Matte Vs Satin Lipsticks: Which One Is Best For You?

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Are you wondering what the difference between matte vs satin lipsticks is? If so, you’ve come to the right place!

Next to choosing the correct shade of foundation, picking the right shade of lipstick is the second most important thing. From a plethora of lipstick colors that are available today, as ingredients and finish, how do you find the correct type of lipstick that suits you best? This article is going to help you answer exactly that!

Every girl has their personal lipstick preference depending on their mood, the occasion, the shape of their lips and the lipstick’s texture. 

But when picking between the most favored lipstick finishes, matte and satin come out on top. Before we discuss things further, let’s first find out what the difference between matte vs satin lipstick finishes is.

What are matte Lipsticks?

By definition, matte refers to a color or surface that is without shine. Mattes are one of the most popular finishes in lipsticks because they have longer wear time which means they can last for hours without touch-ups.

When you think of popular matte lipsticks, liquid lipsticks and high coverage lipsticks come to mind. These types of lipstick have an intense color payoff, so if you want a lipstick that comes with a bold color statement, then you should look into trying out lipsticks with matte texture.

However, matte lipsticks are more drying, so if you suffer from dry lips, it’s best that you opt for a satin finish lipstick or a cream lipstick instead.

What are satin Lipstick?

At its core, a satin lipstick is a combination of matte and cream lipsticks. It contains the glossy and shiny properties of cream lipstick while still providing that vibrant pop of color that matte lip products usually have.

Some women prefer using lipstick with satin finishes because it’s easier and hassle-free to apply, not to mention a lot more nourishing on the lips.

Best Shades of matte Vs Satin Lipsticks

Now, on to the fun part. If you’re having trouble finding the best shade of matte or satin lipstick for you, we gathered some of the top lipstick choices based on your undertone.

…For Cool Undertones

People who have cool undertones have red, pink, and bluish hues on their skin. One quick way to determine if you have a cool undertone is to look at the veins on your wrist. If they appear blue and if you tend to get sunburnt faster than getting a tan, then you have a cool undertone. 

To give you an idea, think of celebrities like Nicole Kidman, Emma Stone, and Kate Winslet. If you have similar skin color as them, then you’re likely in the same category. 

Those who have a cool undertone are best suited with lipsticks that have blue or purple undertones. A rosy pink or a taupe beige lip color would be a great choice and also works well if you’re looking for something nude. Take a look at our picks for matte and satin finishes. 

Rouge Dior Matte Lipstick in Bonheur Velvet
Rouge Dior Matte Lipstick  in Bonheur Velvet
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YSL Rogue Pur Satin in Rosewood Supreme
Best matte vs satin lipstick: YSL Rogue Pur Satin in Rosewood Supreme
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Anastasia Beverly Hills Satin Velvet in Haze
Best matte vs satin lipstick: Anastasia Beverly Hills Satin Velvet in Haze
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… For Warm UndertoneS

Those who have yellow, golden or olive hue on their skin fall under those who have warm undertones. If the veins on your arms appear green and you get a tan easily, then you’re considered warm. Think of celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Beyoncé, and Jessica Alba. 

People who have warm undertones need a lipstick shade that is also warm. Brick reds, terracotta browns or orangey red are top choices. If you want to use a nude lip color, then opt for something that has brownish tints. To all the ladies that fall under this category, here are our top choices for satin and matte finish lipsticks.

Nars Matte Lipstick in Inappropriate Red
Nars Matte Lipstick in Inappropriate Red
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Armani Beauty Satin Lipstick in Majestic
Armani Beauty Satin Lipstick in Majestic
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Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in Dashing
Best matte vs satin lipstick: Tom Ford Lip Color Matte in Dashing
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… For Neutral Undertones

People who have a mix of cool and warm are considered neutral. Almost all shades work for you if you have this type of undertone. To give you a better example, look at celebrities like Julia Roberts, and Jennifer Aniston. 

Lucky for you, there’s a spectrum of colors that work well for your skin tone. You can try pink lipsticks if you have more of a cool hue, a mauvey lipstick if you’re warmer, and berry-colored lipsticks if you have a deep tone. Here are some of our favorite matte and satin shades perfect for those that have neutral undertones. 

Rogue Dior Refillable Matte in 999-Velvet
Matte vs satin lipstick: Rogue Dior Refillable Matte in 999-Velvet
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Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Satin in Boy Gorgeous
Marc Jacobs Beauty Le Marc Satin in Boy Gorgeous
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Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Pillow Talk
Best matte vs satin lipstick: Charlotte Tilbury Matte Revolution in Pillow Talk
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What to Consider Before Choosing Your Lipstick Finish

1. Lip Dryness

If you have dry lips, then matte lipsticks are not your best friend. Lipsticks with a matte formula can be unforgiving to your lip’s texture. Apart from that, some matte lipsticks can be too drying.

This is the reason why you need to exfoliate and hydrate your lips with a lip balm before putting on lipstick with a matte finish. 

Meanwhile, satin lipsticks are more flexible and work well on any lip. Because of their creamy and sheer texture, you can get away with a satin lipstick even if you experience some dryness on your lips. Because it provides some moisture on your lips, it makes fine lines less noticeable. 

Finally, if you have very dry lips, we recommend that you opt for creamy lipsticks or glossy lipsticks instead – these lipsticks usually double up as lip balm. Alternatievly, you can also use a lip stains and combine them with moisturizing lip glosses.

2. Time

Are you the type of person who is always on the go? Then satin lipsticks are a great choice to have in your makeup kit. Because satin lipsticks have somewhat sheer coverage, you can easily just apply it and go, unlike mattes that require precision. 

With mattes, you may need a little more time and focus because a slight mistake would be noticeable. This is why makeup artists often suggest that you outline your lips first with a lip pencil or lip liner similar to the shade of your matte lipstick to prevent the color from slipping off. 

3. Occassion

If you’re going to a party and you want to stand out, then go for a bold lipstick color with a matte finish. A perfectly applied matte lipstick in the right shade will give you that wow factor. In fact, if you’re wearing a bold matte lippie, you can keep the rest of your makeup minimal. 

For an everyday pop of color to your lips, that’s easy to use and convenient, you’ll most likely love using satin lipsticks. Just swipe the color across your lips, rub and blur the edges a little and you’re good to go!

4. Makeup Style

Makeup is used to highlight your best features and accentuate your assets. And for this reason, professional makeup artists suggest that you should choose one part of your face to highlight when applying makeup. If you use different colors and textures, your face might end up looking too overpowering.

So, if you want your lips to pop, it’s best to use matte lippies and keep the rest of your makeup minimal. If you want to do smokey eyes, then you can choose a satin lipstick in the shade of nude or mauve. 

So that a wrap! We hope you enjoyed this article and helped you in better understanding matte vs satin lipsticks. If you want to see more beauty-related posts, check out our articles below.

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