25 Pink Nail Designs Perfect For Your Next Mani

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Ready to add a feminine touch to your fingertips? These gorgeous pink nails with various designs are sure to do the trick!

While it’s fun to play with more unconventional nail colors such as rainbow nails every now and again, nothing beats a classic nude or pink when it comes to choosing nail designs for everyday wear. And let’s face it, it’s hard not to feel feminine and pretty in pink, which is an added bonus.

Light pinks are perfect when you need a solid color that goes with almost anything in your wardrobe, while hot pinks are great for summer and for attracting attention. 

Below, we’ve featured our favorite pink nail designs for summer and beyond. From pretty pastels to floral French tips, you’ll find designs for every taste.

The Best Pink Nail Designs To Recreate

1. Flower Petals

We love this two-tone pink manicure, with the addition of little flower petals to add a super pretty and feminine detail to this pink nail design. Combining two different shades of pink in one design is always a great way to make your manicure a little more unique!

2. Pink Shimmer

This shimmery hot pink nail design is so striking– the perfect way to add an eye-catching touch to any pink nail! The delicate velvet-like finish really sparkles in the light, making these nails ideal for any special event.

3. Pink + Coral Florals

The pale pink base works so well with the neon pink and coral floral designs that sit at the base and the tip of the nails and make the design really pop. The white swirling polka dots are a fun finishing touch!

4. Glossy + Matte

Glazed donut nails have become super popular recently, thanks to Hailey Bieber, so why not contrast these glossy, shimmery nails with a matte design to create something really distinctive?! The sparkles in the matte nails add a silvery touch to the design.

5. Chrome Hearts

We just adore mirror-like chrome nails, particularly in this vibrant fuchsia shade! Add a fun twist to your chrome manicure by keeping the base of one nail a neutral pink shade and adding a hot pink chrome heart – just gorgeous!

6. Reverse French Tips

This reverse French tip design is just beautiful and is a great way to play around with a classic and elegant design. These iridescent light pink nails, which really shine in the light, feature a cerise swipe of color at the base for a unique and unexpected twist.

7. Pastel + Neon

This stunning design mixes pale pink nails with neon pink to create a bright contrast and ensures a striking and attention-grabbing look. This manicure would be perfect during the summer months or if you are heading off on a sunny holiday.

8. Silver + Stars

The combination of colors, glitter, and designs on this manicure makes it totally irresistible! The pastel pink and silver nail art draw attention to the central nails, which feature black and white polka dots in a striped design and a white star – just beautiful!

9. Ombre Pink

Short hot pink ombre nails

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Creating an ombre fade is a great way to add a special touch to a standard manicure. This gorgeous design fades from vibrant hot pink at the tip to pale pink at the base – the perfect nail design that will add a glam touch to day and night looks.  

10. White Daisies

The floral design and combination of colors in the manicure create a magnificent manicure! The solid fuchsia and French tip design sit alongside the floral nails, finished with dainty white polka dots for an elegant finishing touch.

11. Pink Glitter Flames

This rose pink nail design may look simple from afar, but as you get closer you notice the beautiful details. The natural pink base is decorated with a glitter French tip on one nail and then rose pink and glittery swirls on two of the nails to create a stunning look!

12. Neon waves

Short pink and orange swirl nails

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We love the simplicity of this pink nail design, and it is a great way to add a pop of neon to your manicure if you don’t usually go for bright colors. The orange and pink waves are subtle but add a summery touch to your look.

13. Sequins + Neon

These neon pink nails are eye-catching all on their own, but the design also features one light pink nail, finished with sparkling sequins at the base and a delicate neon pink French tip.

14. Black + pink

This manicure features so many dazzling design elements, including the contrast between the pink and the black, the shimmering pink glitter at the base of the nail, and the iridescent sparkles that feature in the black tip – just perfect!

15. French Tips + Glitter

The lighter shades of pink used in this design give the manicure a more paired-back look, while the two glittery pink nails add a glam touch! We think this manicure would be ideal for birthdays or any upcoming parties.

16. Ombre French Tips

This incredible manicure combines several different favorite nail designs, which is perfect if you can decide on just one! These subtly ombre nails that fade from orchid pink to pale pink as you move down the nail feature a pink glitter French tip to create a striking look.

17. Pink Sparkles

If you often go for neutral and light colors, why not add a few pink sparkles to a couple of the nails for a glamorous look? We love that the sparkles are dense at the base and then disperse as you move up the nail, to give the effect the sparkles are falling from above.

18. Florals + French Tips

Add a fun touch to a classic French tip by keeping the nail bare and adding a flower blooming from the base – so pretty! This design looks particularly striking in bright cerise shades.

19. Shades of Pink

Who says you have to decide on just one shade of pink for your nails? Why not feature a few different shades in your manicure and tie the look together with chunky pink, multicolored glitter to add a glam finish?

20. Pink + Blue Swirls

Short pink and blue almond nails with swirls

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This design is unique and will really catch people’s attention! This manicure begins with a pale pink base and then features a swirly design at the tip of each nail in shades of blue and pink. We think this design would be perfect for a holiday look, or better yet, as a gender reveal manicure.

21. Abstract designs

Turn your nails into a work of art with these gorgeous abstract nail designs that you can really adapt and make your own! The abstract waves create a work of art that you can make as simple or as intricate as you like. Only two nails feature this abstract design, while the other nails are painted in shades from the design.

22. neon + Silver

Create an eye-catching design by pairing neon shades with silver glitter for a totally glamorous and opulent look. This manicure moves from bright pink to pale pink, then finishes with a silver, glittery nail – so pretty! The little silver dot on the pale pink nail is the perfect finishing touch.

23. Sparkling Ombre

Pretty pink nails with French tips and glitter

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Play around with your ombre nails by adding some glitter into the equation! This manicure features both standard pink ombre designs and glitter ombre too, as well as a pink glitter French tip on the index finger.

24. Diagonal Tips

We love the mixture of designs in this manicure to create a bold and distinctive look. These nails keep to a limited color palette of fuchsia, light pink, and silver, but then play around with the designs, including diagonal French tips, a cross-over design, and a little glitter thrown in there too!

25. Pale pink Chrome

These light pink chrome effect nails really sparkle in the light and look stunning paired with the rosy pink nail decorated with a delicate layer of silvery glitter. This manicure is ideal for the spring and summer months, and could be perfect for your wedding day too!

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