’re screwed! If your income solely depends on brands working with you, you are in a pretty weak position because you probably need to make some sacrifices: be it your price, the time that you put into a project, or something else.

Not to mention, when you have no brands to work with, you have no income. I experienced this first hand when I first started blogging full-time.


The perfect gold pleated skirt outfit for a casual look! Maria is wearing a gold pleated skirt from Reiss, Valentino rockstud dupes, white slogan t-shirt from New Look and a pink Teddy Blake bag on Bond Street, London.     The perfect gold pleated skirt outfit for a casual look! Maria is wearing a gold pleated skirt from Reiss, Valentino rockstud dupes, white slogan t-shirt from New Look and a pink Teddy Blake bag on Bond Street, London.

Shoes, here / Skirt, here / Shirt, here / Bag, here


The Truth About Brand Campaigns


There are many brands who still try to take advantage of bloggers, especially if they haven’t established their reputation yet. I always found it hard to negotiate rates and I still find it hard, even with almost two years of blogging behind me.

When I first started out as a full-time blogger I relied completely on brand work and would accept almost anything that came my way if they paid enough. Luckily, I can still say that I’ve never promoted something that I’m not proud of, but I’m happy that I’m not in a situation where I need to rely solely on brand work anymore.

Relying on brand work not only makes you more vulnerable, it can also make you seem a little bit desperate. I noticed that when I needed to make a certain amount of money each month, I was willing to let my price drop just to be able to make some money and pay the bills, and I think it shows.

If you are willing to walk away from deals because you’re not paid a fair share, you’re more likely to actually get what you asked for.


The perfect gold pleated skirt outfit for a casual look! Maria is wearing a gold pleated skirt from Reiss, Valentino rockstud dupes, white slogan t-shirt from New Look and a pink Teddy Blake bag on Bond Street, London.

Shoes, here/ Skirt, here/ Shirt, here/ Bag, here


Why I Quit Working With Brands As Much


It took me a while to remind myself the exact reason why I got into blogging in the first place. Lots of fashion bloggers will tell you that this whole “blogging thing” happened to them by accident, but it wasn’t the case for me.

I came across an article on DailyMail about 3 years ago where the newspaper reported how much money you could earn as an Instagrammer and I was very intrigued.

Granted, the numbers were all wrong (they said you could earn £100k in a year with 100k followers which is 99% of the time not even remotely the case), but the article sparked an interest in me and made me want to attempt this whole Influencer thing.

The reason why I wanted to try it was because I always wanted to do my own thing. I never knew what the thing exactly would be, but I figured that online services were doing pretty well and that I could learn a thing or two. Ultimately, I wanted to make enough passive income so that I could choose if I wanted to work or not.

When I first started blogging I thought that it would be a great way to be your own boss and earn passive income. However, when you’re working with brands, you’re not actually producing passive income at all – everything that you do requires active work and many hours to be put in.

That wasn’t the idea that I originally had in mind, so I decided to focus on something called affiliate marketing that does allow me to make passive income and choose my working hours myself.


 The perfect gold pleated skirt outfit for a casual look! Maria is wearing a gold pleated skirt from Reiss, Valentino rockstud dupes, white slogan t-shirt from New Look and a pink Teddy Blake bag on Bond Street, London.


The perfect gold pleated skirt outfit for a casual look! Maria is wearing a gold pleated skirt from Reiss, Valentino rockstud dupes, white slogan t-shirt from New Look and a pink Teddy Blake bag on Bond Street, London.

Shoes, here / Skirt, here / Shirt, here / Bag, here


Should You Quit Brand Work?


I think this depends on two things primarily: do you want to make money passively and do you have a big enough audience to be very picky about the brands that you work with?

To be completely clear, I’m not opposed to working with brands every now and again when a suitable brand comes along that aligns with the values and aesthetics of your own blog.

However, I see quite a few bloggers promoting whatever comes their way and more than often it makes me question if they’re really loving the product or just doing it for the money.

