40 Stocking Stuffers For College Students That They’ll Love

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Christmas might be a few more months away, but it’s always a good idea to start planning gifts. Here are the best stocking stuffers for college students!

When it comes to stocking stuffers, there are a few things that are exciting for college students and young adults. After all, they’re starting a new chapter in their lives, and the last thing they want is to be bogged down by unnecessary stuff that they can’t even use.

One of the most exciting moments of Christmas is the opening of gifts, and stocking stuffers are the perfect way to make Christmas morning a little brighter for any college student or young adult. While some of these items may seem practical, others are just fun, but all of them will help out any college student or young adult this holiday season.

Thankfully for these individuals with big dreams (and small budgets), there is plenty of fun—yet practical—Christmas stocking stuffers available for them to enjoy this holiday season. We’ve put together a list of 40 perfect stocking stuffers in various price ranges that are sure to make any young person smile from ear to ear.

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students

1. Mini Skincare Set

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Mini Skincare set
Get this set on Nordstrom

If you’re looking for some holiday gifts that will actually get used, look no further than a mini skincare set. This little one comes with travel-size bottles of cleanser, toner and moisturizer so your college student can take care of their skin while they’re on the go.

Since most college kids work or go to school during the day—and often engage in various extracurricular activities afterward—it makes an excellent gift for them as well. After all, self-care is a very, very important step in anyone’s life.

2. Apple AirPods

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Apple airpods 3rd generation
Get these airpods on Walmart

Earphones are a great gift for any college student. But if you want to get something special, you can’t go wrong with the Apple AirPods. These are wireless earphones that work with any Apple device, or even Android device, as long as they have Bluetooth.

The best thing about this gift is that your college student will be able to take these earphones anywhere! They’re small, lightweight and easy to carry around so they’ll be able to listen to music or take calls from friends while studying in their dorm rooms or walking through campus.

Plus, when it comes down to it…who doesn’t want some new shiny things?

3. Cozy Socks

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Cozy grey Ugg socks
Get these socks on Nordstrom

Cozy cotton or wool socks are a great stocking stuffers for college students because they are warm and comfortable. They’re also great for cold weather—now that the chilly seasons are here, these fuzzy socks will be your college student’s best friend.

Wool socks can be used for a variety of activities. You can wear them with boots, sneakers, or flats (depending on the occasion). They can be worn while sleeping or lounging around the house watching Netflix after class.

They’re also fantastic when going out! When paired with cute shoes and an outfit that suits their sense of style, wool socks will keep their feet warm all day long without impeding on any type of activity or event, making this one of our top picks as gifts, hands down.

4. Portable Charger

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Black portable Yoobao charger
Get this portable charger on Walmart

For any college student, their phone is their lifeline to the world (especially if they live in a dorm room without a TV), so it’s important to keep it charged. But what if they need to charge your device while they’re on the go?

They could plug into an outlet at the library or coffee shop, but that will take time. A portable power bank can charge the phone quickly no matter where they are—even if there’s no electricity around.

Portable chargers come in all shapes and sizes today; some are large enough to fit in a pocket or purse while others are so small they’ll barely show up in a bag, making them one of the best stocking stuffer ideas.

Portable chargers also come with cords that allow users to charge multiple devices at once; these devices will usually be more expensive than single-device portable chargers but have added convenience if you need to keep multiple smartphones and tablets charged throughout the day.

5. Bullet Journal

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Sage green "Silly Little Journal For My Silly Mental Health" bullet journal
Get these journals on Etsy

For the frazzled college student who needs help in organizing their day (as well as their thoughts), then look no further than the bullet journal.

Bullet journaling is a great way to help students track their daily activities, plan their days and keep up with their goal-setting. It allows them to get creative as well—many people use it as an art project or even just as something fun to do in class.

Bullet journals come in many different styles, so there’s sure to be one that fits your college student perfectly! They can be simple notebooks with lined paper, more elaborate ones filled with colorful stickers and washi tape (which can serve double duty as decoration), or even leather-bound planners for those who like things fancy.

This is one of the best inexpensive gifts on which they will feel very grateful since organizing information is always helpful when you’re busy studying hard!

6. Lip Balm

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Fresh sugar coconut hydrating lip balm
Get this lip balm on Nordstrom

Lip balm is a practical gift that can be used everyday, which makes this an inexpensive yet great stocking stuffer idea. There are so many different kinds of lip balm, from ones with SPF to ones with a minty taste or even flavored options.

Your college student will appreciate the thoughtfulness of this small gift, especially since it’s something they use on a regular basis.

A lip balm makes for an excellent stocking stuffer because not only will it be useful but also affordable and easy to transport around campus during cold winters and hot summers alike.

If your student usually struggles with dry lips in the wintertime, consider getting them some chapstick or other moisturizing lip treatments—they’ll thank you when they’re trying desperately not to lick their lips off during class!

