30 Absolutely Gorgeous Swimsuits To Flatter Hip Dips

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Are you in the market for some flattering swimsuits for hips dips? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

But what are hip dips, first of all?

Hips dips, also known as “violin hips”, look like inward indentations along the hips and where the thighs meet. Hip dips are a completely natural phenomenon caused by genetics that has gotten a bit of a bad rep.

If you look at a human skeleton, you can clearly see how there’s an empty space between your pelvis and leg bone (anatomically referred to as the femur). If you are genetically lucky, you will get soft tissue that fills up these spaces, creating the desired hourglass shape.

However, it’s completely normal, and perhaps even more common that these voids don’t get filled with tissue. This is exactly why so many women have hip dips.


Most Flattering Swimsuits For Hip Dips


Hips dips are different for everyone. Some are subtle, some are pronounced. Either way, they are not meant to be embarrassed about – and with the right swimsuits, you’ll soon forget that you had those!

Everyone wants to feel confident at the beach or by the pool, which is why for hip dips, the most flattering swimsuit would be the dress-type swimsuit.

If swimdresses are not your type and you want to show off some skin, then three-piece bikinis with a coverup would be perfect. For those not comfortable with a skimpy bottom, then bikini shorts (or swim shorts) can do their job well.

If none of the options tickle your fancy, a few cleverly designed bikinis with ruffles and ruched details can do wonders to your waist and hips as well.

Below, we’ve compiled a diverse list of bikinis at different price points and designs with links to where you can easily get them.

Enjoy your day out in the sun with these 30 gorgeous swimsuits for hip dips! 


The Best Trendy Swimsuits For Hip Dips:

1. Three-Piece Swimsuits


If you’re looking to show off a little and want to wear a bikini, one of the best ways to do that while minimizing your hip dips is to wear a three-piece bikini. These bikinis afeature a skirt which is often removable, giving you more freedom whether to cover up or not. Either way, the skirt-add on gives a flattering and ultra feminine vibe, and hugs your waist while hiding your hips.


Black bikini set with fringed swim skirt

Get the look on Pretty Little Thing

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Swimsuits For Hip Dips: Purple floral bikini set with swim skirt

Get this look on Princess Polly


Retro blue floral bikini with swim skirt for hip dips

Get this set on Shein


Swimsuits For Hip Dips: Abstract green bikini set with skirt

Get the skirtbottoms, and top on Pretty Little Thing


Cute brown polka dot bikinis for hip dips

Get this look on J.Crew


Swimsuits For Hip Dips: Blue ruffled ditsy bikini with swim skirt

Get this set on Shein


Cute three-piece bikini for hip dips

Get this look on Princess Polly


Swimsuits For Hip Dips: Bright pink and printed bikini set with swim skirt

Get this set on Shein


2. Swimdresses


Swimsuits For Hip Dips: Pink halter swim dress


Get this on Shein(super affordable!)

At first glance, you might think that this is a dress, and you’re absolutely right! Swimdresses are all the hype right now, so you can look extra feminine and flirty, while still enjoying the warm beach. Swimdresses conveniently hide the hips, while still looking beautiful and feeling free.


Red swimdress for hip dips

Get this on J.Crew


Swimsuits For Hip Dips: Retro pink abstract swim dress


Get this on Shein

Shein also has a great selection of swimdresses and bathing suits for hip dips to choose from, all at a very affordable price point! The best part? They also have a Plus + Curve collection, where plus-sized gals can get their sexy and flattering swimdresses too!


Blue animal print swimsuit for hip dips

Get this on ASOS


Swimsuits For Hip Dips: Black fringed swim dress

Get this on Shein


Swimsuits For Hip Dips: Cobalt blue swim dress

Get this on ASOS


Swimsuits For Hip Dips: Tropical pink swim dress

Get this on Shein


Swimsuits For Hip Dips: Printed swim dress

Get this on Walmart


Swimsuits For Hip Dips: Pink and yellow ruched swim dress

Get this on Shein


3. Bikini Shorts For Hip Dips


When in doubt, always go with shorts. Thankfully, there are awesome shops out there that offer swimsuits with shorts without sacrificing cuteness and quality!


Swimsuits For Hip Dips: Orange and pink top and boy shorts

Get these shorts on Princess Polly


Brown striped bikini top and boy shorts

Get these shorts on Free People


Swimsuits For Hip Dips: Ditsy floral swim shorts

Get these shorts on Nordstrom


Swimsuits For Hip Dips: White ribbed boy shorts

Get these shorts on Free People


Swimsuits For Hip Dips: Burnt orange swim top and boy shorts

Get these shorts on Free People


4. Ruched & Belted Swimsuits


Okay hear us out… ruched swimsuits. Ruched bathing suits for hip dips make your waist looked snatched to the heavens, and the adorable ribbons/ties at the end add a flirty flair to it.

Ruched swimsuits draw attention to the waist, and the ribbons at the end are conveniently placed to hide your hip dip and evens everything out.

The same thing can be said about belted swimsuits, too!


Fuchsia pink ruched swimsuit for hip dips and big belly

Get this swimsuit on J.Crew


Swimsuits For Hip Dips: White ruched one piece swimsuit

Get this swimsuit on Pink Lily


Black ruched one-piece swimsuits for hip dips

Get this swimsuit on J.Crew


Emeralg green belted swimsuit

Get this swimsuit on Cupshe


5. Ruffled Bikini Bottoms


Ruffles are helpful in drawing attention away from hip dips, and they also give an illusion of a bigger hip and in comparison, a smaller waist.


Black bikinis with ruffles

Get this on Shein


Hot pink ruffle bikini bottoms

Get this on Revolve


Red polka dot ruffle bikini for hip dips

Get this on Shein


Cute sage green ruffle bikinis

Get this on Revolve


Don’t miss out on your hot girl summer with these flattering swimsuits for hip dips! Still looking for more swimsuit inspiration? Check the posts down below!


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