For example, I remember seeing a condom campaign on another blogger’s Instagram feed and it made me really view her account in a different light. I mean sure, we all use condoms, but why put a picture of it on your Instagram?

To avoid questionable campaigns like this, I would always encourage people to use affiliate marketing and ads as a primary source to monetise their blog. Heck, if you can make enough money on Youtube to pay your monthly bills, you can do that too!


How To Succeed In Affiliate Marketing?


If you’re not making that much money in affiliate sales, there are many useful Youtube channels and blogs that give tips on how to grow your audience quicker, one of my favourites being Income School.

I have also laid down my own tips + given a list of the highest paying affiliate programs here – head there if you’re looking for new programs to join!

Pinterest is also a great source to add affiliate content into if you don’t have a big audience on your blog. To get more acquinted with Pinterest, check out this post on how I got 5 million pageviews on Pinterest!


What do you feel about the topic as a blogger? Are you happy earning income from just brand work, or are you looking for more ways to diversify your income too? Let me know in the comment! 



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5 Tips On Embracing Femininity And Why You Should Care

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5 Tips On Embracing Your Femininity (And Why You’ll Regret It If You Don’t!)

5 Tips On Embracing Your Femininity (And Why You’ll Regret It If You Don’t!)

Femininity in something that is often so overlooked in the modern world. Other qualities that are normally attributed to masculine energy are tooted as ‘successful’ and ‘desirable’, such as competitiveness, logic, assertiveness and so on.

These characteristics are normally assigned to the go-getters, the business savvy people who actually do manage successful careers, whether or not they are men or women. After all, masculine energy is what drives our will to get sh*t done, and to move forward with our lives.

But with so many women focusing primarily on careers these days, it’s no wonder that we might feel exhausted from just leading our daily lives. When we’re at work, we’re predominantly in our masculine energy, which is great for our careers, but it’s not our natural state.

Ultimately, most women are naturally more feminine than masculine, and thus we are more stress-free when we are in our natural, feminine state. As with most things, balance is key! You can still be the boss-ass career girl at work, but also wear a dress and heels at the same time.


5 Tips On Embracing Your Femininity (And Why You Should Care!) | The Chic Pursuit is wearing a white ruffle sleeve top with long sleeves, pink shorts outfit and a Cult Gaia bamboo bag dupe in front of a pink house in Notting Hill, London

This post was Kindly sponsored by Thomas Sabo. The necklace and charm that I’m wearing are part of Generation Charm Club, which is all about collecting memories of special life moments.

Generation Charm Club is the revolutionised, more stylish and grown-up addition to the well-known customer favourite, Charm Club collection!

Check out their amazing, time-less yellow gold necklaces, Generation Charm Club + sterling silver charms and yellow gold charms on their website!


Why Should You Care About Being Feminine?


Femininity is not only about feeling beautiful and confident in yourself, there are other great feminine qualities such as intuition, creativity, empathy and affection, which are essential not only for building relationships, but also in business settings, if you work in a creative field.

Moreover, when it comes to your love life, most of us probably know that being in our masculine energy does us no favours with the guys. If you’ve ever chased a guy, you know exactly what I’m talking about.

Unfortunately guys don’t operate like promotions – chase a promotion and you’ll get it, but chase a guy and you’ll never hear from him again. Men are naturally more attracted to being the pursuers, so they generally appreciate it when a women let’s them do the chasing.

The same goes for already established relationships: from my experience, relationships are smooth sailing if your man feels like he’s the one who makes all the big decisions, like planning a getaway (or in my case, asking me to move in with him) and when I take on a more nurturing and affectionate role.

Who is actually in charge is irrelevant, what matters is that he feels important, like he’s “the man”. Cliche I know, but cliches are there for a reason.

Anyhow, hopefully I’ve convinced you that being in your feminine energy is important for not only your relationships, but also your creativity and mental well-being.

