25 Adorable One Month Anniversary Gifts For Your Sweetheart

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Have you decided on a gift to give to your partner this Valentine’s Day? Here are the best one month anniversary gifts to celebrate a milestone!

It’s hard to believe, but it’s already been one month since you and your sweetheart became a couple! Time flies when you’re having fun, and in a blink of an eye, you’ve reached the first major milestone in your relationship.

So what do you do to celebrate? Why not try something unique and romantic that shows how much you care? We’ve put together a list of one-month anniversary gifts for couples that will help make this special day unforgettable.

While not often celebrated, one-month anniversaries are significant as they mark a milestone in your new relationship. But gifts for this one are tricky: since this is a new relationship, it’s best not to go all out with grandiose gestures or this might make your significant other feel uncomfortable.

It’s generally recommended to go for more activity-oriented gifts that can help you and your partner bond together and form a more long-lasting relationship.

While some people think that celebrating one-month anniversaries are irrelevant and a waste of money, don’t listen to them! It’s completely up to you and your partner on whether or not you want to celebrate your relationship.

Below, we rounded up the best one-month anniversary gifts and creative ideas to celebrate one of many milestones to come.

25 Adorable One Month Anniversary Gifts

1. Framed Picture Of Your First Photo Together

One Month Anniversary Gifts: Framed photo with engraved initials
Get this frame on Etsy

A sweet and sentimental gesture, framing a picture of you and your partner from your first photo together is a great way to commemorate your first month anniversary.

It’s one of the most classic gifts to give, and you can never go wrong with this if you want to go for a safe choice.

2. Thanks For Swiping Right Wine Bottle

One Month Anniversary Gifts: Thanks for swiping right wine bottle
Get this on Etsy

If you and your significant other met on a dating app, then this gift would be the best one. It’s a wine bottle that you both can share over a romantic dinner afterward, and it’s great if you prefer practical gifts over material ones.

2. Teddy Bear / Stuffed Animal

One Month Anniversary Gifts: Stuffed sleeping animal with heart
Get this on Walmart

A classic and always-adorable gift, a teddy bear is perfect for showing your partner how much you care. Pro tip: find out your significant other’s favorite animal and see if you can get a stuffed version of it!

They’ll be able to snuggle up to it every night and think of you while falling asleep – it’s a pretty cute first-month anniversary gift if you ask us!

3. Fresh Flowers

One of the most classic and romantic gifts around, fresh flowers are perfect for any occasion, making them one of the best gifts to give on your special day.

Pick out a bouquet that reflects your partner’s personality or favorite flower. Bonus points if you can manage to get them delivered to their workplace! For a more romantic gesture, include a love note.

4. Paint By The Numbers Kit

One Month Anniversary Gifts: Paint by number kit
Get this on Walmart

This fun and unique gift is perfect for couples who love to spend time together. Work on the painting kit together and create a beautiful masterpiece you can hang in your home.

5. Couple Card Game

One Month Anniversary Gifts: We're Not Really Strangers card game
Get this on Ebay
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If you’re a millennial or a Gen Z who is active on Tiktok, Instagram, and Twitter, then you’re probably already familiar with the well-loved We’re Not Really Strangers card game.

This is a game that you and your partner can play together while having fun! It’s great for couples who want to know more about each other, but don’t feel ready yet to reveal their innermost thoughts.

Answer questions honestly or dare one another with this classic card game made specifically for couples in the first year of their relationship. This is such a wonderful gift if your love language is quality time!

6. Date Night Cookbook

One Month Anniversary Gifts: The Date Night Cookbook
Get this on Walmart

A cookbook is one of the best meaningful gifts for couples who love to cook together!

This date night cookbook will give you and your partner ideas on how to spend a romantic evening at home by cooking up each others’ favorite meal. Nothing beats cooking together at home with your special person!

7. Bucket List Date Scratch Poster

One Month Anniversary Gifts: 100 Bucket List Dates scratch poster
Get this on Etsy

This is a great gift for the couple who loves to explore new places and try out different activities. The poster includes 100 date ideas that you can scratch off as soon as you do them together!

This gift will definitely serve you both for a long time, and the best part is that you will get to create new memories with them!

8. Bottle of Wine

One Month Anniversary Gifts: Rose wine
Get this on Walmart

A classic gift for any occasion, a bottle of wine is perfect for the couple who wants to relax and enjoy each other’s company.

Pick out a wine bottle that your partner loves and toast to another month of happiness together!

9. Matching Couple Bracelets

One Month Anniversary Gifts: Matching couple bracelets
Get these on Etsy

This is a great gift for the couple who wants something they can wear every day.

Matching couple bracelets are available in many different styles, so find one that suits your personalities best!

