45 Thoughtful 1 Year Anniversary Gifts For Your Girlfriend

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Anniversaries should be celebrated and regardless of whether it’s your first year with your girlfriend or you’ve been together for a few years, one way to show your love for your girl is to shower her with gifts.

Of course, before getting your girlfriend anything, you need to know what she likes and what she doesn’t like – this way you can narrow down your choices and come up with a thoughtful gift that she surely will love.

If you’re on the lookout for the perfect gift to mark this special occasion, we have a lot of ideas in store for you. Whether you’re looking to get a first anniversary gift or something to add to all the previous ones you’ve given in the past, we have you covered.

Below are our top one year anniversary gift recommendations, depending on your girlfriend’s personality and style. We’ve categorized this post by gifts for the sentimental girlfriend, jewelry-lover, beauty enthusiast, gym-bunny, homebody, and fashionista.


The Best 1 Year Anniversary Gifts For

…The Sentimental Girlfriend

1. Couple’s Adventure Photo Scrapbook 


Best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend: Etsy adventure scrapbook

Get this from Etsy

If your girlfriend is fond of doing scrapbooks and do-it-yourself projects with her own hands, then this one is something she (and even you!) would love.

Keep all your precious travel photos in this personalized photo album/scrapbook. To make this more special, you can put in a few of your favorite photos before you hand the album to her.

You can include a picture of your first date and other memories of you as a couple. It’s such a thoughtful and meaningful gift to give out to your special lady as you mark your first year together.


2. Framed Song Lyrics


Best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend: Etsy framed song lyrics

Get this from Etsy

Is there a song that reminds you of your girlfriend? Whatever it is – whether she knows it or not – why not turn it into these framed song lyrics for her to hang in her bedroom?

It’s the kind of sentimental gift that will probably make her bawl happy tears. You can choose to have just the print or have it framed in a custom wooden frame.

Give this to her as a reminder of the way you feel about her and take her back to all the happy memories that you’ve shared so far in the past year.


3. Engraved Compass


Engraved brass compass

Get this from Etsy

This personalized compass will surely give her all the warm fuzzy feels. The great thing is that you can personalize the message that goes on the compass, and get it engraved with your actual handwriting.

This item is made from brass, so expect that there will be some minor scratches and flaws which adds more character and personality to the gift. This would be a sweet little reminder of your love that she can take anywhere!


4. Custom Photo and Voice Teddy Bear


Custom voice photo teddy bear

Get this from Etsy

Who said teddy bears are only for kids? If you want to make her smile from ear to ear,  you can give her a custom teddy bear like this one we found on Etsy. 

What’s really special about this bear is that you can customize it by adding a photo and a voice recording. Your chosen photo will be printed on the bear’s chest, while a personal voice message can be heard if you press its foot. It’s an incredibly sweet gift that will surely melt her heart.


5. Personalized Photo and Song Led Lamp


Best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend: photo song led lamp

Get this from Etsy

Transform your love song into this beautiful led lamp which would be nice to put as bedroom decoration. It’s made from high-quality acrylic and can be customized with a Spotify QR code. 

The base is made from solid beechwood with a USB cord attached to the on and off light switch. You can also include a photo of you together to make this gift even more meaningful.


6. Personalized Spoon


Personalized gift spoon

Get this from Etsy

Make her smile every time she eats her meals with this personalized spoon. This is a silver-plated spoon that can be customized with a personal message like the one in the picture.

Each letter will be individually hand stamped so you might notice some misalignments, but that adds charm to this unique gift. 


7. Vitamin Me Love Capsules


Best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend: Vitamin love capsules

Get this from Etsy

Remind your girlfriend how you feel about her every day with these Vitamin Me Daily Dose of Love capsules. It’s a sweet one anniversary gift to give your girlfriend just to remind her how much she means to you. 

It comes with 60 real pill capsules with cute winking faces – inclusive of small pieces of paper for you to write on. It’s an instant mood booster every morning, right before her bedtime or even when she’s having a bad day


8. The Little Book of Us


Best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend: little book of us scrapbook

Get this from Etsy

If your girlfriend likes sweet and sentimental gifts, then try giving her this Little Book Of Us mini scrapbook. Each of the pages is filled with questions for couples that you can both answer together. 

Aside from being a thoughtful gift to give, this could also be a fun activity for you to do as a pair.  By answering questions on each page,  you’ll see more clearly how your relationship is so far and where you hope to take it. 


9. Multi Photo Frames


Back and white photo frames

Get this from Pottery Barn

Look back on your most memorable moments caught on camera and display them in these rustic multi photo frames

They can be displayed vertically or horizontally, whether you’re placing them on top of a cabinet or mounting them on the wall. It’s a thoughtful gift to give to your girlfriend for your 1 year anniversary and celebrate all the memories that you’ve spent so far.


