How I Made $5,634 In November & December 2018 (Income Report)

*Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means that I get a commission if you decide to make a purchase through my links, at no cost to you. Read my disclaimer for more info.

I decided to go ahead and publish November’s and December’s income reports together. It’s been awhile since I’ve written on the blog and quite frankly I would have happily skipped writing these reports if it wasn’t for one of you readers reaching out.

As my blog is primarily about fashion and beauty, I know that blogging related topics such as my income reports are not as popular here. So, I wasn’t sure how many of you were following my monthly updates, especially since my income is rather consistent and it’s not like my blog is blowing up and suddenly going from earning $3k a month to $100k a month.

However, I was pleasantly surprised to find out that these income reports seem to help a lot of you guys who are also blogging about similar topics to me, so I decided to continue writing them.

It’s also a fun way to reflect on the past month, what has worked and what needs to be improved.


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Here's how this fashion blogger earned $5,634 in two months blogging. This blogging income report will show you everything you need to know about what affiliate networks to use, how to grow your Pinterest and how to become a successful blogger! #incomereport #makemoneyblogging #waystomakeextramoney


What’s Up In November & December? 


As some of you have probably noticed, I took a break from blogging sometime in December. I’m not exactly sure how long I was on holiday, but I think it must have been 4-5 weeks.

Originally, I planned to stop posting on the blog for a little while in order to get my new theme up and running, along with a new product that I’m launching called Explosive Traffic With Tribes (pre-order now to save 20%!).

I stopped writing posts on November 28th and before I knew it, I hadn’t posted for 6 weeks – oops. (My apologies for that! If I’m ever going on a break again I’ll make sure to schedule some posts in advance!)

However, my new theme is now up and running, the product I was writing is finally ready, and I can start writing more blog posts. If you haven’t seen my new theme yet, go on, check it out and tell me what you think! 🙂 You can see the new homepage here.

I seriously underestimated the time that it takes to redesign a blog, redesign ALL the blog posts, and everything else that goes with it. I’m still not 100% done with everything that I set out to do, but I’m working on them behind the scenes.

I’m sure that I could’ve done it faster than I did, but oh well. It was the holiday season, so I wasn’t feeling particularly motivated.

As expected, my income suffered a bit, but not too much. I’m actually really happy that even when I was on a complete break from blogging, I managed to pull in over $2000 in one month. That’s why blogging is so amazing – most processes and income is passive!


How I Got 5 Million Pinterest Pageviews


(Note: These figures are based on my own results. Have a look at the typical results across all Tailwind members here!)



My Pinterest traffic was at it’s all time high in November & December, and I got 5 million views on Pinterest per month! That’s huge!

Now, my Pinterest views have gone down to 3.4 million, but that’s still a pretty cool number.

My traffic from Pinterest has stayed consistent, even though I had a month long break from blogging, which is super exciting! This just means that what I’m doing is working, and that I need to stick to it.

Much of my success with Pinterest can be attributed to Tailwind Tribes, which have worked amazingly well for my blog. I’m sharing all my secrets to getting 90,000+ monthly pageviews in my new 60+ page e-book called Explosive Traffic With Tribes which is launching on the 31st of January.

If you want to get it cheap, now is your chance! If you pre-order, you’ll save 20% on the actual product. If you’re serious about growing your blog traffic, I can’t recommend this book enough.

It’s honestly a steal for the price that it retails for and if you follow my strategy, you can make your money back in a matter of days.

If you want to learn about more tips that got me to 5 million pageviews on Pinterest, read my full blog post here.


Show Me The Money


Some screenshots from my two biggest earners in the last two months.


Affiliate Marketing

Amazon US – $1580.83 ($766.33 November / $814.50 December) | Amazon has been consistently among my Top 3 revenue sources in blogging. Many of you have asked for me to share my secrets, and I’ve finally listened.

I’m sharing all of my strategies that I use to make up to $2,000/ month with Amazon in my new ebook, How To Make A Living With Amazon Affiliates. It’s going to be released on March 1st, but if you preorder it, you’ll get it for 30% off!

