30 Best Push Presents For Dads That Are Actually Super Useful

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Welcoming a man into fatherhood is not an easy task. Here are some of the best push gifts and presents for dads that are useful and thoughtful, so that he will feel special!

Fathers are often left out when it comes to the excitement of welcoming a new baby into the world. While the new mother gets all sorts of gifts, the dad usually just get one or two items (or none at all!).

But this doesn’t have to be the case! There are plenty of great push present ideas for new dads that can make them feel appreciated and excited about their new role in life. 

Many people have a tough time finding the perfect gift for new dads during this special occasion. They either get something that’s too personal or not personalized enough, and it just doesn’t seem to fit the situation.

If you’re looking for a push present that is really going to touch their heart, then this article is for you! We’ve come up with the best push gifts for dads out there that are sure to make the new dad feel loved.


The Best Push Presents For Dads

1. Engraved Watch


Best push presents for new dads: Engraved Watch

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An engraved watch is the ultimate sentimental gift for new dads. You can have it engraved with the name of the newborn baby and their date of birth to make it more personal.

This watch will be able to go everywhere with him and remind him of his baby during every waking moment.


2. Phone Docking Station


Best push presents for new dads: Phone Docking Station

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If the expectant dad spends a lot of time at work or he’s busy with other things, then having a special place for his cell phone and his keys is a really useful gift.

This way, his things won’t be all over the place as he’s rushing to feed the baby and do work at the same time!


3. Dad Mug


Best push presents for new dads: Dad Mug

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Mugs are always a great affordable gift choice for new parents, but especially dads. They will be able to enjoy their morning coffee every single day and think of the baby while they drink it!

For those who want something personalized that is really going to make the dad feel special, a custom coffee mug with his name on it is perfect. Plus he can use it at home or work which makes things even better. He’s sure to love having his own mug with him everywhere he goes!


4. Portable Gaming Device

Best push presents for new dads: Portable Gaming Device

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Dads who love video games are always going to appreciate this push present especially if they need some alone time. The portable Nintendo Switch can be used during his free time at home or on the go when he’s traveling for business. For extra points, buy him a few games along with the Switch, like Zelda!

Gamer dads will never get bored again!


5. Loungewear



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This loungewear set is going to be something that a new dad truly needs. He will be spending lots of time at home cozying up with his new bundle of joy, so a comfy loungewear set is a great idea for a thoughtful gift!


6. Neck Massager

Best push presents for new dads: Neck Massager

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For those who want to give a push present that is functional and also makes the new dad feel really relaxed, this neck massager will be perfect. It’s great for relieving stress and can help him relax after a long day of taking care of the baby!

Plus, it’s just a fraction of the price of other massage devices, such as Theragun!


7. Shaving Kit


Shaving Kit

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Dads (especially first-time dads) usually don’t get much time to shave during the day because their baby needs constant attention. This makes it hard for them to always look nice and clean-cut when people see them at work or around town.

A brand new shaving kit is going to make things easier for him without taking too much away from his precious time with the baby!


8. Jogging Stroller


Best push presents for new dads: Jogging Stroller

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For dads who love to jog or go on long walks, having a jogging stroller is going to be really useful. He’ll always have the baby with him no matter what he’s doing and can continue his workout routine while doing his daddy duty of pushing around the little one!

The stroller also comes with a basket underneath so they can store their diaper bag and other baby gear.


9. Cold Brew Coffee Maker

Cold Brew Coffee Maker

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This cold brew coffee maker is perfect for dads who love their coffee and want to save money on buying it every day.

They’ll be able to brew cold brew in the comfort of their own home which makes things really convenient! Since newborns usually have erratic sleep schedules, this is also a dad’s new best friend during late nights.


10. Baby Carriers


Best push presents for new dads: Baby Carrier

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For those who want to give a push present that is functional and sentimental, this ergonomic baby carrier is going to be perfect.

The new dad will never have to worry about putting the baby down when he’s busy because it can go everywhere with him! Leave it to dad to do the heavy lifting.


11. Personalized Wine Glasses


Personalized Wine Glass

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If the new dad tends to love wine or other alcoholic beverages, then this is definitely going to be a good push gift for him and his partner. He will always drink in style with his own special set of glasses when it’s time to unwind after a day of hard work.