Tuning into your femininity does not mean letting go of your masculine when you need it (at work), however it’s important for us to find a balance between the two to avoid burning out from all the stress that we can accumulate in our mind. With that being said, here are my top tips for tapping into your feminine.

How To Bring Out Your Femininity (And Why You Should Care!) | The Chic Pursuit is wearing Thomas Sabo stud earrings and generation charm club necklace in front of a pink house in Notting Hill, London

Five Ways In Which You Can Embrace Your Femininity Today (And Why You Should care!) | Featured: Thomas Sabo Generation Charm Club necklace Five Ways In Which You Can Embrace Your Femininity Today (And Why You Should care!) | Featured: Thomas Sabo Generation Charm Club necklace, stud earrings, rose gold watch and white ruffle shirt in front of a pink house in Notting Hill


Make Yourself Feel Beautiful

One of the easiest ways to boost your feminine energy is to take care of your appearance – whether it be buying new clothes to make yourself feel fresh and rejuvenated, or simply by pampering your skin in the evening with a mask or taking more time to do you make up and hair in the morning.

Taking care of your appearance has a major effect on your mood and your presentation. Often times, we don’t notice it ourselves, but when we feel great about ourselves, we also appear full of life and joy to others, so don’t be afraid and be a little selfish by treating yourself to nice things – everyone benefits!

Dress More Feminine


Another thing that I’ve personally noticed that makes me feel more feminine and radiant is dressing in feminine colours and shapes. It’s a no-brainer, but sometimes we tend to gloss over the most obvious things in life.

My favourite way to boost my femininity is by wearing dresses – it doesn’t matter if the dress is a skintight bodycon dress or a flowy floral number, both work equally well!

Another great way of feeling more girly is by wearing ruffles and light colours, like what I’m wearing in this post. Pinks, nudes and even red are typically colours the best colors that will be able to elevate your mood if you’re feeling a little bit low on energy.


Thomas Sabo Generation Charm Club necklace with Taurus zodiac sign Thomas Sabo rose gold earrings with white rhinestones


The earrings that I’m wearing can be found here, and the necklace here.


Accentuate Your Beauty With Feminine Jewellery


Beauty is in details, and what better way to add a little bit of a feminine breeze into your day to day than with feminine jewellery. Dainty, small jewellery is the safest option to go with if you’re looking for something new to add into your wardrobe, as it goes with everything.

I’ve recently added a few new pieces into my jewellery collection, which include these gorgeous earrings and gold pendent necklace from Thomas Sabo. I was instantly attracted to the beautiful and unique design of the earrings – the rose gold silhouette of them compliments the rhinestones in a perfectly harmonic way.

As for the gold pendant, I wanted to choose something that was feminine, yet powerful at the same time. I went ahead and got the Taurus symbol from their charm club collection, even though I don’t believe in zodiacs. My own star sign isn’t even Taurus, it’s Scorpio!

Instead of attributing the characteristics of the Taurus sign to this pendent, I see the bull symbol as a symbol of power, success and the will to go onward and achieve better. After all, when stock markets are doing well, they call say it’s a “bull market” – everything is going upwards, onwards and gaining strength.

Thus, this little pendent is the perfect way to combine femininity with a hint of masculine energy – it looks elegant and graceful, but there is also a hidden message: don’t mess with the bull!

Thomas Sabo also offers engravable jewellery – the Generation Charm Club charms as well as many other pieces come with a complimentary engraving! In addition to my earrings and necklace, I have a personalised bracelet from them with a special customised engraving. I’m not going to give away what I’ve engraved just yet – unless you can guess?


Thomas Sabo Generation Charm Club necklace with Taurus zodiac sign


Enjoy Being Spontaneous


While my top three recommendations for increasing your feminine had all to do with your appearance (hey, I’m a fashion blogger, of course I would focus on appearance!), it’s equally as important focus your attention on improving your mental state directly.

Spontaneity and playfulness are great ways to evoke more fun into your life, and sometimes they don’t come naturally, especially when you’re stressed!