Amazon UK – $187.78 ($86.17 November / $101.61 December)

Other Amazon Accounts – $60.9 ($45.78November / $15.12 December)

RewardStyle – $885.83 ($485.83 November/ December $400)

ShopStyle – $30.97 ($18.29 November / $12.68 December)

Ebay – $40.28 ($27.74 November / $12.54 December )

Pinterest Traffic Avalanche – $59.1 ($59.1 November / $0 December)


Total Affiliate Income: $2,845.69 ($1,489.24 November / $1,356.45 December)


*I’ve realized that RewardStyle figures keep changing as some returns are made.

The figures that I report here are the figures that were available while writing this report, however these are likely to change during the course of the next 3 months as some retailers have a 3 month returns policy.


Own Products

Millenial Presets For Lightroom – $94 ($47 November / $47 December)



Instagram – $541 ($541 November / $0 December) Read: How To Make Money On Instagram



MediaVine (Blog)–  $1,625 ($945 November / $680 December )

Adsense (Youtube) – $142.57 ($80.53 November / $62.04 December)


Total Ad Income: $1,767.57 ($1,025 November / $742 December)


Matched Betting*


$385.74 ($385.74 November / $0 December)


*Although Matched Betting isn’t strictly blogging, it’s an awesome way to make some extra money online, so I wanted to include it on this income report.

I will probably write a detailed post of everything involved in it, but to give you a quick summary, I’ll write a few details down: Matched betting is a fool proof way to earn some extra cash online in the UK.

Don’t be fooled by the name – it’s actually not betting at all. Instead, it’s a surefire way to make some extra money by free bets from betting sites.

There are people in the UK who do it for a living and who earn up to $2,500 per month doing it. Obviously, I wanted to check it out myself too, and it worked fabulously.

I only did it in November, because I was way from the UK in December, and you have to in the UK to participate.

If you’re interested in finding out more, check out Profit Accumulator – it’s a platform that teaches you exactly how to do it.

And best of all, it’s free to try and you’re guaranteed to make about £40 ($50) from it. Another awesome fact is that you only need to put in 1-2h of work per week to see profit.


Total Income: $5,634 ($3,487.98 November / $2146.02 December ->Net Income: $5,488



Tailwind – $10 (Annual Subscription) x2

(Tailwind is my favourite blogging tool and one of the main reasons I’ve been able to grow my blog so fast. You can try Tailwind completely free for 1 month by clicking here!)

Tailwind Tribes Powerup – $30 (Tribes are free to use to a certain capacity even if you’re not on Tailwind – give them a try here!) x2

Hosting – $10 x2

TubeBuddy: $5 x2

Adobe Lightroom – $13 x2

E-mail – $5  x2


Total Expenses: $146


P.S. Taxes haven’t been reduced yet, and neither have PayPayl fees nor currency exchange rate fees (I live in the UK!).


Previous Income Reports

June – $3,269

July – $2,901

August – $3,323

September – $3,434

October – $4,284

All Income Reports


Product Focus: Bluehost


I also switched from recommending HostGator to recommending Bluehost this month. The reason is simple: Bluehost is more intuitive and suitable for beginners, and it’s more widely used among website owners.

In fact, Bluehost the #1 recommended web hosting by, and it is the most beginner friendly hosting platform out there. It powers over 2 million websites worldwide, and every account features 1-click WordPress installation (which makes it super easy for newbies!)

Bluehost is a hosting site which is very affordable and a must have if you’re thinking of starting a blog or you already have a blog and need to be self hosted. It’s only $2.95 / mo through my special link to have your own blog up and running and self hosted.

So, if you’re not technical, that isn’t a problem! In addition to that, Bluehost has staff available 24/7 to help you out with any problems that you have with your website.

This means that it’s much easier to set up your blog using Bluehost than other hosting providers! These guys are the go-to if you’re a new blogger and I can’t recommend them enough if you’re thinking about starting a blog.

You can easily monetise your blog when you’re with Bluehost as they offer cheap web hosting for all blogging niches.


Millenial Presets


Millenial Presets are my own presets that I created to take my Instagram images to the next level. With my presets, I’ve been able to increase my engagement and create a more cohesive Instagram feed. Millenial Presets are perfect for you if you’re looking to start focusing more on your Instagram image, attract brand deals and start growing your profile quicker.



My Engagement Before & After



I noticed an increase in engagement when I switched to editing my images with Millenial Presetsand although I’ve heard similar stories from other people, I can’t guarantee that this will always be the case. All of my images on my Instagram page are edited with these presets, so if you are curious to see more, either click over to my Instagram page or read more about the presets here.


