6 Unique Layered Doormat And Rug Ideas For Your Front Porch

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If you’re looking for fun layered doormat ideas with rugs that are affordable at the same time, you’re in the right place! 

The doormat and rug layering trend has been around for a while, and it’s such a fun addition to any home from small apartments to Texan mansions.

While you can incorporate this trend into your home at any time, I recommend changing your mats around spring or summertime to preserve the mats in the best condition possible. Of course, if you want to have this trend in your home for the whole year, you can do that too – outdoor rugs are made to withstand all weather conditions, so they’ll survive just fine. 

Below, I’ve featured my personal favorite layered doormat ideas with matching rugs, which will hopefully help you choose one too! The rugs vary in size – some are just a little bigger than the doormats, while others are huge compared to the doormats – just make sure to check the sizing before purchasing if this is an issue for you. Personally, I like both looks!


Affordable Layered Doormat And Rug Ideas Under $40


The best affordable layered doormat and rug ideas


Get the items here:
  1. Rug: Here | Mat: Here
  2. Rug: Here | Mat: Here
  3. Rug: Here | Mat: Here 
  4. Rug: Here | Mat: Here 
  5. Rug: Here | Mat: Here
  6. Rug: Here | Mat: Here


There are also SO many other ways that you can layer doormats and rugs. Just get creative! Good places to look for the best affordable doormats and rugs include Target, Walmart and Etsy. On Etsy, there are so many independent small businesses that you can easily get a very unique doormat.

Also, if you like customized items, you can create your own custom doormats like the one below!Custom doormat

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