…The beauty junkie

10. Patrick Ta Makeup Palette


Patrick Ta eyeshadow palette

Get this from Sephora

A girl can never have too many shoes, bags, and makeup. And if you want to make her happy during your special date, give her one thing that she will absolutely love, like this Major Dimension Eyeshadow Palette from Patrick Ta. It’s a combination of velvety mattes, creamy bases, iridescent metallics, and pearl toppers.

The great thing about this particular palette is its versatility. It’s good for every skin tone, and it has the perfect everyday shades as well as deeper colors if she wants to create more of a dramatic look. 


11. Velvet Makeup Organizer Boxes


Velvet makeup organizer boxes

Get these from Etsy

If she loves collecting makeup, she might be running out of storage space. So, why not help keep her beloved makeup organized with this cute velvet makeup organizer from Etsy?

What’s special about this makeup box is that you can have her name or initials monogrammed. The velvet box is luxurious to feel and comes in pink and baby blue. There’s also a built-in mirror, which is perfect for when she needs touch-ups.


12. Miss Dior Perfume


Best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend: Miss Dior perfume

Get this from Nordstrom | Sephora

Every woman has a preference when it comes to perfumes. But if there’s a universal perfume out there that a lot of women seem to appreciate, Miss Dior is one of them.

It has a soft velvety smell, similar to that of sensual roses, mixed in together with lily-of-the-valley and spicy peony. Your lady love will love the classic perfume smell packed in this beautiful bottle – and so will you!

13. Botanical Bath Bombs


Best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend: handmade botanical bath bomb etsy

Get this from Etsy

If your girl likes being pampered, give her a set of bath bombs to make her time in the tub even more relaxing. These bomb bombs are handmade and enriched with botanical blends. They contain essential oil blends, cocoa butter, dried botanicals, sea salts, glitters, and seeds. 

They come in assorted colors and fragrances, but you can also indicate or make a request if you want something more specific. 


14. Monique Lhuillier Scented Candles


Monique Lhuillier scented candle

Get this from Pottery Barn

This scented candle from Monique Lhuillier mimics the aroma of blooming roses. It’s made from natural soy candle wax and comes in a glass holder.

It has approximately 20 hours of burn time, perfect to use at times when she wants an hour to destress and relax in the bath or even when she just wants to sit and read a couple of pages from a book. 


15. Jade Roller Set


Best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend: Jade roller set facial oil

Get this from Nordstrom

Does your girlfriend enjoy doing her self-care routine?  This jade roller would be the perfect addition to her pampering tools. 

This set includes a jade facial roller that helps in tightening and massaging the face, as well as a Lapis Balancing Facial Oil and a Bakuchiol Retinol Alternative Smoothing Serum. These products are cruelty-free and do not contain any parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, and artificial fragrance. 


 16. Jo Malone Travel-Size Cologne Set

Jo Malone mini cologne set

Get this from Nordstrom

These cute Jo Malone travel-size colognes are perfect to take anywhere. She can simply just get one and put it in her purse so that she can smell and feel fresh all throughout the day. 
This particular set includes five of  Jo Malone’s signature scents. These include English Pear & Freesia, Wild Bluebell, Fig & Lotus Flower, Wood Sage & Sea Salt. Depending on her mood that day, she can pick which fragrance to wear.


 17. Drybar Blow Dryer


DryBar blow dryer

Get this from Sephora

Since the Dyson Airwrap seems to be unavailable everywhere (and it’s super expensive), why not give her the next best thing? Like this double shot blow dryer from Drybar

It’s a tool that combines a blower and brush so it will significantly cut the time she spends styling her hair. 


…The Booklover & HomeBody

18. 1,000 Places To See Before You Die Book 


Best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend: 1000 Places To See coffee table book

Get this from Pottery Barn 

This is a good book to unleash her wanderlust. It could even be an inspiration for both of you to travel and see more of the world.

The 1,000 Places To See coffee table book is a #1 New York Times bestseller and one of the world’s best-selling travel books. It shows its readers the beautiful places you should visit and how to go there.

It contains 544 pages with 1100 photographs of all the wonderful destinations that you both have yet to discover.


19. Abibliophobia Sweatshirt


Best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend: abibliophobia sweatshirt

Get this from Etsy

Make her laugh with this personalized sweatshirt that accurately defines her love for books. It’s perfect to give to your book-loving girlfriend. On the front of the sweatshirt is a cute print that says “abibliophobia” which by definition means, fear of running out of books to read.

