The Best Loewe Bag Dupes & Look Alikes To Get Now

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It’s time for another proper designer handbag dupe post! This week we’re covering Loewe bag dupes, and more precisely the Loewe Puzzle bag dupe. I’m sure that you have seen these around – if you haven’t seen these in stores, you would’ve definitely spotted a couple of fashion bloggers like Emma Hill from EJ Style and Desi & Nisi from Teetharejade.

Although Loewe is not as glamorously famous as many other ‘trendy’ luxury brands like Gucci and Dior at the moment, the prices of these bags are far from cheap. The smallest size of the puzzle bag costs a whopping $2150, which is actually more than Gucci’s trendy GG Marmont bag. (The cheapest GG Marmont bag retails for $1290.)

The brand has been around for quite some time – it was originally founded in 1846 in Madrid, and is currently owned by the prestigious LVMH group. However, the brand really only started to gather attention during 2013, when the creative duties were taken over by Jonathan Anderson, which is also when the famous Puzzle bag was created.

The main selling point about Loewe’s craftsmanship is the brand’s dedication for impeccable quality: only the highest quality of leather is used in designs. And what’s perhaps even more interesting to note is the brand’s devotion to gender neutral designs – the bags can be worn by both sexes without being overly masculine or feminine in nature.

So, with that little introduction behind, let’s have a look at few of the best Loewe dupes out on the market right now!


The Best Loewe Puzzle Bag Dupes


white loewe puzzle bagwhite loewe puzzle bag dupe

Loewe, $2150 / Loewe puzzle bag dupe, HERE (US), HERE (UK)


tan loewe puzzle bagtan loewe puzzle bag dupe

Loewe, $2150 / Loewe puzzle bag dupe, HERE (US), HERE (UK)


nude loewe puzzle bagnude loewe puzzle bag dupe

Loewe, $2150 / Loewe puzzle bag dupe, HERE (US), HERE (UK)


black loewe puzzle bagblack loewe puzzle bag dupe

Loewe, $2150 / Loewe puzzle bag dupe, HERE (US), HERE (UK)


blue loewe puzzle bagblue loewe puzzle bag dupe

Loewe, $2150 / Loewe Puzzle bag dupe, HERE (US), HERE (UK)


Loewe Barcelona Dupes


Loewe, $1850, HERE / Loewe Barcelona Dupe, HERE (US) and HERE (UK)


Loewe, $1850, HERE / Loewe Barcelona Dupe, HERE (US) and HERE (UK)



Loewe, $1850 / Loewe Barcelona Dupe, HERE (US) 



More Loewe Barcelona Dupe, HERE (US) and HERE (UK)


Other Loewe Bag Dupes


black loewe elephant bagblack loewe elephant bag dupe

Loewe, $1190 / Loewe Elephant Bag Dupe, HERE (US)


grey loewe elephant baggrey loewe elephant bag dupe

Loewe, $1190 / Loewe Elephant Bag Dupe, HERE (US)


As you can see, the best Loewe dupes I found are definitely the Puzzle bag and Barcelona bag dupes, and they aren’t even that expensive, considering the fact that they are made mostly of cowhide leather!

I know that Loewe has some other popular designs, such as the Hammock bag, but unfortunately I couldn’t find that many dupes of that design – let me know if you want me to have a look for these or not, and I can see what I can do!

Otherwise, I’m quite happy with the designs that were available of Loewe dupes – I’ve linked to three different brands that offer the Elephant and Puzzle bag dupes, and there’s something for every price point (starting from $22!).

Moreover, as you can see these bags are essentially identical dupes. Loewe bags aren’t trademark protected, and there isn’t a large visible logo on the bags either (except for the small ‘stamp print’ on the top of the flap), so no one will know if you’re wearing the real deal or not, unless they have a very good eye for spotting dupes.


Are The Loewe Puzzle Bag Dupes Made Of Real Leather?


Yes and No. The Puzzle bags made by FairyBridal are made from genuine cowhide leather, but the bag by Beatfull is made from PU leather, which essentially means plastic. The Elephant bag dupe is also made from PU leather (plastic/rubber).

I always recommend buying bags made from genuine leather, because they mimic the authentic look of real designer bags. Real leather looks and feels more expensive than rubber fabrics, so if this is a concern for you, definitely opt for a leather bag.

Another con of buying PU leather designer dupes is that the smell of rubber is often very overpowering, and can turn you off from actually wearing the bag. I know this has happened to me before.


Are There Any Vegan Options Of The Puzzle Bag Dupe?


Yes, PU (polyurethane) leather  is typically vegan friendly. However, PU leather can refer to TWO types of different ‘leather’: 1) Pure PU leather with no animal products and 2) Animal skin (hide) that is bonded to polyurethane.

If you are concerned about the cruelty-free/vegan status of a brand, it’s best to contact the brand directly before making a purchase. Better safe than sorry!


So, there you have it – the best Loewe bag dupes that are on the market right now! I hope you found this post helpful, and are happy with the dupes that I found (I sure am!). Let me know in the comments what dupes you would like to see next, and I’ll do my best to get a post of them out as soon as possible.


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