9 Top Reasons You Should Start A Blog Today

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Each month, more than a million blogs are created. And what’s crazier – more than 4 million blog posts are written every day!  

It seems like everybody has a blog nowadays and I’m sure that you’ve also wondered “Should I start a blog?”

Of course I think you should!

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As a full-time blogger myself I may be biased, but of course I’m a huge fan of blogging. Blogging has allowed me to work for myself, decide my own hours and design my days the way that I want to.

It’s also given me the freedom to work from anywhere in the world and because of it’s challenging nature, I’ve also developed and grown as a person.

Here’s a list of the ten best reasons that you should start a blog, too.


1. Be In Charge Of Your Income


Blogging is a great way of earning some extra income. Whether you want to eventually replace your full-time job or earn a little bit of extra income on the side, you can do this with blogging.

Depending on your niche, you can also get many other benefits and freebies. Personally as a fashion blogger, I get sent new product launches from make-up and fashion brands on a monthly basis (which saves me a lot of money!) as well as getting invited to launch parties and fashion shows. That’s pretty awesome!

Another thing that I love about blogging is that you are directly in control of your income. Your blogging income reflects how hard you’re working and how many sales you’re bringing in, as opposed to many careers where you can work as hard as you want or as little as you want, and still bring home the same pay check.

There are many bloggers including Michelle from Making Sense of Cents and Natalie from NatalieBacon.com who have tripled their annual income time and time again. Natalie went from earning $45k blogging in one year to over $100,000 the next year and now has her mind set on making seven figures.

Michelle also went from earning $10,000 / month with her blog to now earning over $100,000 / month with her blog in a matter of a few short years!

This kind of income growth is simply not possible in a traditional career!


2. Open New Opportunities


Since I started blogging I’ve had the privilege of working with some of my favorite brands on paid campaigns, including Elizabeth Arden and Tarte. I’ve also been invited to amazing events like caviar tasting with La Prairie, I’ve made life long friends through blogging and because I blog full-time, I can travel whenever I want to.

I know of so many other bloggers who’ve gone on to do amazing things for themselves, for example some fashion bloggers like Gal Meets Glam now has her own clothing line, Dede Raad from Dress Up Buttercup had her clothes sold in Nordstrom and other bloggers like Sarah Ashcroft get to travel the world and stay in luxury villas doing paid promotions.

There are also plenty of bloggers who have gone on to become speakers in large conferences, like Pat Flynn from Smart Passive Income.

Whatever you want to blog about, blogging can open many new doors and amazing opportunities. They could be things like finding new connections, getting paid to promote things that you love, a new job or something else!



3. Build The Life That You Want


Want to travel the world for 3 months? Want to stay at home with your kids and work 3 days out of 7?

Up to you!

Blogging brings complete freedom because you’re in charge of your income. Only you can decide how many hours you want to put into your blog and how many hours per day you need to work.

Blogging enables you to work as hard as you want or as little as you want and to plan ahead.

If you work in corporate America you’re lucky if you get 3 weeks of holiday per year. How are you meant to have time to spend with your kids or travel the world when you’re always working?!

No matter your current situation, blogging brings a lot of freedom that allows you to spend the rest of your time how you want to, where you want to.


4. Become Your Own Boss


Many of us dream about doing our own thing, being in charge of our income and being your own boss.

Blogging enables all of this.

Like I mentioned before, you can make us much money as you want, put in as many hours as you want, and travel the world if you want. 

When you are your own boss, you’ll also grow and evolve as a person.

Everyone of us has our own strengths and weaknesses, and working for yourself brings out many of these traits in us.

You’ll learn a lot about yourself as a person, and if you want to push new boundaries, you’re also going to be challenging some of your previous conceptions.


5. Learn New Skills


You’ll learn new skills from blogging that are transferrable to any other job. Blogging is challenging, so there is always something new and valuable to learn.

When I first started blogging, I didn’t know anything about anything. I started out by learning about photography and writing, then moving on to learning about affiliate marketing and Pinterest marketing, then about learning how to write better copy, how to create my own products, and so on.

Right now, I’m learning about e-mail marketing!

Each of these skills are very specific, but they are also part of larger skills. Because of blogging, I’m much better at advertising, market research, writing and strategising, to name a few things.

I know that if I ever quit blogging, I’d be able to open another business selling nearly anything online. Or if I wanted to, I could find a job in advertising.

Thanks to blogging, I’m much better at expressing myself, communicating with people and selling to people in a way that doesn’t feel forced.



6. Make A Difference In The Lives Of Others 


Did you know that there are thousands of people in the world who are going through struggles that YOU can help them with?

While one of the most popular reasons to start a blog is to make extra money, the most rewarding part of blogging is knowing that you’ve made a difference in someone’s life and that you’ve helped them improve their life.

Although I primarily blog about fashion and beauty, I also share blogging tips on this blog. Ever since I started doing that I’ve received so many positive messages from people saying how much I’ve helped them with their blog and how my experience has benefitted them.

It’s such a great feeling knowing that you’ve made a difference in people’s lives!


7. It’s Cheap & Easy 


If you’ve always dreamt of setting up your own business, there’s no cheaper alternative to blogging.

For example, if you set up a service that sells physical products, you’ll need to pay for the inventory which can be thousands of dollars.

If you want to create a new tech platform or open up a restaurant, the costs are going to be a lot more higher than that.

No start-up is guaranteed success, so you may see your money going down the drain.

Blogging has minimal costs associated with it (you can get started for just $2.95 per month!) and your profit margins will be much fatter because of this.

There are additional costs that come along with growing your blog, but even today my blogging expenses are around $100, while my profits are $3,000-$4,000 per month – that’s very rare to achieve in other industries!


8. It’s A Challenge


Blogging is a challenge that pushes you and shapes you as a human. Although I always preach about how wonderful blogging is, of course it isn’t always fun and games – there are tough times too. I made so many mistakes along the way that I even dedicated a full blog post to them.

Some of the challenges that I faced along the way were:

  • I started blogging full-time when I was only making $500 a month. I had 6 months worth of living expenses saved up, but it was still a VERY challenging time filled with tears and self-doubt.
  • I decided to start blogging full-time straight after university and gave up the opportunity to go after a traditional career. I always thought that this was a risky decision, because if my blog failed, it would look like I was unemployed for months on my CV and I think that I would’ve had a hard time finding a job after it. In my head, I was burning bridges between a traditional career path and myself.
  • I was faced with ridicule from my peers.
  • I was hit by a Google algorithm update and lost 50% of my Google traffic.
  • I created a product that no one bought.
  • My Instagram profile stopped growing when it was my main source of income.

And many more….  as your blog grows and you start trying new things, inevitably you’re going to face a lot of challenges.

But here’s the thing.

The challenge is part of the thrill. And it’s also one of the reasons why I love blogging so much! There’s always something new to learn, something new to try and something new to gain.

If there was no challenge in our jobs, would we really be happy doing them? I doubt so.



9. It’s Fun & Rewarding!


Last but not least, blogging is super fun and rewarding! Not only can you express yourself to the whole world, you can also build connections that last a life-time and help other people defeat their struggles.

Blogging can give you a sense of purpose and make you happier, like many other hobbies out there.

Whenever I receive a blog comment or an email thanking me for something that I’ve shared on my blog it makes me very happy! I’m sure that you can relate to that too.

How Can I Become A Blogger And Make Money?

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If you’re looking for some more ideas before you jump into creating a blog, here’s some resources that can help you:


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