You can pick out which color to choose. If she has a favorite color, maybe you can go for that one, otherwise, grey, black and white are always safe bets. 


20. Dogs Coffee Table Book


Best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend: dogs coffee table book

Get this from Pottery Barn

Does your girl have a soft spot for dogs? Well, you’ll definitely hear a lot of “awws” when she sees this dog coffee table.

It contains 216 pages – all filled with exquisite portraits of every man’s best friend. All photos are captured by no other than multi-award-winning photographer Tim Flach. She’ll definitely be smiling from ear to ear as she flips each page.

 21. Flannel Pajama Set


Flannel pajama set

Get this from Pottery Barn

If your girlfriend loves staying in more than she likes going out,  then give her a pair of comfortable flannel pajamas similar to the one we have here. 

It’s the quintessential plaid pajama that everyone should have especially during the holidays. It’s also perfect to wear at home whether she’s going to sleep or she just wants to lounge around all day.


 22. Cozy Throw Blanket


Faux fur ruched throw blanket

Get this from Pottery Barn

Another practical one year anniversary gift is to give your girlfriend a throw blanket that she can use every day,  especially during the months when the weather is cold. It’s also the perfect addition to have in the living room especially if she spends a lot of time there. 

Get her one of these faux fur ruched throw blankets that comes in seven different colors. This best-selling cozy throw blanket is incredibly silky and offers substantial weight to keep you warm and comfortable. 


…The sporty Chick

23. Nike Sneakers


Nike white sneakers

Get this from Asos

Does she like going to the gym or going for a run in the morning? Then giving her a new pair of trainers will be a good one year anniversary gift idea for your girlfriend. It’s practical and it’s something that she can use every day.

This particular pair of Nike sneakers are made for running. The shoes have a foam midsole and a springy cushioning making them super comfortable while she works out.


24. Apple Smartwatch


Best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend: Apple smart watch

Get this from Walmart

Giving her a smartwatch is another useful and practical gift, especially if she’s into fitness and sports. With a smartwatch, she can monitor her daily activity, all within reach.

It can track different kinds of workouts like running, walking, cycling, swimming, yoga, dance, tai chi, and pilates. Furthermore, it also gives low and high heart rate notifications as well as irregular heart rhythms. Plus, she can sync and listen to her favorite podcast and music while she’s on the go.


25. Carry-All Gym Bag


Black carry-all gym bag

Get this from Asos

This scuba carry-all bag is just what she needs to put her change clothes and all her gym necessities. It’s so roomy and spacious and could fit a lot of things.

Thanks to its scuba material, this bag is waterproof and dirtproof.  It’s easy to clean and lightweight, making it the perfect bag to carry around. It also makes a good overnight or weekend bag, in case both of you enjoy traveling.


 26. Monogrammed Water Bottle


Personalized monogram water bottle

Get this from Etsy

If your girlfriend likes working out or going to the gym it’s important that she has her own water bottle, so why not give her something that’s personalized? 

This insulated water bottle is made from stainless steel and comes with a straw. The seller gives you the option to choose what color of tumbler you want and your preference when it comes to the letter font. 


27. Bose Headphones

Best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend: Bose white bluetooth headphones

Get this from Nordstrom

If she loves listening to music you can give her this super stylish Bose SoundLink headphone. These come in a white and beige color combination which she will love for sure. 

They have Active EQ technology as well as Triport Acoustic structure which can mimic lifelike sounds. They also feature a built-in HD mic and are Bluetooth compatible. 


 28. Therabody Theragun Massager

Best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend: Theragun massager

Get this from Nordstrom | Therabody

It’s nice getting a massage after a long day at work.  However,  you might not always be available to do this for her,  so consider giving her this Theragun massager

This one is a nice percussive device that helps relieve muscle tension and soreness. It’s easy to handle and comes with three different attachments.


…The Jewelry Collector

29. Pandora Bracelet


Best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend: Pandora charm bracelet

Get this from Nordstrom

Another foolproof gift idea that you can give your girlfriend as your one year anniversary gift would be a charm bracelet. But we’re not talking about just a charm bracelet, give her a Pandora one.

No one does charms bracelets quite like Pandora. You can get her the sterling silver bracelet and add in a couple of charms that signify special moments in your relationship. These can include a heart, her name initials, a dog charm if she loves dogs – the list goes on.

What’s special about this gift is that you can collect charms along the way – each representing something meaningful.


30. Initials Necklace


Best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend: Minimalist initials gold necklace

Get this from Etsy

It’s always a good idea to give a sentimental piece of jewelry like this personalized necklace we found on Etsy. This minimalist necklace is cute, dainty, and perfect for everyday wear.

