50 Best Stocking Stuffers For Women Under $50 That They’ll Adore

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If you’re having a hard time deciding what stocking stuffers to get for those special women in your life, this list is perfect for you! We have the best affordable gift ideas across multiple categories including self-care and beauty.

What are stocking stuffers? For the ones unfamiliar with this term, stocking stuffers are small presents that are designed to fit Christmas stockings. These presents are usually inexpensive, but it can depend on the giver if they want to include expensive gifts. Some common (and affordable) stocking stuffers are candies, toys (for children), and even fruits.


The best stocking stuffers for women under $50


Stocking stuffers really depend on your budget and your receiver’s preferences. If you’re giving a stocking stuffer to a teenage girl, you might want to consider hair ties or a small makeup set. If it’s your girlfriend or wife, throw in a bottle of a nice perfume

We put together a list of the best stocking stuffer ideas to get you ramped up for your holiday gift shopping, and they fit all budgets too. As always, all of the products featured below are shoppable, so if you see a few gifts that you like, just click on the photo and it will take you right to the retailer’s website to order! Easy peasy, and hassle-free too.

Are you as excited as us? Let’s get started!


The Best Stocking Stuffers For Women

1. Dumpling AirPods Case


Dumpling airpods case for stocking stuffers for women

Get this on Nordstrom

Isn’t this simply the cutest? This adorable dumpling AirPods case will definitely bring in a lot of smiles to everyone’s face, but most importantly to the face of the special person who will receive this. Also, this case will keep their precious AirPods safe and secure while being ultra cute!


2. Silk Hair Ties


Silk hair ties bauble for stocking stuffers for women

Get this on Nordstrom

We love silk hair ties more than regular ones because they are incredibly strong, and they help avoid breakage and irritation thanks to the softness of the fabric. These hair ties come in a cute bauble ornament, which is perfect to slip into a stocking or to hang up on the Christmas tree.


3. Bath noodles (Vegan)


Unique stocking stuffers for women

Get this on Etsy

We love going down the Etsy-rabbit hole as there are so many cute and unique gifts, these vegan bath noodles being one of them! Choose between Tangy Thai, Singapore Spice and Vietnamese Fresh to get the ultimate relaxing experience.


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4. Personalized Nutella Jars


Fun stocking stuffers for women: Customized nutella jars

Get these on Etsy

If you want to gift a unique item this Christmas, these personalized Nutella jars are a fun novelty item that will set you apart from other gift-givers. It will make the receivers feel super special that you took out the time to give them personalized items with their name on them.

5. Laneige Lip Sleeping mask


Best stocking stuffers for women: Laneige lip mask

Get this on Walmart

Help your special person achieve plump, luscious, hydrated lips with this lip sleeping mask. It comes in a cute, small pot that is a perfect stocking stuffer!

6. Laura Mercier Setting Powder


Maura Mercier loose powder

Get this on Sephora

Laura Mercier is a cult favorite among women, and their setting powders are to die for. Luckily, Laura Mercier has also released their stocking stuffers set, and this one comes in a unique triangle ornament that you can either place inside a stocking or hang on the Christmas tree. 

7. Festive Booze Balls


Unique and funny Christmas stocking stuffers

Get these on Etsy

These fun ornaments are perfect to gift for anyone who’s slightly stressed during this busy time. You can fill these ornaments with your special someone’s favorite drink, be it alcoholic or non-alcoholic! Plus, you can re-use these baubles as many times as you want – they’re perfect if you’re hosting a party, and they also look pretty hanging from the tree.


8. Tocca Perfume


Pretty stocking stuffers for women: Tocca perfume

Get this on Anthropologie

A nice perfume is probably one of the most popular choices when it comes to stocking stuffers. This mini eau de parfum bottle looks super elegant, and its fresh scent notes come with a combination of sheer musk, white freesia, blood orange, and spicy lily. 