10. Concert Tickets

Going to a concert together is such a memorable experience that we can definitely recommend. If your partner is into music, tickets to a concert they’ve been wanting to see are the perfect one-month anniversary gift.

Not only will they love attending the show with you, but they’ll also be reminded of how much you care every time they look at the ticket stub!

11. Handmade Bookmark

One Month Anniversary Gifts: Handmade narwhal bookmark
Get this on Etsy

This is a great gift for the couple who loves to read together. A handmade bookmark serves as a reminder of your love every time they open up their favorite book, making it such a special gift for the bookworm lover in your life.

12. Handmade Card

One Month Anniversary Gifts: I love you from my head tomatoes card
Get this on Etsy

This is a great gift for the couple who wants something lowkey but special. A handmade card not only shows that you took the time to make something special for them, but it’s such a thoughtful gift especially if it comes with a personal message.

If you don’t have the time to make one, you can always purchase a handmade card on Etsy!

13. Journal

One Month Anniversary Gifts: White lover's journal
Get this on Etsy

A couple’s journal is one of the most unique gift ideas. This is a great gift for the couple who loves to document their relationship.

A journal is the perfect place for you to track all of the happy moments you’ve shared together in the past month – and there’s no doubt that there will be plenty more.

14. Couple Keychain

One Month Anniversary Gifts: Resin couple keychain
Get this on Etsy

This is a great gift for the couple who wants something they can hold onto. It’s a sweet reminder of your relationship, and they can take this adorable token with them wherever you go!

15. Couple Pillowcases

One Month Anniversary Gifts: Matching couple pillowcases batman
Get this on Etsy

This is a great gift for the couple who wants something they can hold onto while they sleep. Pillowcases are available in many different styles, so find one that suits your personalities best!

Pro tip: If you and your significant other have a shared interest, a matching themed pillowcase would be the most adorable gift to give!

16. Matching Coffee Mugs

One Month Anniversary Gifts: Black and white matching coffee mugs
Get this on Etsy

This is a great gift for the couple who loves to drink coffee together (or quite frankly, whenever!). Matching mugs are available in many different styles, so you’ll definitely be able to find a design that both of you love!

17. Couple Necklaces

One Month Anniversary Gifts: Dainty couple necklace
Get this on Etsy

This is a great gift for the couple who wants something they can wear together.

There are many different couple necklaces available all around, but we personally love this sweet and subtle initial necklace. It’s dainty enough for everyday wear.

18. Message Capsule

One Month Anniversary Gifts: Cute message capsules in a jar
Get this on Etsy

This message capsule jar is the perfect gift for the sentimental lover whose love language is “words of affirmation”.

The jar comes with cute tiny capsules where you can slip different tiny love letters into, and your partner can open one every time they feel “bad”. Such a sweet and sentimental gift!

19. Custom Photo Lamp

One Month Anniversary Gifts: Custom photo lamp with photo outline
Get this on Etsy

Custom photo lamps have been taking over social media by storm recently and for a great reason. They’re seriously so cute!

There are tons of sellers on Etsy who can make custom photo lamps for a very affordable price. It’s a cute way to immortalize your favorite picture of you and your partner, plus it’s a sweet gift if your loved one is afraid of the dark!

20. Where We Met Map

One Month Anniversary Gifts: Where we met map
Get this on Etsy

What could be more romantic than immortalizing the place where you first met?

A customized map makes for a unique and memorable one-month anniversary present to celebrate this special occasion.

21. Film Keychain

One Month Anniversary Gifts: Film keychain
Get this on Etsy

Film keychains that mimic actual film rolls have gained quite a lot of popularity over the last year.

You can choose 25-30 of your favorite photos and have them stored into a roll, and you simply pull the roll to reveal the pictures inside. It’s budget-friendly and a super cute gift that will remind you of the good times.

23. Spotify Plaque

One Month Anniversary Gifts: Light up Spotify plaque
Get this on Etsy

Okay, we absolutely loooove this light-up Spotify plaque that went viral on Tiktok over the past few months. It contains your favorite couple picture and your theme song!

There’s also an option where you can have your favorite song’s Spotify code engraved on the plaque so your partner can scan it and play the song through the app. How sweet!

24. Couple’s Massage 

A couple’s massage is the perfect gift for a one-month anniversary. What could be more romantic than spending time together while getting pampered at the same time?

25. Date Night In Box

One Month Anniversary Gifts: Date night in a box with painting kit and drinks
Get this on Etsy

This box has everything you need to have a fun and romantic night in, including drinks, games and a mini painting set!

Your one-month anniversary gift doesn’t have to be grand at all, you can just stay in and paint cute images of what you both like.

We hope you loved these one month anniversary gifts as much as we did! If you have some more amazing gift ideas, make sure to share them in the comments below!

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