You have the option to choose from 8 karat to 18 karat gold. You can also choose as many letters as you want, provided that they will fit the necklace well. This necklace is handmade, nickel-free, tarnish-resistant, and comes in a jewelry box.


31. Couple’s Bracelet


Minimalist morse code bracelets

Get this from Etsy

Celebrate your 1st anniversary in style and get a pair of matching bracelets that will let all the world know of your love for each other. It’s a perfect anniversary gift especially if you’re the type of couple who likes to go matching every now and then.

This minimalist Morse Code bracelet is extra cute and barely noticeable. Of course, it comes with personalization making it even more thoughtful. This is a handmade item and uses nylon thread in different colors.

The seller also gives you the option to choose between silver, gold, or rose gold for the round beads that will signify your names.


 32. Jewelry Organizer


White wooden jewelry box

Get this from Pottery Barn

Help keep all her jewelry and accessories organized with this top-of-the-line Stella jewelry box. It’s made from MDF which is an engineered type of wood that boasts exceptional strength. 

It features a glass top cover and has a classic contemporary design that she surely will adore. They also give you the choice if you want to add a monogram or a name on the lid.


 33. Jewelry Organizer Stand 


Best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend: two tier jewelry organizer

Get this from Pottery Barn

This space-saving multipurpose organizer would be a nice addition to her vanity. It’s a two-tier jewelry organizer with a mirror on top, perfect for when she’s in a hurry. 

It’s made from steel and wood and features an Ash finish. Meanwhile, the double-sided mirror has 1x and 3x magnification. 


34. Birthstone Earrings


Turquoise and gold birthstone hoop earrings

Get this from Etsy

If your girlfriend likes jewelry, another thoughtful one year anniversary gift idea would be to give her a pair of birthstone earrings. These ones from Etsy are simple and dainty which are perfect for everyday wear. 

This pair of hoop earrings is handmade and of course, the seller gives you the option to choose which birthstone you want. Again, it’s a nice and personal gift to celebrate your big day.


…The fashionista

35. Tory Burch Shoulder Bag

Best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend: Black Tory Burch Bag

Get this from Nordstrom

Every girl loves a beautiful bag. If your girlfriend loves collecting designer bags or has been wanting one, why not spoil her with this gorgeous leather shoulder bag from Tory Burch? The great thing about this bag is its dual interior compartments which give her ample space for all her other stuff.

It also has an adjustable twisted leather strap and a gold chain that flaps over to give it a nice, elegant touch. Of course, the metallic Tory Burch logo is perfectly placed right in the center, serving as the focal point. It’s a special day and you need a special gift for this occasion.


36. Louis Vuitton Coffee Table Book 


Best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend: Louis Vuitton coffe table book

Get this from Pottery Barn

This coffee table book is a must for every fashionista. It explains and showcases the passion of Louis Vuitton, illustrated in all of its 560 pages.

It follows the lives of the company’s three leaders and all of the luxury brand’s recent history. 


37. Designer Watch 


Best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend: Silver Kate Spade watch

Get this from Nordstrom

One of the best one year anniversary gifts you can give your significant other is the gift of time, and by this, we mean a new watch! A watch like this one from Kate Spade is a timeless accessory that she can use every day. Nowadays, people rely on their phones to check the time, but nothing beats wearing a wristwatch.

This watch comes in a special Kate Spade box, so you can just tie it with a ribbon before you give this to your lovely girlfriend.


38. Mesh Pointed Pumps


Black mesh pumps with bow

Get this from Nordstrom

Aside from jewelry and bags, shoes are something that no girl can resist. Perhaps you want to give this one as an advance gift for her to wear on your anniversary dinner. That would make it an even more romantic gift.

As for the shoe style… we believe that every girl should have an elegant pair of black high heels like the one above. The polka dot mesh gives it a sultry vibe while the bow at the back adds a little fun to it. Now, all you have to do is figure out her shoe size – which you should already know by this time!


39. Little Black Dress


ASOS little black dress

Get this from Asos

How about you just complete her whole date night look and give her a classic LBD. While some women don’t like being told what to wear, your fashionista girlfriend will surely appreciate the thoughtfulness that you’ve put into this gift.

If you’re picking a dress, you have to know her size (so you might want to consult her best friend for this!). In addition, you want to choose a classic silhouette that will compliment most body types similar to the cami strappy midi dress posted above.

Just by the look of this dress, she’ll definitely want to wear this when you take her out for date night.