What Worked In November & December


Signing Up To WeWork Offices

In my previous income report, I mentioned that I was going a bit coo-coo working from home. I felt like I was becoming a giant slob and I could just feel the motivation draining out of my body.

In retrospect, I find it so funny that I could even think that working from home was an option for me: as a student, I never studied at home. I just couldn’t. I needed to be around people, even if I didn’t talk to them all day.

So, it seems funny to me now that it has taken me this long to rent out office space. In my mind, I couldn’t justify spending any money on an office when I already had a home office, but here we are. My mindset has now changed: I’d rather pay a little extra to keep myself motivated and my mental health in check.

So, I signed up to WeWork! WeWork is wayyyyy more expensive than I would’ve thought: it’s starts from about $700 per month for a dedicated desk, and the office I signed up to don’t even do barista coffee (lol).

My office is in a great location though – bang on in the middle of The City of London, which is the equivalent to Wall Street in Manhattan (just more central). I went to see a couple of offices but this one was the best value for the price.

And if I want to switch to a WeWork that offers barista coffee in the future, I can do that pretty easily.

Now that I need to start paying an extra $700 a month, I seriously think that it will put me in the right mindset to make even more money with blogging and my business. Now, even though I’m writing about this news in November & December’s income report, I’m actually moving in the offices only on February 1st.  So, you won’t see the office expense listed in the income reports for a couple of months.


If you’re interested in finding out more information, check out WeWork’s home page here


What Didn’t Work


Changes In Amazon Affiliate Earnings

My Amazon affiliate earnings tanked and initially, I wasn’t sure why. I was earning $1300 a couple of months ago with the same traffic, and in November, I earned a mere $766 from Amazon US.

I hadn’t changed anything on my website so I was puzzled as to what could have caused it. Now, I think I know the answer, but it will take some time for me to fix it. I was using a third party provider called Azon to make my Amazon links international – meaning that I wanted people from Germany to end up on the German Amazon site instead of the US site, and so on.

Well, it turns out that Azon is no longer in existence. So, I need to go back and update all my posts that have Azon links on them to proper Amazon links. That is going to take some time, but hopefully I will see my affiliate earnings rise from it. I’ll report back in the next few income reports if something changes.

So, if you’ve noticed that there’s been a drop in your affiliate earnings too, maybe something like this is an issue for you too. Check the links on your top20 posts to see if everything works properly!


Next Steps


SO. This section may as well serve as my New Year’s Resolutions, because I’ve added so much on my to do list! I’m not sure if it’s the effect of finally getting an office or just because it’s new year, but I’m feeling super motivated and ready to kick some butt.

I’ve set myself a goal of earning £100k/$100k  this year, which is an incredibly scary goal, mostly because I don’t earn anywhere near it right now. I know that in order to do this, I need to start approaching my blog very differently.


More Helpful Content

First and foremost, I will of course continue to write about fashion related topics, but I’m also planning to add a LOT of content that is aimed at bloggers directly.

I’ve already gained some level of success with my blog, so I want to focus on providing value other aspiring fashion bloggers too. I’ll keep documenting what works and what doesn’t, and keep you updated with everything that happens!


E-Mail Newsletter

After about 6 months of trying to get started with an email newsletter, I’m finally there! If you ask any blogger who makes over 6 figures a year, they’ll tell you that the money is in the list. The e-mail list, that is.

So, 2019 will be the year that I grow my email list. I’m not sure exactly what number to shoot for yet, but I’m excited to start learning about e-mail marketing.

I’m planning on writing one newsletter per week and adding a ton of value in them. If you want to be a part of the journey and connect with me more, please subscribe to the email list on my homepage! 🙂


More Products

I’ve been enjoying creating my own products, and it seems like you guys have enjoyed them too! This year, I want to create at least one course, and focus on marketing my products more than what I have now.

This includes making videos about the products, writing more articles related to them, and perhaps even experimenting with Facebook ads and Instagram ads.


Start A Successful Blog Today


Are you ready to start a blog? Sign up to my 5 Day FREE eCourse where I teach you the exact steps that you need to take to launch a successful and profitable blog!

You can also get a cheeky deal from BlueHost if you sign up through my affiliate link (from just $2.95 per month!) but hey, it’s fine if you don’t – we’re cool.


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