November Pinterest Trends: What To Pin For Traffic & Profit

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Today in my Pinterest series I’m going to be talking about November Pinterest Trends. Pinterest, like any other search engine is heavily influenced by seasons and seasonal trends. As a content marketer and blogger, you can increase your traffic and income by a huge amount if you learn to leverage trends the right way.

Personally, I’ve seen my traffic grow by 15,000 pageviews month on month from September to October, just by focusing on pinning Halloween content during last month! It’s also been my highest grossing month to date. Coincidence? I think not.



In today’s post, I’m going to show you what you should be focusing on pinning and planning in November.

Remember that Pinterest recommends creating your content 4-6 weeks before the “prime time” of that content (so ideally, get your posts for Christmas done before 25th November), and pinning it on Pinterest until the hayday of it.


What To Pin in November: Trending Ideas


Use these trending topics to maximise your reach and traffic on Pinterest!  Trending content is also good to promote with ads (if it fits your budget).



Thanksgiving is by far the biggest celebration of this month and even if you’re not primarily a food blogger, you should seriously consider pinning Thanksgiving related topics, whether that be Thanksgiving decorations & crafts, Thanksgiving decor or Thanksgiving activities.

Of course, most people will be searching for Thanksgiving recipes, including side dishes, desserts, traditional recipes, Southern recipes, sauces, etc… If you’re a lifestyle blogger, I highly recommend pinning Thanksgiving recipes this month!


Cyber Monday & Black Friday

Black Friday is the biggest spending day of the year, and if you monetize your blog through affiliate marketing, you’ll want to get involved in the action. Pin & promote offers that make sense to your audience, whether that is fashion, health, travel or something else.

Cyber Monday is another great day for bloggers and online marketers. Often, e-commerce retailers like Amazon will offer special deals on Cyber Monday, so you’ll want to make sure that you’re pinning related content already well in advance of the big day (with your affiliate link of course!).

Personally, I would also seriously recommend trying out Pinterest ads during Black Friday and Cyber Monday IF you have run Pinterest ads before and know what you’re doing.

There are many affiliate platforms that offer higher commissions and special deals during the Black Friday mania, so make sure that you take advantage of these. (Need more help choosing the best affiliate platforms for your niche? Have a look at The Highest Paying Affiliate Platforms For Bloggers!)


Sugar, spice and everything nice (i.e. Comfort Food!)

Easy, delicious comfort food like instant pot recipes and slow cooker meals are hugely popular in November (and they’ll continue being popular throughout winter)!

However, unhealthy comfort foods aren’t the only foods that are trending in the winter times: speciality diets such as the keto diet and paleo diet are also hugely popular, so consider pinning recipes in these niches if they fit your audience.


Winter Fashion

There are so many fashion trends that are trending on Pinterest this November! Apart from the obvious keywords like “fall outfits”, “winter outfits”, “black jeans outfits” and “teddy coats”, new, up and coming trends such as padded headbands and (faux) leather leggings are making waves in the Pinterest search too.

Here are a few more winter 2019 trend ideas from the runways that have started popping up on Pinterest: Knee high boot outfits, dark florals, one shoulder tops, shoulder pad outfits/ puff shoulder outfits and sequins.

If you’re a fashion blogger, consider creating new boards for each keyword that you’re interested in pinning about – this way, your pins will make their way up in the search faster!


Content Planning Ideas: What’s Going To Be Big Next?


Pinterest recommend creating content 4-6 weeks before the “prime time” of your seasonal content, so now is a good time to start planning your blog posts for December and January! 

Content planning with seasonal Pinterest trends is my favorite thing to do especially around this time of year, because of all the extra traffic that it can bring. In the last two months alone, I was able to add an extra 20,000 pageviews to my blog just by leveraging Pinterest trends and planning my content well in advance!



I know that I sound like a broken record ever since my September Pinterest report, but Christmas is HUGE on Pinterest and there’s a way that every blogger can leverage this trend.

Some of the most popular trending keywords on Pinterest during Christmas time will be focused around Christmas recipes (think Christmas cookies, desserts, dinner ideas), Christmas decorations (Christmas tree ideas, home decor, outdoor decor), Christmas crafts (anything DIY, including ornaments, crafts for kids, stocking fillers).

Even Christmas related fashion (Christmas sweaters,  Holiday outfits) and Christmas related beauty products (beauty advent calendars, Christmas nails, Christmas “flavored” DIY beauty products) are trending like crazy!

Gift guides are also huge, so consider making as many of them as possible. You can make gift guides for gifts under $25, $50, $100, gift guides for dog lovers, beauty lovers, jet setters, stocking fillers… you name it! If you think you’ve made enough gift guides, make one more!

DIY gift guides and dollar store gift guides are also super popular – if they fit your niche, you should consider creating a few.

In short, try to do as many Christmas posts as possible (I think I’ve made about 15 so far!), but make sure that these posts are evergreen so that you can use them again next year – for example, if you’re creating gift guides, pick products that you know will be sold next year as well. This will make it easier for you to monetize the same content next year with the same pins!


Hannukah & Kwanzaa

While Christmas is definitely the biggest celebration in December in the US, let’s not forget about other festivities. Both the Hannukah & Kwanzaa are trending search terms on Pinterest in December, so if you think they would be a good fit for your audience to write about, go ahead and dive in.

Much like Christmas, the same keywords are popular on Pinterest for both holidays (think gifts, decorations, recipes, crafts and party ideas)!


New Year’s Eve

If you are very organized, you can start planning your New Year posts as well this November. However, I would really advise you to stick to spending as much time planning your Christmas posts as possible – after all, this is the time of the year that bloggers usually make the most amount of money!

For New Year’s Eve, popular keywords include  New Year’s Eve Party ideas, NYE dresses & outfits, NYE food and appetizers.


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