9. Mac Lipstick


Mac lipstick

Get this on Nordstrom

MAC lipsticks are super iconic. Just trust us. So if the lady in your life is crazy about lipsticks, you can never go wrong with a MAC lipstick (or two). 


10. Dip Mix


Practical dip mix food stocking stuffer for women

Get this on Etsy

If your special someone is into cooking, this artisanal dip mix is perfect for you! They come in multiple flavors, so you can get your wife, girlfriend or friend more than one if you’d like. It’s up to you if you’ll gift them on the same day, or save a different flavor for another day!


11. Cute Monogrammed Mug


Cute monogrammed mug

Get these on Anthropologie

Yes, we are suckers for monogrammed items. These mugs are super elegant, and are perfect to give to your mom, your mom-in-law, or even your grandma! Now, they can sip their favorite hot beverage in style and sophistication.


12. L’Occitane Ornament Stocking Stuffer


L'Occitane Ornament Stocking Stuffers

Get this on Nordstrom

L’Occitane has released their limited edition stocking stuffers sets, and you should get your hands on them! This one is unisex, which you can either gift to your male or female friends.


13. Hair Claws


Marble hair claws

Get these on Anthropologie

Hair claws are conveniently making a comeback, so you’ve probably seen them getting more popular again. Hair claws are very useful especially in keeping hair out of the way. These super chic hair claws from Anthropologie are the perfect stocking stuffers for the women in your life!

14. Face Mask Set


Sephora skincare set

Get this on Sephora

This face mask set is great for your special person who takes their skincare way too seriously. This Sephora set comes with an assortment of essential masks that will last them for a good couple of months! 


15. Foot Eater Socks


Cute and funny Christmas stocking stuffer socks

Get these on Etsy

These socks are super fun and unique, and while they may not be so comfortable to wear outside of the house, they are perfect for spending time indoors.


16. Instant Cocktail Cubes


Pretty mimosa cocktail kit perfect as stocking stuffer

Get this on Nordstrom

It’s hard not to bulk-buy these luxe sugar cubes! If your special person loves cocktails or bubblies, then these luxurious sugar cubes are perfect to drop into their glasses to make the perfect mimosa. These sugar cubes are handmade and organic, with arcadia orange, grapefruit, and lemon flavors. They also come in a generous pack of 18 cubes.

17. Grinch Candle


Grinch Christmas stocking stuffer

Get this on Etsy

Grinch is a Christmas favorite of many, and we’re sure these candles will put a smile on anyone’s face! Plus, they’re made with soy wax and smell like cinnamon apple – delicious!


18. Handmade Hot Chocolate Bombs


Handmade hot chocolate food stocking stuffer

Get this on Etsy

These luxurious hot chocolate bombs come in 9 different flavors and each one looks as good as the others! Choose from salted caramel, mint chocolate, cookies & cream, s’mores, snickerdoodle, caramel apple cider and more, or just pick one of each flavor!


19. Le Mini Macaron Gel Nail Set


Le Mini Macaron Gel manicure set

Get this on Nordstrom

For the loved one who cannot be seen without perfectly-manicured nails, this travel-sized gel nail kit is perfect. It comes with a tiny UV lamp that can only accommodate one finger at a time, which is suitable if your recipient is going on a long flight! This will give her something to do to pass the time. 


20. Gingerbread Man Earrings


Cute Gingerbread Man Christmas Earrings - perfect as stocking stuffers

Get these on Etsy

Earrings are a great gift idea, so why not go for something lighthearted and seasonal, that your favorite person can wear to her work Christmas parties, or simply around the house to set the festive mood?


21. Too Faced Lashes & Lips Set


mascara and lip plumper

Get this on Nordstrom

This beautiful lashes and lips set is perfect for the makeup enthusiast in your life. Too Faced is a cult favorite among women, so you can never go wrong with their products!


