10 Luxury Engagement Ring Brands For Every Kind Of Bride

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Choosing the perfect engagement ring is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. For many people, it’s also a costly decision that requires careful consideration and planning. To help guide you in your journey to finding the perfect ring, we’ve put together this list of some of the best luxury engagement ring brands that you should consider at this time.

The luxury engagement ring market has never been more saturated than it is today. With so many different brands to choose from, how can you be sure that you are getting the best engagement ring for your future wife?  Below, we’ll go over what to look for in a ring, if the brands are even worth buying into, and much more.

Are Luxury Engagement Rings Worth It?

Luxury engagement ring

When you invest in a designer ring, you are investing in high quality. Luxury engagement ring brands tend to use the most innovative and cutting-edge technologies when creating their products. These include better diamonds, rare metals, more expensive gemstones, as well as rings with a classic look.
With this said, we are going to offer a rather controversial opinion: luxury engagement rings might not be worth it for you. Let us explain.

1. Price Concerns

If a luxury brand produces a ring, it’s been reported that they can mark up the price anywhere from 250% to 330% when compared to a similar diamond ring from a no-name brand. So, you will usually get a better deal if you go to your local jewelry quartal, or buy a diamond online from a brand that is recognized for its quality but doesn’t belong to one of the big houses.

Also, another thing you may want to consider is that contrary to popular belief, engagement rings are not solid investments and will not increase in price over time.
Sure, they’ll retain some value, but if you think about it, who is going to buy a secondhand engagement ring? Not a lot of people. The secondhand market is mostly dominated by the big guys in the diamond industry, who can buy back the gemstones at a discounted price.

2. The Arguments For Lab-Grown Diamonds

Nowadays, lab-grown diamonds are as good, if not better than natural diamonds. Structurally speaking, lab-grown diamonds are exactly the same as natural diamonds – there is no difference to the naked eye. However, under the microscope, a trained professional may be able to spot minor differences, which are may include details like inclusions and the absence of nitrogen.
The obvious main difference between the two is that lab-grown diamonds are made in a lab environment, using a lot of pressure to simulate the natural process. In the earth, it would take diamonds approximately s 1-3 billion years to form, but in a lab, it takes only 6-10 weeks.

Lab-grown diamonds are also much more sustainable and use fewer resources to make. Plus, there are fewer or perhaps even no ethical concerns when it comes to sourcing them, depending on the brand.

There is a reason why people refer to naturally mined diamonds as “blood diamonds” – they have even caused civil wars. You can rest assured that lab-grown diamonds have no part in the exploitative practices of mined diamonds.

The good thing is that nowadays, many luxury engagement ring brands also offer lab-created diamonds, and they’re usually cheaper than naturally sourced ones! (In case you are wondering, this is a marketing trick to keep the prices of diamonds inflated, allegedly, of course.)

The Best Online Retailers For Lab-Grown Diamonds

In our opinion, these 6 websites offer the best selection of customizable lab-grown diamond engagement rings in the industry. Plus, all rings can be purchased online, completely customized, and come with guarantees.

  1. Blue Nile
  2. James Allen (editor’s note: my engagement ring is from here!)
  3. Clean Origin
  4. VRAI
  5. Ritani
  6. Brilliant Earth

All of them offer options in the most popular diamond cuts and metals, including white gold, yellow gold, rose gold, sterling silver, and platinum band rings. You’ll be able to choose between classic styles, vintage designs or getting a custom design that is more unique and tailored to your preference.

In addition to these websites, some luxury brands listed below like De Beers also have a collection of lab-grown diamond rings.

With all this said, you can see where our opinion lies about luxury engagement rings. Still, there are definitely women who prefer engagement rings from luxury brands, and to them, a higher price point might actually be a good thing.
So, it’s all down to you: how well do you know your partner? Would she prefer a branded ring with a natural diamond, or is she more conscious about human rights and her carbon footprint?

With this said, let’s jump straight into the best and most well-known luxury engagement ring brands! 

Top 10 Luxury Engagement Ring Brands

1. De Beers

Best Luxury Engagement Ring Brands: De Beers

Check more information about this ring on Nordstrom

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If you are familiar with the diamond business, finding De Beers at the top of this list is no surprise. De Beers controls about 40% of the total global diamond market and is even behind the whole concept of an engagement ring.

That’s right, in 1947 with the help of an advertising campaign, De Beers started advertising diamonds as the perfect symbol of love, and the rest is history. Although the tradition of wearing a wedding or engagement ring existed long before DeBeers did, their triumphant marketing campaign is what made diamond engagement rings an enduring pre-wedding custom. 

Nowadays, De Beers is best known for having a lot of variety when it comes to engagement rings. They offer both affordable options as well engagement ring designs at stratospheric prices. You can rest assured that if you choose a De Beers ring, you are getting one of the best engagement rings on the market.


2. Tiffany & Co.

Best Luxury Engagement Ring Brands: Tiffany & Co

Get the ring at Fashionphile

Tiffany & Co. is one of the luxury engagement ring brands that you simply cannot afford to miss out on. 

This luxury brand covers just about every price range possible so whether you are looking for an affordable luxury option or something more pricey, Tiffany & Co. has what you need.

They are possibly best known for their patented Tiffany Setting, which is where the diamond sits quite high on the ring, which according to Tiffany & Co, “lifts the diamond above the band and into the light, maximizing the stone’s brilliance.” 

