The Best Free And Paid Feminine Stock Photos For Bloggers

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If you’re looking for free or paid feminine stock photos, you’re in the right place! Stock photos are not only important to make your blog posts pop, they’re also important to attract new readers to your blog through Pinterest.

By focusing on creating beautiful pins on Pinterest, you’ll stand out from the crowd and grow your blog much faster.



When you begin blogging it can feel like there’s an endless amount of costs associated to building your brand – there’s hosting, WordPress themes, email…. everything seems to cost something! And while I highly recommend getting a paid membership license to a stock photo platform when you’re a more established blogger, it’s definitely not necessary to do so in the beginning.

There’s soooo many free alternatives to choose from! So, without further ado, let’s get started with my favorite free stock photo providers.


Free Feminine Stock Photos


Ivory Mix – Kayla has an incredible library of 550+ free feminine stock photos that you can access when you sign up to her e-mail list. She also sells stock photos for a very affordable price, and has a monthly membership ($10/month), which gives you access to 2700+ photos.

Styled Stock – Completely free to use!

Elle Drouin – Free monthly stock photos by subscribing to her newsletter. Elle is the founder of Styled Stock Society, which is an affordable membership site for feminine stock photos. The photos are gorgeous!

She bold – You’ll get 30 free stock photos by accessing this link, and another 100 free stock photos when you subscribe to her newsletter. She also has a store where she offers tons of feminine stock photos for $5 each, as well as a membership option ($20/month).

Create Her Stock – Her stock photos are uniquely refreshing: they feature women of color! You can get free photos delivered to your inbox every month by signing up to her newsletter.

City Girl Searching – She offers a collection of very pretty peach colored free stock photos once you sign up to her list!

Solopreneurs Kick – No need to join a mailing list this time, simply download the free photos that you like from her website!

Sarah Titus – Use the code “50FREEBIESTOCK” to get free access to this bundle of 50+ stock photos worth over $100!

Kaboom Pics – These images are absolutely stunning! There’s a large selection of pictures with laptops, coffees and phones – this website’s made for bloggers and it’s super easy to navigate!

Katie Harp – Get access to 50 free Pinterest perfect images with stunning pink and mint green accents!

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P.S. There’s many more free stock photo providers below! If you’re not interested in paid stock images sites at the moment, just skip the next section and check out more free stock image providers.


My Favorite Paid Feminine Stock Image Sites


If you’re serious about your blog and you’re already making some money blogging, I highly recommend that you join a membership site for stock images. I’m currently a member of Haute Stock, so most (if not all) of the images that I use on my blog come directly from there.

Stock Image memberships can definitely be expensive, but the upside to the membership is that you have lifetime access to all the photos that you download.

So for example, on Haute Stock there are currently 3,700+ photos on the platform.

I could download all of them, cancel my membership, and still be able to use all of the photos for as long as I want to – that’s pretty awesome, and works out to be quite cheap (about 3 cents per image!).

Some of the stock photo sites also offer the opportunity to buy stock image bundles or single images, usually starting from just $1. This is especially common on Etsy and Creative Market and it’s a great alternative if you are looking for a couple of new stock photos, but don’t want to become a member of any single site just yet.


With that being said, here are my favorite paid feminine stock image sites:


Styled Stock Society – Styled Stock Society is another very popular stock photo site for bloggers who are after feminine images. Their membership is a little bit more affordable at $25, which gives you access to unlimited downloads from over 2,000 stock photos.

Haute Stock – Haute Stock is my favorite place for feminine stock photos above anything else. I have a membership there and use these photos for everything.

The membership is a little bit expensive ($33/month), but the amazing thing is that you can sign up, download all the photos that they have in their library (3000+), cancel your membership and still continue to use all the photos for life!

So, actually the membership works out to be very affordable. I’ve yet to see better feminine stock images offered anywhere else.

Katie Harp Creative – If you’re looking for an absolute steal, this membership is for you! For just $47, you’ll get lifetime membership and access to all the stock photos, Canva templates, Instagram templates, lead magnet templates and more designed by Katie Harp. Currently, these are hundreds to of templates to choose from, and nearly 500 stock images. New images and templates are added regularly!

Ivory Mix – The Ivory Mix has a super affordable membership for her gorgeous flatlays and mockups. With the annual membership your monthly cost works out to be $10, otherwise it’s $14/month (such a steal considering the prices of these other membership sites!). You can also browse her shop for one off images or image bundles, or get instant access to over 550+ free stock photos when you join her newsletter.

Etsy – Etsy has a wide selection of blogging stock photos, usually for a very affordable price. Because there are so many alternatives to different stock photos, my tip would be to search the website with specific niche keywords, such as “feminine”, “blush”, or which ever keyword best describes your niche.

Creative Market – Creative market is another amazing source for blogger specific stock photos. You can find so many amazing feminine, minimal and chic image here! The cheapest packages start at $1-$2 per image, but you can also buy styled photos in bundles.

She Bold Stock – She Bold Stock is quite a new name for me, but it’s been around for a long time. Once you become a member you get access to 1,000+ stunning images that are perfectly Pinterest-worthy!



More Free Stock Image Sites For Bloggers


Want more websites to get free stock photos? I feel you! Here are some more alternatives:


Canva – Many bloggers use Canva to create images for their blog and Pinterest (like me!), but not many know that Canva also has a large stock image library. Many of the photos are completely free and the paid images only cost $1. Because their library is so large you’ll find pretty much anything and everything!

Pexels – Pexels is awesome and one of my favorites for free stock photos. They have such a large variety of stock photos that can be used for any occasion!

Pixabay – There’s more than 1.6 million images on Pixabay, plenty of them blogging related too!

Shopify – Did you know that Shopify has their own free stock image site too? Well, now you do! This library is available for anyone to use, not just store owners.


Negative Space

Realistic Shots


Death To Stock – These stock photos have a very artistic feel to them. It reminds me a lot of VSCO cam. They have a couple of free stock photo bundles for creatives, as well as a free 14-day trial to their full membership program.

Jay Mantri – Again, very artistic pics in a VSCO style format. The images are a bit random and you can’t search for specific images, but if you have some time to kill it’s worth flicking through his feed.

Gratisography – This website specialises in quirky photos, so if you’re looking for a more unusual set of images, give this site a go.

Pic Jumbo

Fancy Crave

Stock Snap

Split Shire

Life Of Pix

Designer Pics

Public Domain


ISO Republic

Cupcake – Not so much to do with cupcakes after all. This website offers lots of travel and landscape images for free.

Libre Shot – They have a library of over 208k photos, which are all free.


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