12. Diaper Bag

Best push presents for new dads: Diaper Bag

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This manly diaper bag is something that all new parents need to get around, but especially dads. They will be able to take care of the baby and always have everything they need right on hand no matter where they go!


13. Dad & Baby Matching Shirts


Best push presents for new dads: Dad and Baby Matching Shirts

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This is a fun push present for those who want something that they can use as a keepsake and will always remind them of their baby. They’ll look super cute together in funny matching shirts!

This is a wonderful way for dads and their kids to have that special bond.


14. Dad Hat


Best push presents for new dads: Dad Hat

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For dads who love to wear hats, this push present is going to be perfect for them. They won’t have to worry about getting hot under the sun while strolling around Disneyland!


15. Memory Foam Pillow


Memory Foam Pillow

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For those who want to give a push present that is functional and makes the new dad feel really special, this memory foam pillow will be perfect. It’s great for naps or resting his head during midnight feedings! 


16. Leather Wallet


Leather Wallet

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For dads who need something to store money and other important things in, this push present is perfect. They’ll never have to worry about forgetting their wallet at home again which makes it much easier for them!


17. Resistance Bands


Resistance Bands

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This push present is perfect for new parents who want to get back into their workout routine and need a little extra help. The resistance bands can be used for at-home workouts and they will strengthen his upper body so he can lift the baby with ease! 


18. Smartwatch


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This Apple Series 7 Smartwatch is perfect for new dads who love to track their progress with fitness. They’ll be able to monitor time, steps taken, and other important information on their wrist so they never have to forget about any of it again!


19. Whiskey Set

Whiskey Set

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A whiskey set is a great congratulatory gift that you can give to new dads. Whiskey doesn’t go bad, and can actually be stored for years to come! It’s a sentimental gift that dads can drink every time there’s a milestone in their kid’s life (if they’re able to be disciplined in their drinking!).


20. Oximeter



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For dads who worry about the health and safety of their little ones, this oximeter is going to be really useful. It’s great for checking up on things like oxygen levels or heart rate which makes it easy to monitor the baby during day or night time feedings!


21. Wireless Headphones

Wireless Headphones

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For those who want to give a push present that is functional, this wireless headphone set from Beats by Dre is one of the perfect push presents.

He’ll always have entertainment on hand no matter where he goes! No more wires snagging around things (or worse, snagging on the baby’s arms). 


22. BBQ Tools


BBQ Tools

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You know how dads usually like to take charge of grilling whenever it’s barbecue night at home? If your friend is one of these dads who loves to cook and entertain, this grilling toolset will be perfect.


23. Book Of Dad Jokes


Book Of Dad Jokes

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This book of jokes for dads will be perfect. You know how our dads have their own kind of humor and jokes that are sometimes hilarious and sometimes embarrassing?

For the new dad, he’ll always have something funny to say no matter what he’s doing throughout his day! 


24. Tool Kit

Tool Kit

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If the new dad tends to have his own projects around the house, this tool kit set is a good choice for him. He’ll always be able to work on his projects and never need any extra tools again!


25. Smart Speakers

Smart Speakers

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For new dads who love to listen to music, whether that’s in the shower or outdoors, this smart speaker from JBL will be perfect for them. They’ll always have a way of listening to their favorite songs no matter where they are in the house!

This is also useful for playing lullabies while trying to get the baby to fall asleep, making this one of the best push gifts for both dads and moms!


26. Daily Planner


Daily Planner

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For the dad who likes to jot down notes and to plan his entire day, then a personalized leather planner would be a thoughtful gift!


27. Coffee Box


Coffee Box

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For dads who are certified coffee lovers, there’s nothing like a good coffee set to get their day going. This is also a good baby shower gift!


28. Grooming Set

Grooming Set

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Being a new dad doesn’t mean that they can’t give up their self-care! This grooming set includes lotions, body wash, beard oil, and even a scented candle and perfume so they can feel good while pampering themselves.


29. Gift Cards



If you’re still not sure what to give to a new dad, then a gift card would be perfectly fine! This can either be a gift card to their favorite department stores like Target or Nordstrom, so they can buy themselves a set of clothes, a spa day with the missus, or even a gift card to their favorite place to eat. 


30. Custom Swiss Army Knife


Custom Swiss Army Knife

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Some dads really enjoy camping and other outdoor activities, so this push gift is perfect for them. If they need something to cut branches or open a bottle of beer while out in the woods, then having a Swiss army knife on hand will be very useful!


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