Thanks to the unique, patented Tiffany Setting, we’d actually argue that a Tiffany ring is one of the few that you can definitely recognize without seeing a label on the ring. Some women absolutely love this look, whereas others find it too obtrusive, especially if they have petite hands.

Of course, Tiffany & Co also has some of the most luxurious diamond rings available today (including internally flawless diamonds and classic solitaire diamonds) and different cuts as well. 

3. Harry Winston

Best Luxury Engagement Ring Brands: Harry Winston

Check the ring at Fashionphile

Harry Winston is known for being one of the most exclusive jewelers on earth, with many celebrities wearing the brand’s pieces proudly. Big names such as Natalie Portman, Jlo, Amal Clooney and others have all been seen wearing Harry Winston jewelry, adding to the long list of celebrities who came before them.

In 1947, Cosmopolitan magazine even named him the king of diamonds to honor his beautiful designs, which have all carried on till this day.

If you’re looking to give your lady the best of the best, you should definitely take her to a Harry Winston boutique to have a browse of the rings they have on display.


4. Graff

Graff luxury engagement rings are known for their unique design and beautiful diamonds set in exquisite gold or platinum.

Displaying perfect proportions and remarkable scintillation, their Promise engagement ring is just one of their rings with platinum features, and tapered baguette-cut side stones that guide the eye to a magnificent marquise-cut diamond.

Graff also offers beautiful bridal jewelry from their designer collections, so you can wear gorgeous pieces on your wedding day.

5. Van Cleef And Arpels

Van Cleef And Arpels for best luxury engagement ring brands

Get this ring at Fashionphile

Van Cleef And Arpels’ luxury engagement rings boast some of the best diamond settings in the industry along with their timeless designs, which are made to hold your precious stones securely and prevent them from falling out when worn.

One of Van Cleef’s most recognizable designs is their Alhambra line, which resembles includes a motif that resembles a clover. So, it’s no surprise that a similar, flower-inspired unique style can be seen in some of their engagement rings, such as the Florette ring featured above.

6. Chopard


Chopard’s unique engagement rings are handmade to perfection using only the best materials and the highest quality diamonds. They have special polishing techniques that allow them to create modern designs for their luxury engagement rings, making them perfect for today’s fashion trends!

Although Chopard is known mostly for its diamond jewelry pieces, they also make luxury engagement rings too, all made with a high standard. They also offer matching wedding bands as well as other types of accessories like earrings or necklaces so you can get an entire set if you want!

7. Piaget

In the world of luxury jewelry, it is impossible to ignore the name Piaget. The Swiss company has been a household name in fashion and jewelry circles for over a century.

The brand takes pride in its heritage and pays attention to every single detail of its jewels, from hand engraving its pieces to each stone’s cut and placement. The skill of Piaget’s artisans sets the brand apart from other jewelers with similar offerings. A lot of their pieces feature gemstones like emeralds or rubies as well as diamonds. 

If you are after an extraordinary engagement ring that stands out from the rest, Piaget may be the right brand for you.

8. Cartier

Cartier engagement ring

Get the ring at Fashionphile

Cartier’s beautiful engagement rings come at a variety of different price points to suit all types of buyers, but it should be noted that as far as we know, Cartier only uses natural diamonds when creating their diamond jewelry. 

Although there aren’t as many options for Cartier’s luxury engagement rings compared to other names on this list, we would definitely recommend them if quality and authenticity are what you are looking for. Plus – they are a royal brand, so expect your lady to feel like an absolute queen when wearing their fine jewelry.

9. Verragio

Luxury brand Verragio engagement ring

Check the ring at James Allen

While not as big of a brand as the 8 aforementioned ones, Verragio definitely deserves a spot on the list.

Verragio is a designer of diamond engagement rings and wedding rings crafted with utmost attention to detail and quality in New York City. Their rings are simply gorgeous and are designed to last a lifetime, making this a perfect ring to propose to your lady.

10. Jeff Cooper

Luxury engagement ring from Jeff Cooper

Check this ring at James Allen

Jeff Cooper has a strict quality control policy to make sure every piece of jewelry they sell lives up to the highest standards possible.

The Therese Engagement Ring featured above is a traditional pavé-set diamond ring made with Jeff Cooper’s brand values: intensity and passion. The pavé diamonds are beautiful, yet don’t command too much attention: The eye is definitely more drawn to the center stone.

This is a beautiful option for traditional brides looking for more sparkle than what solitaire rings provide.

Commonly Asked Questions

What is the best diamond cut? Round brilliant cut is the most popular diamond shape in luxury engagement rings for a reason. This type of stone looks beautiful no matter which way you turn it and reflects more sparkles than any other diamond cut.

How much does an average luxury engagement ring cost? Price points vary depending on the designer brands, but you can expect to pay anywhere from $2,500-$100,000+ for one engagement ring from a luxury brand! Much of the price is tied to the four c’s: the carat, clarity, cut and color of the diamond.


As we mentioned above, we would highly recommend thinking about getting a lab-grown diamond ring for your lady, as they come in all of the same designs as traditional rings, and you can’t tell the difference.

However, ultimately the choice is yours. Opting to buy from one of these 10 luxury engagement ring brands will, of course, be a great idea, and we’re sure your partner will love whichever one you choose. At the end of the day, what matters more is the design of the ring and diamond, rather than the brand that you buy from.

We hope you found our analysis of the best luxury engagement ring brands useful! Did we miss top engagement ring designers? If so, let us know in the comments below, and happy engagement ring shopping!

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