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7. Mini Retro Bluetooth Speaker

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Mini retro bluetooth speaker
Get this speaker on Etsy

For a gift that’s small and won’t take up too much space, but that can still deliver on quality sound, this is the perfect stocking stuffer.

The size of the speaker makes it ideal for college dorm rooms (or even just the backseat of their car), since it doesn’t need to be plugged into anything in order to work.

It’ll also come in handy if they have friends over and want to check out their favorite songs on their phone or tablet without having everyone crowd around the speakers—this way everyone will be able to hear clearly without having to yell at each other or use the speakers on their phone. Plus, the cute retro design is so eye-catching.

8. Personalized Water Bottle

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Personalized water bottle
Get this water bottle on Etsy

A well-made stainless steel water bottle is a great choice as a stocking stuffer. You can personalize it with their name or initials (or both!) and make it something they’ll use every day. Water bottles are a college essential, so your student should have at least two of these.

It’s also one of those things they might not think to buy themselves—no one wants to carry around an ugly, boring bottle without some sort of personality.

9. Personalized Luggage Tag

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Personalized leather luggage tag
Get this luggage tag on Etsy

With all the places they’ll be traveling in the next four years, it’s important to have a way to keep track of their stuff and make sure it doesn’t accidentally get lost.

Personalized luggage tags are an affordable way to do just that. Available in a variety of colors and designs, they can be personalized with a name or nickname so everyone knows that bag belongs to someone special. It’s the little things that matter!

10. Checklist Notepad

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Checklist for groceries and other things
Get this checklist on Etsy

Our personal favorite way to use checklists is for school and work, because it’s a great way to stay organized. If your college student needs help staying on track with homework or studying, checklists are their friend.

These can also help them remember important things like deadlines and meetings when they’re rushing around campus, or even while picking up things for their next grocery run.

11. Essential Oils

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Essential oils
Get these essential oils on Etsy

Essential oils are a great gift for college students because they can be used in so many ways. They come in handy for everything from stress relief to getting better sleep, and there’s no shortage of ways to utilize them.

They can use essential oils in scented candles, diffusers, bath bombs—anything, really. However you choose to apply them is up to you; just know that they’re going to make your dorm room smell amazing!

12. University Shirt

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: University of Florida t-shirt
Get this shirt on Etsy

A simple yet relevant gift for a college student, this shirt is a great way to commemorate their time in school. It can be worn on campus, at work and on the weekends. Even years after graduation, they’ll still love wearing it!

The shirts come in many colors and sizes so you’re sure to find one that fits them just right. They make great gifts because they’re not just limited by holidays and birthdays—the recipient will love seeing this shirt around every day!

13. Laptop Stickers

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Meme laptop stickers
Get these laptop stickers on Etsy

The best things in life are free, or at least cheap. So if you’re looking for affordable stocking stuffers for college students that won’t break your bank, consider laptop stickers. They’re the perfect one for college students who are always on the go.

While it may seem like an odd choice at first glance—after all, wouldn’t your student just throw away these stickers?—laptop decals can actually turn into some of the best gifts they’ll receive this year! That’s because they provide an easy way to personalize your student’s computer (they’re also great at making their laptops look more personal).

Plus, there are so many designs to choose from: everything from funny memes to cute animals and even motivational quotes. So whether they’re looking for something funny or just want something new and fresh on their screensaver—this stocking stuffer is perfect!

14. Apple Watch Band

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Champagne apple watch band
Get this watch band on Nordstrom

Let’s be honest, if you have an Apple watch, it’s going to get scratched at some point. It’s inevitable. The best way to protect your little friend is with a nice new band that will make it look brand new again.

You can even find some pretty cool bands designed by popular designer brands like Gucci that are cheap enough to be used as stocking stuffers for college students!

15. Silk Hair Scrunchies

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Silk hair scrunchies
Get this silk scrunchie set on Nordstrom

For the college girl in your life who’s always struggling with her hair, the answer is silk hair scrunchies. They’re easy to use and great for any girl who likes her accessories colorful—and they come in all kinds of colors.

Silk hair scrunchies are also cheap enough that you can buy them as stocking stuffers for Christmas each year. What’s not to love?

16. Small Makeup Bag

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Black leather makeup bag with gold hardware
Get this makeup bag on Etsy

A small makeup bag is a great gift for college students because it allows them to pack up all their toiletries, cosmetics, etc. and keep them in one spot.

This way they can easily grab everything they need when they travel back home or go out of town. There are many different styles and colors available, so finding one that fits your student’s personality shouldn’t be hard!

17. Facial Roller

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Purple crystal facial roller
Get this facial roller on Nordstrom

Facial rollers are a great way to reduce wrinkles and get rid of puffy eyes. They also help with acne and acne scars, blood circulation, dark circles under the eyes, cellulite and stretch marks.

