15 Cute Outfits With Flare Jeans To Wear For Casual Days

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Out of outfit ideas that’ll make you look like an effortless fashion icon? Here are 25 creative outfits with flare jeans that you can copy.

Flare pants are back and better than ever, baby.

With the rise of 80’s and y2k fashion over the course of lockdown, these iconic pants have also seen a rise of their own. Flare pants are also known as bell-bottoms, by the way they become wider and “flare out” from the knees downward, creating a bell-like shape at the bottom half of the leg. 

These iconic jeans were very popular during the mid-1990s to 2000s, so chances are, your mom, your aunt, or even your older sister already has a pair of these tucked away in their closets. You can still find vintage flare pants in your local thrift store, but if you’re looking for ones with a modern twist, then we got you covered with a great list of flare pants and flare jeans from our favorite online retailers. 

Flare jeans can be worn for both work and play – meaning, you can dress down your flare pants with an oversized shirt or a casual crop top, or you can elevate it for a business meeting by wearing a smart button-up shirt with it.

Despite their popularity over the past months, flare jeans are still not a common sight to see when you’re out downtown. And so if you want to stand out while looking like a trendy fashion icon, we suggest going to town in a pair of flare jeans!

Let’s build your outfit!


Cute Outfits With Flare Jeans



Cute flare jeans outfit

Get this look on Magnolia Boutique




Cute black flare jeans outfit

Get these jeans on Pink Lily




Denim flare jeans with oversized graphic tee

Get this outfit on Princess Polly

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Retro 70s style pink flare jeans outfit

Get the jeans on Free People




Cute flare jeans outfit with pink crop top blouse

Get this look on Pink Lily: Blouse | Jeans




Fun retro outfit with flare jeans

Get these jeans on Free People




Cute wide leg jeans outfit

Get this look on Princess Polly




Cute flare jeans outfit with pink puffer jacket

Get this look on Magnolia Boutique: Puffer Jacket | Jeans 




Cute flare jeans summer outfit

Get this look on Pink Lily: Jeans | Top




Corduroy pants outfit

Get this look on Pink Lily: Corduroy Pants | Sweater




White flare pants with green halter top

Get these pants on Meshki




Burgundy flare pants with white top

Get these pants on Princess Polly




White flare jeans with black crop top

Get these pants on Princess Polly




Green flare jeans with gingham halter top

Get these pants on Princess Polly




Beige flare pants with oversized black graphic tee

Get these pants on Princess Polly


Did you find your next outfit from this list of the best outfits with flare jeans? We hope you did! If you’re still looking for more fashion inspiration, check the posts down below.


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