It’s important to take time off, relax and truly enjoy the moment. A lot of us feel guilty when we do this, especially because we’re always busy and there’s always something that we could be doing instead of winding down. However, this attitude is short sighted and isn’t doing you any favours.

When you actually take time to relax, whether it be in the form of expertise, meditation, or simply fully being in the present moment, it always boosts your productivity levels at work. Thus, even if you don’t feel like being playful or spontaneous, try to say yes to more social invitations and you’ll notice feeling more revived.


Reflect And Tune Into Your Emotions


Another way to tune into your feminine energy is to pause and reflect about your emotions and feelings. Being in your feminine energy means that you are more responsive to your intuition, however we can sometimes feel a bit lost on our path if we are constantly stressed.

While masculine energy is all about logic and rational, feminine energy celebrates emotion – whether that be bursts of joy or uncontrolled sadness. If you’ve been feeling down lately, it helps to reflect on why you’ve been feeling this way, and then letting it out of your system.

On the other hand, if you’ve achieved something great, remember to celebrate it to its full potential.

Us humans tend to brush off our accomplishments too quickly and only dwell on the negatives, when in fact it should be the complete opposite way around. If you feel happy and accomplished, celebrate it and let your emotions flow!


5 Tips On Embracing Your Femininity (And Why You Should Care!) | The Chic Pursuit is wearing a white ruffle sleeve top with long sleeves, pink shorts outfit and a Cult Gaia bamboo bag dupe in front of a pink house in Notting Hill, London

What I’m wearing: Blouse, here/ Shorts, here (similar) / Bag: here / Watch: here (similar) / Sunglasses: here


5 Tips On Embracing Your Femininity (And Why You Should Care!) | The Chic Pursuit is wearing a white ruffle sleeve top with long sleeves, pink shorts outfit and a Cult Gaia bamboo bag dupe in front of a pink house in Notting Hill, London


If you’re struggling with stress or are feeling uninspired by your current work/life situation, I can guarantee you that these tips will help you feel more alive, more feminine and more inspired to take on new challenges both with your work and personal life. Which one of these tips are you going to try first?



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Does Anyone Even Read Blogs Anymore?

Does Anyone Even Read Blogs Anymore?

This is one of those topics that I see talked about so much online right now. Other bloggers are coming forward about how they have no motivation to blog, how blogging reaches so few people compared to YouTube and Instagram and how it just takes too much time to put together a blog post for what it’s worth.

I would like to object that. Yes, there are still people who read blogs – you just need a different approach.


What I’m wearing: Grey Suede Skirt, here / Lilac coat, here / white turtleneck, here / beige sock boots (similar), here


Pst! This blog post is in collaboration with iKrush. In addition to the amazing skirt and cute shirt that I’m wearing here, they have a wide range of party dresses, swimwear and casual wear that is affordable yet super chic. Check them out!


My own blog has been growing by 50% each month since January, and now gets about 30k pageviews per month. It’s still short of my goal of 100k pageviews a month, and definitely lagging behind my 50k Instagram followers, but I’m getting there.

Not only that, I have completely fallen in love with blogging and what it can bring you. (Hint: you’ll earn more passive money without having to work with as many brands and chase invoices – awesome.)


So Why Is It That So Many Other People Have Lost Motivation To Blog?


I understand that with today’s fast moving media a lot of people prefer YouTube to blogs – I prefer that too. It’s much easier to consume content when you’re listening to it, rather than reading lengthy articles.

I regularly listen to YouTube content on my commute or when I’m editing images for example. Listening to videos doesn’t require your whole attention, which is a huge bonus for many.

Secondly, having your content on platforms like YouTube and Instagram make it a lot easier for your followers to actually keep up to date with you. It’s hard to remember what days every blogger posts on their blogs, so Instagram offers a very convenient solution.

Followers can see all their favourite bloggers on one platform, and if they see a fun blog promotion while scrolling through the app, they’ll click through to your blog and read the post.