22. Jo Malone Scented Candle


Best home stocking stuffers for women: Jo Malone scented candle

Get this on Nordstrom

Boujee candles are definitely in style. Impress your mother-in-law with a Jo Malone scented candle that she can use to de-stress after a long day! They come in a variety of different scents, so make sure you get something in the scent that she will love!


23. Mini Aromatherapy Diffuser


mini oil diffuser for aromatherapy

Get this on Nordstrom

Who would’ve known that you can get a diffuser for as little as  $40? This gift is perfect for the essential oils enthusiast in your family or friend group. This mini aromatherapy diffuser is so cute that they can even bring this with them wherever they go! 


24. Sriracha Keychain Bottle


Funny stocking stuffers for women: Sriracha keychain bottle

Get this on Etsy

This is a cute, light-hearted stocking stuffer gift to someone who takes their hot sauce game very seriously. It’s convenient, and a great ice breaker too!


25. Face Mask & Cleanser Set


Beauty stocking stuffers for women: Fresh face set

Get this on Nordstrom

This face mask and cleanser set is conveniently packed in a way that you can easily slip it into someone’s stocking without them noticing! 


26. North Face Beanie


Fluffy beanie


Get this on Nordstrom

This pom-topped, sturdy North Face beanie will last for more years to come. 


27. Sephora Glow Kit Set


Sephora glow stick set

Get this on Sephora

This trio glow stick can be either be used for highlights, eye shadow and even blush! How cool is that! This affordable stocking stuffer is also super affordable – at only $10, it’s the perfect gift for any woman in your life.


28. Fuzzy Celestial Socks


Fluffy celestial socks

Get this on Nordstrom

Aren’t these celestial socks dreamy? Their fuzzy material is perfect for cold Christmas night as the family huddles together for snacks and hot chocolate. 


29. Chic Floral Mugs


Chic floral mugs

Get these on Anthropologie

We are in love with these gorgeous floral monogrammed mugs from Anthropologie. These are the perfect gifts to give out if you have multiple best friends! Having matching coffee mugs truly is a good sign of a solid friendship. 


30. Snowman Bath Bombs


Snowman bath bombs perfect as stocking stuffers for her

Get this on Etsy

These snowman bath bombs are so much fun! They come in mini, small and large sizes, perfect for baths of any size!

31. Beeswax Food Wraps


Beeswax Food Wraps stocking stuffers

Get these on Etsy

If you’re looking for ways to be more eco-friendly in your household, one of the best ways to do so is to start reducing the amount of single-use plastics that you use. If your wife or girlfriend often leaves leftovers and has the habit of using cling film to cover the food, these re-usable beeswax food wraps are a great replacement for that.

You can also use these to wrap lunch and sandwiches!


32. Starbucks Travel Mug Set


Practical stocking stuffers for women: Starbucks travel mug set

Get this on Walmart

This set is perfect for the Starbucks-addicted person in your life. Come on, we all know at least one person who is addicted to this coffee chain. Well now, they’ll get to have their own travel mug + a pack of limited edition holiday blend!


33. Hydrate & Glow Set


Best beauty stocking stuffers for women: Sephora body hydration set

Get this on Sephora

Cold weather means drier skin. This hydrate and glow duo is here to save the day! This stocking stuffer would be the perfect gift to give out to the young women in your family.


34. Diffuser Fragrances


Diffuser fragrance stocking stuffers

Get these on Anthropologie

These are fragrance refills for aromatherapy diffusers, which are also perfect to pair with the diffuser that was listed above. If your special person is into aromatherapy, get them this set for their stocking stuffer!


35. Edible Christmas Drink Toppers


Edible Christmas Drink Toppers

Get these on Etsy

These drink toppers are a fun way to make your morning coffee extra special during the holidays!


36. Clinique Stocking Stuffers


Clinique skincare set

Get this on Sephora

Skincare is a love language – and we’re fluent. Make your special person feel loved by gifting them this “shut eye essentials” set, which comprises of micellar cleansing towelettes, cleansing balm, and eye cream. That way, they’ll go to bed with clean, refreshed eyes.