Facial rollers are super easy to use: simply gently roll over your face in circular motions for about 10 minutes each day.

18. Coffee Mug

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Ivory ceramic coffee mug
Get this ceramic coffee mug on Etsy

College students are a notoriously hard-to-please bunch. They can be clumsy, they’re notorious for being broke and they never seem to have enough time in the day. So what makes a good Christmas present for college students? Well, it’s kind of complicated.

First of all, you need to choose something practical—and something that will be used every day. Second of all, if you’re going to shell out money for your college kid’s stocking stuffer (or stuffing yourself), then make sure it isn’t something lame.

Coffee mugs are perfect! A full-blown coffee mug collection is pretty much a requirement for any self-respecting student who likes caffeine; plus there are tons of ways you can personalize them.

19. Satin Sleep Masks

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Satin sleeping masks
Get this sleep mask on Etsy

Sleep masks are a great way to help your college student fall asleep and stay asleep.

These eye masks can also reduce eye strain, skin irritation, headaches, stress and insomnia.

And they’re useful for traveling! If they have a flight coming up and need to adjust from one time zone to another—or if you just want some extra shut-eye on the plane—a sleep mask will come in handy!

20. Mini Polaroid Printer

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Polaroid printer for phone
Get this printer on Walmart

Whether it’s a shot of the latest party, friends on a weekend adventure, or an inside joke that only you and your roommate understand, Polaroid Hi-Print is a photo printer that lets you capture moments in less than 5 seconds. And it fits in your pocket.

The Polaroid Hi-Print is small enough to fit in any backpack or purse—no bigger than an iPhone 7 Plus! But don’t let its size fool you; this little guy packs a punch when it comes to portability and photo quality. In fact, the camera can print polaroid-inspired photos instantly with unmatched clarity and vibrancy thanks to its high-quality dye sublimation printing process.

21. iPhone Case

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Confetti iPhone case
Get this iPhone case on Nordstrom

If you’re looking to give your college kid a gift that they will appreciate, look no further than an iPhone case. There are so many options out there and they all fit the bill.

You can get a colorful one that matches your college student’s phone or you can get them an adorable design and quote on it. If they like emojis, why not get them an emoji case? The possibilities are endless.

22. Cable Bites (Cable Protector)

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Yellow pikachu cable bites
Get these cable bites on Etsy

Just like the name suggests, cable bites are cable protectors that keep your charging cables safe while you’re on the go. They have a reusable sticky back which allows you to stick them around furniture or any other surface—like your bed frame if you don’t have a nightstand for your phone charger!

Cable bites come in different colors so you can match them with whatever color scheme your dorm room has going on. You can also use these as keychains or decorating items because they look like little animals! It’s an inexpensive gift that can be useful no matter what kind of phone user they are.

23. Heatable Plushie

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Blue heatable plushie
Get this plushie on Etsy

The heatable plushie is a great gift for any student. It’s soft, snuggly, and can be heated in the microwave or cooled in the freezer. In addition to being great for a hug (or even as a pillow), it’s also great for curling up especially when those menstrual craps kick in.

24. Bath Bombs

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Herbal bath bombs
Get these bath bombs on Etsy

Bath bombs are a great gift for college students because they can be used to relax and unwind. These make a great gift because they come in many different scents and they’re easy to use.

Bath bombs are popular among college students because they help them feel relaxed and take their mind off the stress of schoolwork. They are are also fun to give as gifts, especially during the holidays!

25. Set Of Pens

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Set of colorful pens from Anthropologie
Get these pens on Anthropologie

Pens are a practical stocking stuffer for any college student who likes to write. Pens are pretty simple, but they also have a lot of personality.

There are many different types of pens that you can choose from including gel pens, mechanical pencils, calligraphy pens and more. You should find one that is the perfect fit for your college student’s personality and style.

26. Mini Custom Night Light

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Cute custom night light
Get this night light on Etsy

If your college-bound friend is anything like the average college student, they’ll probably be spending a lot of time inside their room working on schoolwork and trying to get some sleep.

But dorm rooms can be pretty bland and boring, so why not give them something that will help make their space feel more personalized? Personalized night lights make for good stocking stuffers for college students.

You can find all kinds of cool designs on Etsy, or if you know what kind of design or image they’d like (maybe their favorite animal?), you could even search for those types of things.

28. University Keychain

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: University keychain
Get this keychain on Etsy

What better way for them to show off their school spirit than with a keychain that features their school’s logo? This is something that will last long after graduation and can be used even on days when they’re not at school.

29. Lint Remover Brush

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Ling remover brush
Get this lint remover on Etsy

You know that one item you always forget to pack when you go on vacation? The lint remover brush is that item. It’s affordable and it’s small enough to fit in a carry-on luggage, but it can be used anywhere. It’s a practical gift that college students will definitely use.

