The Best Pantry Organization & Storage Ideas For The Home

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Home organization is key to maintaining a clean house that runs efficiently. During lockdown, I’ve been organizing around the home and buying various storage elements from baskets to spice trays and more. It’s become so apparent to me how much nicer and neater our house looks when everything has a dedicated place! 

One of my favorite places to organize is the pantry. When everything has a dedicated place, you can glance quickly to see if you’re running out of something and if anything needs using up.

Also, it’s so much easier to keep the drawers clean if you store items in containers and baskets! Of course, it’s alsomuch easier on the eyes too when is neatly organized with pretty labels (you can find some really great ones on Etsy).

Below, I’ve featured some of the best acrylic and farmhouse style pantry organization ideas for a cleaner, tidier home. Some of these are absolute essentials, while others (like the coffee pod storage container) are best reserved for those who actually have a need for it.


The Best Pantry Organization Ideas

The best affordable pantry organization ideas and pantry storage solutions


Get the items here:
  1. Water bottle holder | This stackable container is great for storing your water and soda bottles for kids! If you’re a fan of swell bottles, or bigger thermos bottles that are meant for colder days, this tucks them away neatly.
  2. Wooden turntable for spices and condiments | If you have an open pantry, this wooden turntable is great for stashing away your spices in style. It rotates 360 degrees, which makes it super convenient.
  3. Coffee condiments & cups caddy | If you’re a fan of Nespresso, this container stores and displays your favorite flavors in style.
  4. Food storage containers (20 piece set!) | This is essential for any pantry! These containers are airtight and easily stackable, making your food last as long as possible.
  5. Metal wall mount organizer | If you have nowhere to store your binliners, ziplock bags or foil, consider getting a wall mount organizer such as this one – it makes them that much more easily accessible!
  6. Rose gold metal baskets – stackable 3 pack | Great for storing anything from snacks to fruits to cake mixes. They come with matching under-shelf units too to free up space.
  7. Tall bins for larger items | These fit well inside drawers, and are great for organizing condiments and dressings.
  8. 4-Tier spice rack | A stylish way of storing your spice jars, whether that’s in an open or closed pantry! There’s 4 tiers for storage, ensuring that you can see all the labels without a problem.


The best affordable pantry organization ideas and pantry storage solutions


Get the items here:
  1. Glass storage canister | Great to store oats, tea, sugar or cereal! The extra small version of this jar can also be used to store spices.
  2. Metal baskets 4 pack | Great to store food, oil bottles, etc. These have bamboo handles that add to a rustic feel in the home.
  3. Glass water bottle – set of 2 (More affordable plain version here) | These are great to store any liquids, but especially great if you make homemade oat milk, kombucha, juice, or even iced coffee. I use mine for oat milk, and the tap is secure enough for you to shake the bottle vigorously without any liquid spilling.
  4. Flour storage canister & Teas storage canister | An aesthetic way of stashing away your everyday essentials. Matching storage canisters for coffee & utensils are also available!
  5. White Rope Basket | Large enough to store bread or other jars. You can also use these baskets in your bathroom for toilet paper rolls or your cosmetics.
  6. Seagrass woven basket | The rectangular space makes this great if you have a deep pantry!
  7. Iron serving tray | This storage items doubled up as a beautiful storage tray for breakfast in bed, or even to display candles on your coffee table.
  8. 1 L Clamp Jars – set of 2 | There are great to store your food items, but they also make for fantastic lunch containers for tiered salads!


I hope you found some useful tips and ideas for you own pantry from this list! For more home decor and organization ideas, check out the posts below!


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