37. Chic Jewelry Tin


Jewelry holder

Get these on Anthropologie

For the aunt or mom who loves their jewelry, this cute monogram tin box is the perfect size to place their treasured trinkets inside. 

38. No-show Socks


No show socks

Get this on Nordstrom

No-show socks are an essential staple to the wardrobe. This is a practical gift that you can give to basically anyone in your life!


39. Sea & Salt Soap


Sea salt soap

Get this on Anthropologie

This organic soap is made up of sea salt (to soften the skin), sea aster (to sooth redness of the skin), and seaweed (for dry skin). We seriously suggest you get one or two for yourself, and give the rest to your loved ones! 


40. Chic Scented Candle


Scented candle

Get this on Nordstrom

We’re a sucker for fragrant things, and it includes chic scented candles in gorgeous packaging! This stocking stuffer is great for those who like to relax after a long day – just light this one up, open a book, and ready the rest of the night away.


41. Mini Oven Toaster



Mini toaster oven

Get this on Nordstrom

How adorable is this mini toaster? Okay, it’s probably too big to be a stocking stuffer, but if your special person has a large Christmas stocking, why not? If you have a bachelor friend who likes to make their own grilled cheese sandwiches, you might want to consider gifting this to them.


42. Trivia Card Game


Trivia card game

Get this on Nordstrom

Nothing like some light-hearted card game to share with the family once everyone has opened up their stocking stuffer gifts! If you have someone in the family or in the friend group who loves random trivia, then they will absolutely love this gift.


43. Nail Polish Set


Nail polish set

Get these on Anthropologie

These cute nail polish bottles are great stocking stuffer gifts to give out to the chic women that you know – whether it’s someone in your family, someone in your friend group, or even someone in the office. 


44. Mini Jewelry Box


Mini jewelry box

Get this on Nordstrom

This mini jewelry box comes with four corner sections and a middle section for rings. Plus, it also conveniently comes with a mirror, and a zip closure to lock it all in tightly! 


45. Acrylic Paint Pens


acrylic paint pens

Get this on Nordstrom

This is the perfect gift to give to the artsy person in your life. These acrylic paint pens come in 10 different pastel colors and are suitable for doodling or painting. 


46. Sugar Scrub & Body Butter Set


Sugar scrub and body butter set

Get this on Nordstrom

Sugar scrub to exfoliate the skin, and body butter to soften it up. The perfect combination, and it now comes in a convenient travel package that you can gift to your loved ones!


47. Holiday Survival Kit


Holiday survival kit

Get this on Etsy

Sometimes, the holidays can induce a lot of stress because of the pressure. Fortunately, this holiday survival kit stocking stuffer will help make things easier!


48. Water Bottle Ice Tray


Get this on Nordstrom

Don’t you just hate it when ice cubes can’t fit the mouth of your water bottle? No worries – this water bottle ice tray will save the day, and keep your water cold and refreshing! This is a great gift to give to someone who likes to be hydrated all the time.


49. taylor Swift “F the Patriarchy” Keychain


Taylor Swift keychain

Get these on Etsy

You can never go wrong with Taylor Swift, I tell you. If your recipient is a millennial, then chances are, they already know the All Too Well (10 Minute Version) song by heart. And what better way to support them by giving them this empowering “F The Patriarchy” keychain from the iconic song?


50. Chic Beaded Coin Pouch


chic beaded coin purse

Get these on Anthropologie

This stocking stuffer is monogrammed, which makes things extra special for the person you want to give this to! It comes with a tasseled zip closure, which makes it super chic.

Have you found your next stocking stuffers for all the women in your life from this post? We hope you did!  If you’re still looking for more gift inspo, check the posts down below.


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The best stocking stuffers for women under $50

The best stocking stuffers for women under $50

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