30. Holiday Survival Kit

Holiday survival kit
Get this on Etsy

This is one of those gifts that you’ll be happy to have on hand, even if it isn’t in your stocking. This survival kit contains everything your college student needs for the holidays.

It comes with coffee, mint, a tiny little vodka bottle, vitamins, and candy. If you want, you can even modify the kit to include hand warmers, lotion, or even other things.

This would be an ideal gift for college students in dorms or apartments because they can use the kit both during winter weather or anytime they want a small pick-me-up (which will happen often).

31. Custom Starbucks Tumbler

Custom Starbucks cup with University logos
Get this tumbler on Etsy

It may be a stereotype, but it’s often true: college students drink a lot of coffee. And with the help of this personalized Starbucks tumbler, they can get your caffeine fix in style. The tumbler has a spill-resistant lid and is pretty hic, especially if the cup is personalized with their university logo.

32. Pet Pillow

Custom pet pillow
Get this pet pillow on Etsy

If you know a college student who has a pet, or even if they don’t and are just looking for some new decor for their dorm room, this is the perfect gift especially if they’re missing their little furry friends.

It’s good for both college students and little kids alike, and it can be used as a pillow as well! This is a great gift idea that will go over well with anyone of any age.

33. Succulent Plant Set

Succulent care box
Get this plant set on Etsy

Succulents are one of the easiest plants to care for, and they make a great gift idea. They can be grown indoors or outdoors, but they prefer warm climates and don’t like being exposed to direct sunlight (which can burn their leaves).

They’re also very low-maintenance, making them perfect for college students who don’t have time to spare to care for an actual plant. It’s easy to find succulents at most nurseries as well—so no need to worry about finding that perfect specimen!

34. Jar Of Sweets

Jar of sweets
Get this jar on Etsy

The perfect stocking stuffer for a college student, the jar of sweets is a great gift for anyone who loves candy. It can also be customized with their name to make it extra special!

You can fill it with various types of candy, or they could even use it as a pencil holder or pen cup once it’s empty. It’s up to them!

35. Sleep Set

Sleep set with pillow spray and roll on
Get this on Anthropologie

You know what makes for the best sleep? A sleep set made up of a pillow spray, a roll-on, and a stress check mood manager spray. This is a great travel-sized kit to help your college student settle into their rooms and help them sleep better.

36. Beanie Hat

Grey rubbed beanie hat with pom poms
Get this beanie on Anthropologie

Beanie hats are great stocking stuffers for college students. They’re comfortable and warm, they come in many different colors, styles and materials, and can be worn by your college guy or girl. The best part is that beanie hats are pretty cheap, and they’re available everywhere.

37. Donut Socks

Cute donut socks
Get these donut socks on Etsy

Donut socks are a fun stocking stuffer, and also an excellent gag gift. They’re available in many colors, patterns and sizes—so you can choose just the right pair for your college student that will match their personality.

These fun socks are a fantastic way to show your love of breakfast foods (or even just donuts) without having to say anything at all! And who doesn’t love food? Donut are one of those foods that everyone likes; they’re fun and silly, but also delicious. Giving these out as Christmas gifts is sure to bring smiles from all around!

38. Nail Polish

Red Chanel nail polish
Get this nail polish on Nordstrom

Nail polishes are great stocking stuffers for the college girl in your life. It’s small, it’s chic, and it automatically givs her a fresh manicure. Furthermore, nail polish can also be used to express herself and personalize her life with different colors and designs.

39. Scarf

The Best Stocking Stuffers For College Students: Beige scarf
Get this scarf on Nordstrom

Scarves are the perfect gift for college students because they’re so versatile and useful. They can be worn in many different ways, depending on the weather and occasion. No matter what season or temperature you’re dealing with, a scarf will always come in handy!

It’s also an inexpensive gift that will make your loved one happy. So don’t hesitate—get them something cool for winter!

40. Travel Sized Perfume

Travel sized Tom Ford Lost Cherry perfume
Get this perfume on Nordstrom

A travel-sized perfume is a great gift. It’s a fun, small way to make your college student feel like they’re being pampered.

Travel size perfume is great for the holidays. The holidays are fast approaching and you probably will not be able to give your loved one a full-sized bottle of their favorite scent right away, so why not get them something they can use right away? They’ll love that you thought of them this holiday season.

Travel size perfumes are easy-to-pack items: They’re small enough so that even someone who doesn’t like carrying bags around all day might appreciate having something like this since it won’t take up too much space inside their luggage bag (or backpack).


As you can see from this list of stocking stuffers for college students, there are plenty of things to choose from that will make your friend or family member happy. Whether they’re looking for something practical or fun and quirky, there’s definitely something here for everyone.

We hope this list helps make your holiday shopping easier this year!

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