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It’s also a lot easier for new people to find your content on Instagram or Youtube and a lot of bloggers are growing at lightning speed on social media when compared to their blogs. It’s completely understandable why one would quit blogging to become an ‘Insta girl’ or pursue video.





Blogs Aren’t Dead, You Just Need To Switch Up Your Content

As I mentioned before, blogs definitely aren’t a dead platform. Not for everyone at least. But one thing that holds true is that you can’t put out the same content on all platforms and expect them to do well – what’s the point in that?

If you’re showing off clothes, Instagram is the best place for that – you’ll probably reach the most people (and an Instagram is easier to produce than a video).

YouTube is also an excellent platform for showing outfits, because viewers will see the clothes in motion. But what about the blog? If you put pictures of your outfit there without any other content, it doesn’t add any more value than a simple Instagram would. You need to give your readers more than that.

The type of content that your readers prefer is up to you to find out – read your readers comments and look at your Google Analytics to see what content is the most enticing to them. For some, it may be styling tips (although YouTube is the best platform for this imo) and for some it will be completely unrelated to the outfit.

For example, whenever I post an outfit post, I will either write an article that is informative or deeply personal. Your readers need more than just pretty outfit pictures.



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Another change that I have made in my blogging strategy is that I no longer write whatever I feel like writing. Most of the time I will focus on targeting keywords that people search for on Google and that I have a chance to rank for.

My strategy has shifted to being more search engine based, because I know that I don’t want to blog forever. Search engines bring you consistent traffic, and if you are able to find a way to monetise your sites, they will bring in passive income for you too.


What I’m wearing: white jeans, here / pink top, here / white coat (similar), here / nude boots (similar), here


There Are More Millionaires From Blogging Than From Social Media


Let that sink in. Blogging is a serious business and can be very profitable. I recently found out that if you sell a website, they usually sell for 26-40 times their monthly passive income. That’s huge! 

If you have a blog that earns $1000 passively every month without you writing any blogposts whatsoever, you can sell it for up to $40k! How motivating is that?! I found it super motivating. Of course, you can also sell YouTube channels and Instagram accounts, but the money isn’t as good as it is with websites.

In case you were wondering, I’m not planning to sell my website because it’s too personal, but if you had a beauty blog focused on product reviews for example, this one could be a realistic option for you.


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Blogging is also the best source to create passive income online. I know, building a blog presence is hard and it takes a lot of technical knowledge to build a successful website, but once you have done the hard work, it’s going to be smooth sailing.

If you nail down SEO, you’ll get consistent traffic from Google; if you focus on Pinterest, that can also bring in thousands of readers per month.

You can’t say the same about social media – everything needs to be fresh and you’ll lose relevance if you stop uploading. On Instagram, your earnings are tied to the amount of sponsorships that you do, so you can’t really stop working if you want to continue earning.

I admit that YouTube is different. You can have a very profitable channel even with a low amount of views if you’ve nailed down your affiliate marketing strategy and if your videos continue to bring in views long after you upload them.

However, your success there is ultimately governed by the YouTube algorithm, so in my opinion it’s best to have a strong blog presence in addition to doing YouTube.


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In conclusion: are blogs dead? No they’re not. A lot of influencers have moved away from blogging which is a little sad, but it’s also a very good opportunity for those looking to get into blogging right now.

If there’s less players on the field, there’s less competition and more opportunity. So, if you’re thinking about creating a blog, go for it, a 100%.


P.S. Check out my insanely simple guide to start a fashion blog for my top tips on how to create a successful blog!


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What’s Up With Vero – Do We Really Need A New Social Media App?

What’s Up With Vero – Do We Really Need A New Social Media App?

I can’t be the only one who was astonished at how quickly the new social media app that promised to become the new Instagram picked up over the last few days. On Tuesday, I saw three people post about Vero on their Insta Stories, and the following day that number had grown to about 15.