40. Classic Wrap Coat


Miss Selfridge beige wrap coat

Get this from Asos

Everyone needs a classy wrap coat like this one from Miss Selfridge. If your girlfriend doesn’t have one yet, you can spoil her with something similar. It’s a great idea to give especially if your anniversary is during the winter months.

A coat is a practical gift and can be paired with a lot of outfits, so she can make use of it for a long time. Plus, she will definitely need a coat during your first anniversary if the weather is chilly and you guys are going on a date.


41. Pearl Headband

Black pearl headband

Get this from Nordstrom

Does your girlfriend love accessories? If she does, then she would absolutely adore this pearl-studded headband from Lele Sadoughi as a 1 year anniversary gift. This headband can give an added flair to any basic outfit.

You can put it inside a special box and include a little thoughtful note to go with it. It’s a great way to show that you’re paying attention to the little things that she loves, which makes any gift even more meaningful.


42. Faux Shearling Robe


Faux shearling robes

Get this from Pottery Barn

This faux shearling robe will make her want to lounge in the living room all day, especially during the winter season. It comes in three different luxe colors – ivory, stone, and black. 

The soft faux shearling easily upgrades the whole look and adds more to that cozy feel. You can complete the look by adding a pair of matching slippers. 


43. New Sunglasses

Quay Australia black cat-eye sunglasses

Get this from Nordstrom

Show your support to your fashionista girlfriend by giving her this cute pair of cat-eye sunglasses from Quay Australia. Whether she’s feeling stylish or she just needs to coffee run,  she’ll love wearing this pair of sunglasses. 

This one has a classic elegant style but also offers 100% UV protection. 


Special Mentions

 44. Box of Premium Chocolates


Best one year anniversary gifts for girlfriend: premium artisan chocolate box

Get this from Etsy

Who doesn’t like getting chocolates, especially on special occasions like your anniversary? If you want to get a foolproof one year anniversary gift for your girlfriend, we recommend a box of premium chocolates like the ones listed above.

This is a beautiful box of  15 customizable artisan chocolates that are 100% gluten-free and celiac safe. They also give their customers the option to choose their preferred flavors.


 45. Instax Mini

Fuji Instax mini

Get this from Nordstrom

It would be fun to collect new memories if you have a camera like this Instax mini from Fuji. Take your shot and have the photo printed right away!

This camera has a one-touch Selfie Mode so you can take your selfies without worrying if your framing is right. Take photos when you’re out on special dates and collect them as souvenirs. 


Additional Tips Before Picking A 1 Year Anniversary Gift For Your Girlfriend


How serious is the relationship?

For some couples, one year seems such a long time already, while there are others who think that they’re still in the early stages of the relationship. There are no set rules when it comes to how long you should be in the relationship before you start taking it more seriously.

But, it’s also important to know that you and your girlfriend are on the same page in terms of what this relationship means to both of you. Also, this will also make things easier for anyone who is trying to decide what one-year anniversary gifts to pick. 


What’s her style?

It’s easy to get carried away with shopping for your girlfriend especially if your love language is giving gifts. However, you have to be mindful if you are taking into consideration her likes and dislikes. If she’s the type who is very casual and laid-back, then she might prefer a gift that’s more simple.

Gifts are usually clear indicators if you know the person very well or not. So it would help if you were familiar with her interest and style, in order for you to give your girlfriend the perfect one year anniversary gift that she would appreciate.


What’s your budget?

Of course, you want to give your girlfriend only the best one year anniversary gift. However, you have to be realistic with your budget and what you can afford. Although it might sound cliché, it’s really the thought that counts.

When it comes to celebrating your first year of dating, you can get something that’s simple and unique that you know for sure she will love. Another good idea is to set up a romantic evening at home. You can cook her favorite meal and play her favorite song while you two slow dance in the living room.

But if you have the budget to splurge on something that she might be eyeing for a long time, go ahead and make her happy. Of course, whatever gift you decide to give, the most important thing is to make sure that it comes from the heart.


Know your memorable moments

Another pro tip when it comes to giving your girlfriend a one year anniversary gift is to make a list of all the defining and unforgettable moments during your relationship and put it in a memory box.

It will be a good reminder for her and for you as well of how your love story started. You can include a love letter and express to her how you feel now that you’ve made it to your first anniversary.


Don’t forget the flowers

When a girl says don’t give her flowers, it’s usually a lie – unless she’s allergic to them. Girls love getting flowers, and you should know what her favorites are. If you’re not sure, red, white, and light pink roses are always a safe bet, or perhaps a bouquet of sunflowers to remind her what a great girlfriend she is.

So there you have it! We hope we were able to give you a couple of great one year anniversary gift ideas to give your girlfriend. If you want to see more posts similar to this one, click on some of our articles below.


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