Mom Jeans Vs Boyfriend Jeans: What’s The Difference?

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What’s the difference between mom jeans vs boyfriend jeans? If you’re not sure, don’t worry — we’ll explain.

Denim trends come and go, and now we’re in the era of comfortable jeans — long gone are the days when skinny jeans were the best-selling pairs. If you haven’t observed yet, baggier jeans styles are trending, and they’re here to stay. Girlfriend jeans, straight-leg jeans… you name it.

However, with so many jean types available on the market, it may be difficult to differentiate between them. So, what exactly is the difference between mom jeans vs boyfriend jeans?

What are boyfriend jeans?

Boyfriend jeans are perhaps one of the most versatile jeans in the industry today, and could be described as the complete opposite of the skinny jeans. Boyfriend jeans are a type of jeans that is comfortable and casual with a loose fit. They come in different lengths and styles so you can create your own unique pair.

Boyfriend jeans are typically slightly loose with a baggy fit and a straight-leg style, which means that they are not fitted at all. Interestingly, these jeans were made popular by movie superstar Marilyn Monroe in her movie The Misfits.

The original boyfriend jean style sits lower on the hips than other styles (along the natural waist, just below the belly button), but many fashion retailers and denim brands have made “hybrid” boyfriend styles — you still get the looser fit, but instead of a lower waist, you get the option to purchase a high-waisted pair instead. This modern version of the bf jean is absolutely perfect when worn with a fitted top or a cropped top!

What are mom jeans?

Mom jeans are typically used to refer to straight leg jeans that have a slightly baggier fit around the waist, making them perfect for new and old moms alike, who might have looser skin around the stomach.

These jeans have been around since the early 80s, when they first started becoming popular among moms and middle-aged women (hence, the term) thanks to their ultra-comfortable fit.

Mom jeans have become very popular in recent years, embraced by celebrities and style icons like Jennifer Aniston and Victoria Beckham, but also by younger women in particular. However, this mainstream popularity of mom jeans is pretty recent – since these loose and comfortable jeans were mostly worn by mothers when they first arrived on the scene, in principle, it made them instantly “uncool.”

Well, fret not – these jeans are all the rage right now, and we’re glad that they have made a comeback. The key thing that we love about mom jeans is that they make your butt look good while still being comfortable enough to wear all day.

Now that we’ve covered the general characteristics of both jeans, let’s talk about how they’re different.

How Mom Jeans vs Boyfriend Jeans Are Different

Mom Jeans VS Boyfriend Jeans: Mom jeans from Pink Lily
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Mom Jeans VS Boyfriend Jeans: Boyfriend jeans from American Eagle Outfitters
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To the untrained eye, these two jeans look the same. However, as you might have guessed, the main difference between mom jeans and boyfriend jeans is the fit. Mom jeans, as their name implies, are created to fit a woman’s shape. They’re designed to be a slimmer fit in the thighs and waist area so that they can sit better on a woman’s body.

Mom jeans fit closer to the body, but not too tight—they’re most often cut in a slim straight silhouette or with a slightly tapered leg towards the ankle, as you can see on the mom jeans we’ve featured above from Pink Lily.

Boyfriend jeans are looser and more relaxed than their mom counterparts, with a straight leg fit that often comes with a slightly flared bottom. They’re typically meant to be worn all the way, but they can also be cuffed, which looks especially good if you’re styling them with sneakers or ankle boots.

Due to this difference in fit, you may find that boyfriend jeans are more comfortable than mom jeans. However, style-wise, both are equally trendy, so if you’re looking to purchase one or the other, it comes down to your personal style as to which one you go for.

Although both types of denim have strong associations with comfort and casualness respectively, they have also evolved to include more sophisticated iterations that can be styled with a tailored blazer for a more business casual look.

How they’re similar

Both mom jeans and boyfriend jeans have a relaxed fit that makes them roomy, comfortable, and easy to move around in. They’re also typically made from denim.

Both styles can be paired with heels or flats depending on your preference for style. Although both types of jeans are casual everyday styles, mom jeans can easily be worn for dressier occasions if you pair them with heels and a blouse or sweater.

Best Body Types For Both Jeans

As we’ve already mentioned, a pair of boyfriend jeans or mom jeans can look good on any body type, but there are certainly some bodies that will rock the trend better.

1. Best Body type for boyfriend jeans
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As boyfriend jeans have a wider crotch area and are generally a more baggy style of jeans, they look incredible on people with an inverted triangle shape, a straight body shape, or a rectangular body shape.

That is to say, if you have wider shoulders than your hips or you generally don’t have a lot of curves, boyfriend jeans will bring balance to your frame.

Conversely, if you have thick thighs, wider hips, or carry weight on your stomach, boyfriend jeans will be trickier to pull off.

2. Best Body Types For Mom Jeans

As mom jeans are more figure-hugging, they look great on a lot of body types. With this said, the body shapes that suit mom jeans the most are the hourglass shape, pear shape , apple shape and skinny shape, making mom jeans great for both thin and curvy women alike.

Styling Tips: Our favorite Outfit Ideas

Mom jeans and boyfriend jeans are great for a casual look, but you can also dress them up. In fact, with the right outfit, you can wear mom jeans to work and still look sharp. Here are some of our favorite ways to style these jeans:

1. Casual

Casual style: This is the easiest way to wear your favorite pair of mom and boyfriend jeans. Simply pair them with a top or tee that’s loose and relaxed (think boyfriend shirts). You can also wear chunky trainers with this look if you want something more casual or ankle boots for something a little bit dressier.

A casual look with denim is very much a relaxed vibe, and it’s the easiest way to pull off these pants. If you want to keep things simple, go for a white t-shirt and some sneakers or sandals. You can also incorporate other pieces in the outfit like sweaters, blazers or cardigans.

If you want a look that is even more casual, then try wearing them with graphic tees as well as button-down shirts or even a blazer!

2. Office Appropriate

Mom and boyfriend jeans aren’t just for casual outfits! If you want a semi-formal look that’s great for the office, go for simple pieces like vests or blazers and add in some jewelry like necklaces or bracelets that match your outfit’s color scheme—it’ll make your whole outfit feel more put-together without being too dressed up.

When it comes to dressing up your jeans for the office or other business casual events, just make sure that you’re not wearing distressed jeans. Unless your office is super relaxed, it’s better to leave ripped jeans for more casual outings.

3. Ready For Drinks

Dressy jeans can be worn to work, but they can also be worn to a party or to dinner with some friends. That’s what makes them so versatile! This style is a perfect choice if you want to look more polished and put together.

For a dressy look, you can pair your comfortable jeans with off-shoulder tops or feminine blouses in any style. Complete the look with either a pair of sleek high heels, sandals, espadrilles, or wedge heels.


We hope this article has helped you gain a better understanding of what mom jeans vs boyfriend jeans are, how they differ, and which one is right for your personal style. As always, remember that there are no hard rules when it comes to fashion choices. You should always wear whatever makes you feel good!

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