5 Amazing Personal Development Tips For A Better 2021

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This article is a guest post by Stephanie Haywood.

Entering a new year fills many of us with dreams, hopes and ideas.  If your deepest desire is to bring those inspirations to fruition, this can be your year.  Read on for the top five tips on how to make 2019 your personal turning point.



1. Become Your Own Boss


Do you wish you were running your own business?

 If you’re the sort of person who is a go-getter, self-motivated, dedicated, and ready to pursue your goals, experts at Inc. say you might have what it takes to dive into entrepreneurship.

 Determining that you’re cut out for starting a company but knowing how to give it life can be two different things.  

However, becoming an entrepreneur could be easier than you think. Thanks to e-commerce, the climate is ripe for budding online businesses.  

Starting a blog is one of the easiest and cheapest ways to get started with your own business and making money online. If you don’t have a blog yet, check out my post on How To Start A Profitable Blog.

I also offer a free website in a box service, so if you want your blog set up with a premium design completely free of charge, read here for more.

There are also many other ways to make money online.

For instance, you can become a dropshipper with minimal financial outlay and low overhead.  It’s a terrific option for people who are avid shoppers, since you can work with suppliers of products you believe in.  

Not sure what you would be the best fit? Read through Product Research 101.  Decide what you’re passionate about, whether it’s kitchen gadgets, beauty products or jewelry, and dive in!


2. Jump Into Journaling


Keeping some notes about your thoughts, goals, and progress may seem like a moot point.  After all, you’re either getting there or you aren’t, right?

However, Care2 points out journaling offers some important benefits.

 Journaling is a healthy coping mechanism, helping to lower stress levels, boost your productivity, and encouraging you to maintain focus.  

Writing things out can help you process emotions, formulate action steps, and reduce your anxiety about situations.

One idea is a bullet journal to help you stay on your tasks.

 Think about choosing something you’ll look forward to using, like a classic handcrafted journal covered in Harris tweed, or a funky eco-friendly option.

 If you prefer a visually-oriented outlet, consider a watercolor journal for your memories and inspirations.  The important thing is to make a selection that will suit your personal style, both in terms of appearance and self-expression.  


3. Choose Health Over Convenience


We live in an on-the-go world, and in the effort to do more and be more, we often neglect our health.

 With that in mind, choose the traditional goal of being healthier this year, but do it with a twist – keep it convenient.  

By ensuring your healthy choices are easy on your budget, time, and energy, you’ll be more inclined to stick with them. NBC points out having a few pieces of equipment put together so you can exercise at home will help you stick with a regimen.  

It’s ultra convenient, and it’s also less expensive than a gym membership.  And rather than hitting the drive through, consider adding a healthy meal subscription service this year. 

Pst! You can now get 60% Off on your first 3 meals with Gousto through this special link. Gousto is an amazing meal subscription service that delivers 2-4 meals per weeks straight to your door. You get all the ingredients and you can choose from 40+ different recipes every week. 

You can select from tantalizing options that meet Paleo diet guidelines, vegan and vegetarian foods, meals that offer ample eye appeal, kits for chef wannabes, or meal kits designed by famous foodies.  

It’s a fun way to ensure you get good nutrition without draining your resources – complete game changer!


4. Enroll In A Class


What do you wish you knew more about?  

Is there a certification you dream of adding to your repertoire, would you love to learn ballroom dancing, or does the thought of becoming a master gardener pique your interest?

 Whether to enhance your career or just for an enriching hobby, consider taking a class this year to round things out nicely.

There are online language courses and art schools, and even gourmet cooking classes you can enjoy via the web.  If a formal class isn’t your cup of tea, consider connecting with others who share similar interests.  

You can check into Meetups in your area, or connect online through hobby groups.

Having friends you can bounce ideas around with can mean support, camaraderie, and fun. 


5. Enjoy The Little Things


Life is made up of a series of events, many of which seem insignificant. They aren’t.

Learn how to find joy in the less-than-notable moments of each day.

Did you wake up on time? Celebrate the fact that you lived another day.

Pay attention to the cool breeze, the sound of childhood laughter, and all of the things that surround you that make your life worth living.

You don’t have to wait until a birthday, anniversary, or holiday to be thankful and reflective. Doing so daily will improve your mental health and help you keep things in perspective.

Are you ready to meet some goals and see some dreams come true?  Set out to pursue your inspirations this year. With a few clever strategies in place, you can make 2019 your turning point!


This article is a guest post by Stephanie Haywood. Read more articles like this on her website, MyLifeBoost.com!

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  1. I started journaling and doing morning pages last year and it’s been a real game changer

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