The Difference Between Legal Dupes And Fake Designer Goods

by Jun 16, 2018

The dupes that I feature on my website are 100% legal. I do not feature fake goods, fake imitations of designer products, or other products that infringe intellectual property law.

There is a difference between dupes and fake designer goods: dupes do not have any branding nor any logos, and they do not try to portray themselves as the authentic designer. Although dupes may be very similar in style to  their luxury counterparts, they will never feature any trademarked property that breaks the law.

Moreover, I would personally never buy a fake product because I would simply be too embarrassed to wear it, and I would think that everyone would know that I’m carrying a fake (which they most certainly would). It would also hugely bring down the value of the real luxury goods that I own (like my YSL baby), as I believe that my audience would start questioning the validity of all my purchases.

This is why I’m very open about dupes and always let my audience know if I’m wearing a dupe: I want to be a 100% transparent with you. I would also never knowingly advertise a product on my website that is breaking copyright laws.


But Why Buy A Dupe When You Can Buy The Real Thing?


If you can afford to shop only designer, go for it! However, as many of you know, luxury goods are a little out-priced for the majority of people. Dupes are a great way to introduce a luxury look into your wardrobe, and I personally think that it’s a great way to test out whether or not you really love the design of a bag/pair of shoes as much as you thought you did.

For example, in my opinion it’s much better to buy a $30 dupe bag, wear it for a while and then decide if you love the bag enough to splurge $2000 on it. Imagine if you spent $2000 to begin with and ended up not loving the bag – what a waste of money!

Another point that I wanted to make that unless you follow high fashion with passion, chances are that you might have accidentally bought designer dupes in your past without knowing it. Ever since I started my blog, it really opened my eyes to how much copying is taking place on the high street – legally! If you pop into Forever21, H&M, ASOS, Topshop, Primark or any other fast fashion retailer, you are bound to find at least some designer dupes.

I was dumbfounded on my last visit to Oxford Street – I saw dupes of Gucci, Chloe, Valentino and Cult Gaia just during a single trip! The reality is that a lot of fast fashion retailers take inspiration from runways, so naturally the same designer trends end up on the high street.

Without the luxury market, the fashion industry would have no source of inspiration to pass trends down to middle-income consumers. So there will always be dupes, but the luxury designers will always have a home in the fashion industry as trendsetters.

In the meantime, if you can’t afford the real thing, don’t be fake: get a dupe – you know you want it.


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