There seems to be a major trend going around in the fashion blogger industry – every single girl is getting laser hair removal. And, you’re looking at the latest culprit! I decided to go ahead and try out laser hair removal for the second time in my life at Pulse Light Clinic as the summer is approaching, I’m leaving for travels, and it would be nice to be hairless on the beach with zero effort. I have just started my journey and I’m excited to start documenting the results to you during the course of 5 months or so.

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‘But wait, what do you mean for the second time?I hear you ask. Well, 4-5 years ago I underwent 2-4 laser hair removal sessions in my underarm and bikini region, but as I didn’t really notice a difference, I stopped going. Laser hair removal promises complete eradication of hair in about 10 treatments, so now I know I quit too soon. After being very kindly contacted by Pulse Light Clinic, I decided to give the treatment another chance and see if it would destroy my underarm hairs for good this time. I’ll show you the final results once my for treatments have finished, but for now I thought I would share some information for those of you who might be looking to undergo a laser hair removal treatment.

pulse light clinic review, laser hair removal london, london fashion blogger, uk fashion blogger, the chic pursuit

pulse light clinic review, laser hair removal london, london fashion blogger, uk fashion blogger

pulse light clinic review, laser hair removal london, london fashion blogger, uk fashion blogger

pulse light clinic review, laser hair removal london, london fashion blogger, uk fashion blogger

pulse light clinic review, laser hair removal london, london fashion blogger, uk fashion blogger

Getting ready for my treatment at Pulse Light Clinic

Who Can Undergo Laser Hair Removal?

Laser hair removal is best for very pale skin with very dark hair – contrast is key with this procedure. Laser hair removal works by aiming a concentrated laser (or intense pulse light – IPL) at the hair follicle. This light beam is so intense that it damages the hair follicle to the extent that it is not able to grow anymore. Dark pigment absorbs this light the most, which is why dark hair is crucial to obtain the desired effect through this treatment. If you have dark hair AND dark skin, both of those sources will absorb light, which is why the treatment will not be as effective. You may still get your desired end result, but it will take longer to get there. It is best to drop in for a consultation in your nearest clinic. Pulse Light Clinic, which is where I am doing my laser hair removal, offers free consultation for anyone who has questions regarding the procedure.

Is Laser Hair Removal Painful?

The pain experienced during laser hair removal depends on which area on your body you are targeting. From personal experience I can say that underarms are not painful to treat at all. My last treatment literally took 1-2 minutes – I was shocked that it was so quick and painless! The laser feels like a small sting, so you CAN definitely feel it, but it is not a deal breaker.

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However, when I underwent laser hair removal in my bikini area, I remember it being more painful and uncomfortable. The bikini area is naturally more sensitive, not to mention larger than the underarm area, so if you are looking to remove hair from there these factors are something you should consider. Luckily, a patch test is part of the free consultation at Pulse Light Clinic, so you can drop in and test if the pain levels are comfortable for you. Other clinics should be able to offer the same service if you happen to live outside of London.

What Are The Prices of Lser Hair Removal?

At Pulse Light Clinic the prices for laser hair removal start from £170 per area (bikini or underarms) and go up in price depending on the surface area of the body part you want to treat. Multipacks starting from 6 treatments go up to £450 (with a 55% discount), and some deals can always be found on Groupon, and so on. The full price list can be found here. What is great about the clinic is that they offer 0% interest financing for 12 months, so you can pay in smaller deposits if you cannot afford to pay for the treatment in full. Also, as laser hair removal IS quite an expensive treatment, I would recommend dropping in for a free consultation with a specialist before committing to the procedure to make sure that your skin and hair type match the criteria that is necessary to achieve optimal results.

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Also, I would like to point out that you should consult a skin care specialist and ask how many treatments would be necessary to treat your hair in particular. I know that for me, the original quotation was 10 sessions, so actually I might not be completely hairless after these 4 treatments! Anyway, I will keep you updated in about 5 months and HOPEFULLY I will not have any hairs left on my underarms by that time.

TL;DR: Is Laser Hair Removal Right For ME?

If you have light skin and dark hair – YES! If you are looking to permanently get rid of unwanted hair growth – YES! If you can afford 4-10 treatments per area – YES! If you have dark skin and dark hair – MAYBE! The melanin in your dark skin will absorb some of the light, so you will probably need more treatments than light skinned girls. It’s best to pop into a free consultation at your clinic!

Now tell me, will you try out laser hair removal, or will you skip this one out? There are also many at home hair removal machines, which work with the exact same principles as professional laser hair removal. The most well-known and recommended product is the Philips Lumea Prestige IPL Machine For At Home Use – Check this one out if price is the only issue for you when it comes to laser hair removal!

Visit my clinic (Pulse Light Clinic) for more information here ♥

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