And you know what, I’m not glued to my Insta Stories, so the number of people posting about it was probably a lot higher. According to newsoutlets, Vero reached 500k downloads just in one day earlier this week, and has since then gone past the 1 million mark.


The Chic Pursuit, Blue bell sleeve sweater, black buckle skirt, black sock boots, black pompom hat, YSL monogram bag, casual spring outfits, casual winter outfits


What I’m Wearing: Blue Jumper, here (similar) / Buckle Skirt, here /Sock Boots, here / Pom pom hat, here / Bag, here


So What The Heck Is Vero?


According to it’s founders, Vero is a social media outlet that let’s you “be yourself”. It let’s you post pictures, statuses, links, movie, music and venue recommendations/updates, essentially combining all social media platforms in one.

A little bit of Facebook, a little bit of Instagram, hint of Foursquare and a dash of Twitter. The best feature? No adds, and no algorithm. Sign me up thanks, sounds amazing!

Well actually, that’s exactly what I did. The app kept crashing for hours after I downloaded it and when I finally got on the platform, I couldn’t search for anyone because the server kept exceeding all kinds of limits over and over.

Later on today I finally managed to post two images on my feed but I am not sure if the posts are reaching anyone. I’m still very much in the learning phase – what works on this platform, how to find people, do they have hashtags, etc etc.

I’m finding the user experience to be quite seamless. That is of course excluding the 100x times that the app has crashed, is buffering, has a bug or just doesn’t co-operate.

It looks pretty and I like the idea. I’m not certain that we need a new social media platform, but it does seem like a nice idea to be able to combine all the existing ones in one single platform. Provided that it works well.

The most appealing aspect of the new platform for me and a lot of users is the fact that Vero promises to be algorithm-free and completely chronological. I believe that this is what made me and so many others download the app overnight – everyone is just so sick of Instagram’s unpredictable algorithm, no matter if you’re a blogger or a regular user.


So How Is Vero Going To Make Money?


That is still yet to be decided. They have talked about releasing an annual subscription fee, but a lot of people have been bashing this idea in the public eye.

I think that if they are going to roll out with a subscription basis, they will need to have a loyal follower basis beforehand to be able to do this. Perhaps be in business for a couple more years before charging for anything, even if it would just be $1.99 per year.


Is It Going To Replace Instagram?


Who knows to be honest. There are a hundred and one tech start-ups who all want to be the next big thing in social media, but so far no one has succeeded (except directly shoppable apps like Like To Know It and 21Buttons, like I have discussed before here).

It’s incredible that Vero has managed to gain almost a million downloads in the span of a week, but that is only a tiny fraction of Instagram’s 800 million users.


The Chic Pursuit, Blue bell sleeve sweater, black buckle skirt, black sock boots, black pompom hat, YSL monogram bag, casual spring outfits, casual winter outfits



For now, it’s unlikely in my opinion that Vero is going to replace Instagram, but what I’m really hoping for is that Instagram takes a hint and replaced it’s feed to a chronological one.

It baffles me why all the major social media platforms still refuse to do it – Facebook, Twitter and Instagram all use an algorithm based feed.

It makes me think that maybe there is an underlying reason why they all persist on being algorithm based… maybe they receive significantly less revenue by being chronological as opposed to algorithm based and can’t afford to make the move just because it would be a financial blow to the business?

Otherwise their decision to stay algorithm-based just makes no sense to me. Instagram has said that after making the switch they apparently have higher user retention on their platform, but I seriously question this.

Have they ever considered that maybe this is because users need to go the extra mile and actually spend time looking for those posts through all the rubbish 2 day and 3 day old photos that infiltrate their feeds?

Anyhow, back to Vero. Another concerning thing about the app is it’s CEO who, quite frankly, seems like a bit of a douche. The guy, Ayman Hariri, a billionaire from Lebanon, apparently left 31,000 employees unpaid in his previous company.

The employees had to seek government compensation and care to have their basic needs covered. Oh boy. Doesn’t seem like a guy many would want to support. And this is obviously not going to be good news for Vero either.



