September Pinterest Trends: What To Pin For Traffic & Profit

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If you’re using Pinterest marketing to get traffic to your blog, you know that Pinterest is very search based. It’s also very influenced by trends and seasons, and some topics tend to be more popular than others during certain times of the year.

This is why it’s a great idea to tap into some of the trends on Pinterest: you’ll see a consistent boost in your blog traffic and you’ll become more popular on Pinterest itself. And as we all know, more traffic = more money, if you’re using display advertising and affiliate marketing in your monetization strategy.

So today, I’m going to be sharing September Pinterest Trends. I’m going to dive into the topics that you want to be pinning about this month and I’m also going to give you some blog content ideas for the next few months.

Pinterest recommends it’s users to start pinning seasonal content 45 days before its prime time, so this paramount that you finish writing about seasonal trends before this time!

Now without further ado, let’s dive into September Pinterest Trends.


What to Pin in September



Remember when I said you should start pinning seasonal content about 45 days before their prime? Yep, now’s the best time to start pinning Halloween stuff!

Think how you can incorporate Halloween into your personal niche: if you’re a fashion or beauty blogger, you can create collections of the best Halloween makeup looks and outfits; if you’re a food blogger, you can create a collection of the best Halloween recipes and if you’re a DIY blogger, DIY Halloween costumes could be a great fit.

Remember to create specific boards for Halloween and keyword them properly, so that people will find your content faster.


Fall Fashion

Like I mentioned in August, fall fashion is HUGE this time of year. It can be very profitable to pin if you focus on pinning affiliate products. Think over the knee boots, chunky sweaters, wool hats…

If you are a fashion blogger, you’ll definitely want to create a few blog posts with your favorite fall outfits from the best retailers (like Amazon) too!


Fall Recipes (Pumpkin Spice, Apple Pies, comfort foods etc.)

I can’t be the only one who’s excited about the pumpkin spice season, can I? During September, keywords around comfort foods and other fall foods are very popular, so if you’re in the food niche, take advantage of this.

Think soups, stews, slow cooker meals, apples, cinnamon, pumpkin, butternut squash, maple and pecan… Yum!



In September, people like to get back into the routine of things. Many of us spend more money during the summer than we normally do, so topics around budgeting become popular. People want to get back on track with their financials before spendy holidays like Black Friday and Christmas roll around, so think about how you can help people in your niche to achieve this.


Content Planning Ideas


Q4 is around the corner and that means higher ad revenue + more sales for bloggers. You want to maximise your Q4 earnings as much as possible, so start preparing blog posts already – you want to be publishing at least once per week around this time and to get as much traffic as possible!

Here are some topic ideas that you can start planning for:



Thanksgiving is a great topic to plan for if you’re a food blogger. And even if you aren’t, you might want to give Thanksgiving recipe posts a chance.

Many bloggers who typically don’t blog about food (such as Michelle from Making Sense Of Cents) write about Thanksgiving recipes around this time of year, because the ad revenue from them is so great. If you’re on a premium ad network such as Mediavine, you could end up making hundreds of extra dollars per post.

If you want to write blog posts about Thanksgiving, don’t just write one blog post – there’s plenty of opportunity for more than that! Think Thanksgiving dinner recipes, side recipes, traditional recipes, Southern recipes, Vegetarian recipes…. or even Thanksgiving decorations.


Black Friday

Black Friday is the day that Christmas shopping officially begins. Many retailers have special deals that you can promote around this time, so make sure that you make an advertising strategy in place before things get crazy.

If you already know who’s products you want to promote, draft out some blog posts and emails in advance, or come up with a Facebook ads / Pinterest ads campaign if you’re planning to use them in your strategy.


The Holidays

Ah, the holidays. This is the time of year that you can really maximise your earnings, so you want to be putting out as much content as you can in November/December time.

Focus your energy on starting to prepare gift guides for the holidays. Gift guides can be a major source of extra income, and if executed correctly, they can bring you income for years to come. Instead of creating just one gift guide, create multiple different ones for different audiences, like gifts under $20, gifts under $50, gifts for dog lovers, etc.

If you are monetizing your blog through display advertising, you can also create blog posts around Christmas recipes. Recipe posts are  hugely popular on Pinterest and if you use display ads, you’ll want to get as many pageviews on your blog as you possibly can!


Monthly Tip


Focus your energy on preparing for the holiday season. Create as many gift guides that you can think of that are relevant to your audience. You’ll want to start doing this now, because the next few months are going to be busy in the blogging world!

Pro tip: If you’ve already created gift guides in the past instead of creating new ones, simply update your old ones and make sure that all the links work. This way you’ll save time and you can focus your energy on creating new content!


Want To Boost Your Traffic Even More With Pinterest?


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