So, what’s your verdict on Vero? Are you going to give it a try or will you pass on this app? Let me know in the comments!


The Number One App Every Shopaholic Needs

The Number One App Every Shopaholic Needs

Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was one single app where you could shop anything from apparel to homeware to beauty products with amazing imagery from the people and influencers YOU like? Of course it would!

And thank goodness that not one, but two such apps exist at the moment. Those apps are of course 21 Buttons and LIKEtoKNOW.it (LTK).

I’ve written about their similarities and differences in my previous post, but I wanted to elaborate a little bit more on LTK as the user experience is quite frankly a little bit confusing.

As an influencer, there are bits and bobs that I’ve found to be somewhat strange as well, and it has been through trial and error that I’ve managed to start earning some coins on the platform. So, how to use Like To Know It?


So, First And Foremost, What The Heck Is LIKEtoKNOW.it?!


LIKEtoKNOW.it is essentially a shoppable Instagram. Right now, the platform operates both as an app as well an email subscription. The app is, as I said, a shoppable Instagram, where the user can follow bloggers and find products that they would like to buy via hashtags.

Your Instagram account will also be instantly synchronised with the app, so that if you’ve liked a picture in Instagram and it’s also “activated” on LTK, you will see that particular picture on your feed with all the relevant links to the products – great!


The email version of the app operates both through Instagram only as well as the LTK app. Once the user has signed up to the service, they will receive shoppable links to outfits directly by liking their favourite influencers photos on Instagram.

Not all influencers use LTK – you will be able to tell who do by the hashtags (#liketoknowit) on the images. You can also select how often you want to receive the emails – daily, weekly, biweekly, etc.


Okay great, but how to use  Like To Know It & How is It different from 21Buttons?


LTK and 21Buttons are both  very heavily focused on fashion, but there are also influencers from other niches on the LTK.

So, you’ll be able to find fitness gear, home decor, menswear, kidswear, baby items, beauty products and wedding items all by scrolling through the app. Some of the most popular accounts on the app focus solely on mommy gear or home decor.


It’s also much easier to find these niches on LTK than 21Buttons. 21Buttons is focused on fashion only, and they have made it extremely easy to find relevant clothing items such as pants, shirts, jackets, etc on the app.

LTK on the other hand has focused on a more holistic approach – they have dedicated sections to all the different niches.


Okay, Got It. But How To Use Like To Know It As A Blogger?


I’ve only started using the LTK app about a month ago when I finally realised its potential. Since then, I’ve made about £35 on the app which may not seem like a lot, but I have a feeling the figures will scale up.

I see a lot of bloggers do the same mistake that I did before. They’re not using the app as a separate platform, they’re using it only to link pieces from their Instagram.

As soon as I realised that I was gaining followers on LTK just by posting a picture on there, I became intrigued. I started experimenting on posting pictures solely on the app and using it as a separate entity.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m no longer as active on Instagram as I used to be, but I still have hundreds of pictures on my phone that are great quality, yet end up nowhere. I’ve now started posting them on LTK.

Since this realisation, I’ve grown about 7-10 followers per every picture I post, and all the revenue that I have made on the platform has come from pictures that have NOT been featured on Instagram.


Income Tips


So, if you’re a blogger looking to increase your income from LTK, I suggest you use it as a separate platform and post a picture every day.

I can’t comment on what the optimal times to post pictures are, but I tend to post whenever – it doesn’t seem to make a huge difference. When I can, I try to post late at night, because that’s when the American population is up. (Most of my followers are from the US.)

Another tip that I would have is to post multiple outfits – that way your followers have more options in what to shop!


So there you have it, you should now have a better understanding of how to use Like To Know It. I hope that you have fun with the app no matter if you’re using the app to shop or to post your own looks.


P.S. Make sure to follow me on LTK here so that you can see what I wear on a daily basis with more ease!

Let me know, did you learn any new tips from this article, or did you know how to use Like To Know It beforehand as well?


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