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The ketogenic diet has been getting a lot of buzz lately. For those of you who have no idea what this new “keto movement” is all about, let me give you a short brief.

The keto diet, also known as the low carb, high fat aims to make your body utilise fat reserves as energy and through this, lose weight or tone up.



Featured recipe idea: Low carb hot chicken salad


The logic goes that if you eat little to no carbs, your body is forced to find other ways to get the calories that it needs to function. And where do these calories come from? You guessed it – from fats in food and your own body.

SO, essentially keto = lots of good fats + low carbs + plenty protein

Many people have achieved amazing weight loss by following the ketogenic diet and by maintaining ketosis in their body (ketosis is essentially a fancy word for using fat as fuel instead of carbs). Other people who are not as bothered about weight loss have reported higher energy levels and mental clarity.

Now, keto diets are pretty restrictive and can be difficult to maintain if you have an active social life and eat out a lot. When you’re working long hours and have no time to prepare dinner on a daily basis it can also be pretty frustrating to stick to the diet.

This is why I wanted to share some of the best keto dinner recipes that only take 30 minutes OR LESS to prepare – I know that sometimes even when you have the best intentions to stick to your diet, life tries to test you and makes it harder to stick to your guns.

All of these mindblowing recipes work amazingly well for both family dinners and for those of you who are single, and are easy enough for even beginners to prepare.

15-Minute Lemon Garlic Butter Steak with Zucchini Noodles

Found On Eat Well 101

This lemon garlic steak with zucchini noodles has so much flavor and is almost impossible to mess up! The whole meal cooks up in 15 minutes in a single pan, which makes cleaning up that much easier to do.

Chicken Tomato Zoodles With Spiced Cashews

Found On Healthy Laura

If you’re having pasta cravings, give this seriously impressive zoodle recipe a go! With turmeric dusted cashews, ripe cherry tomatoes and tender chicken this simple dish is a winner for a mid-week meal.


Found On Wholesome Yum

Replace casserole rice with cauliflower rice and you get this quilt-free, super fast and super simple casserole. With Italian seasoning and cabbage roll, this recipe is best suited for a sophisticated palate.


Found On Hey Keto Mama

This easy chicken parmesan casserole has the perfect balance between cheesy, tomato-y and savoury flavors! The chicken will provide enough protein for the whole day, while the cheese guarantees that you’ll get good fats with your meal. Definite family favorite!


Found On Hey Keto Mama

If you’ve been missing baked potatoes since embarking on your ketogenic lifetyle, this recipe is for you! The trick to making cauliflower taste like potatoes is all in the seasoning – in fact, making cauliflower taste like any other carb-filled food boils down to the seasoning that you use.

This bacon, cheese and jalapeno rich dish will make you see the nutritious vegetable in a completely different light.

Creamy Tuscan Garlic Chicken

Found On The Recipe Critic

Sun dried tomatoes with heavy cream and parmesan cheese? This recipe is a must try! Alyssa from the Recipe Critic describes this dish as straight out of a restaurant , so if you’re looking to impress your family, this is the recipe to turn to.

20-Minute Low-Carb Turkey and Peppers

Found On Healthy Seasonal Recipes

This meal isn’t your traditional keto meal – in fact, the whole serving contains only an astonishing 9g of fats! However, what the recipe lacks in the fat department, it makes up in the protein department.

With 30g protein per serving, this is one appetising dish for the gym junkies out there. The sweet taste of the peppers compliment the turkey perfectly, and you might not even crave a side dish with this meal. Who said that stir-fries needed lots of greens?

Asparagus Stuffed Chicken Parmesan

Found On My Food Story

Greens? Check. Protein? Check. Yummy flavour? Check! This dish may look super fancy and while it also tastes super fancy, it only takes 30 mins to prepare.

Taco Stuffed Avocados

Found On House Of Yumm

These taco stuffed avocados are perfect as a dinner dish, a lunch dish, as breakfast, as a snack… you name it! Essentially all that you’ll be doing with this recipe is putting taco fillings inside of an avocado, so that instead of grain shells you’ll be eating your “taco” from avocado shells – simple but kind of genius.

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Beef and Broccoli Bowls With Sunshine Sauce

Found On The Castaway Kitchen

Broccoli and beef may sound simple enough, but what really brings this recipe together is the sunshine sauce. This nutty sauce uses bone broth instead of traditional coconut milk, so it’s a bit of a twist on the original sunshine sauce recipe, but equally as delicious!

Keto Fried Rice With Pork

Found On Happy Keto

Fried rice on a keto diet? Well, not really – this recipe substitutes grains for cauliflower rice, but you wouldn’t notice the difference thanks to all the other tasty ingredients that go into the dish like pork belly, eggs, soy sauce and sesame seeds.

Ground Beef and Cabbage Stir-Fry

Found On Savory Tooth

This meaty dish is perfect for those weekdays when you don’t have much time to prepare a dish nor do you want to spend a lot of effort doing so. In only 15 minutes you can whisk together this hearty dish that has hints of Asian flavour to it: ginger and soy sauce.

If you prefer a greener version of the dish, you can always increase the cabbage to meat ratio.

Low Carb Loaded Cauliflower

Found On Low Carb Maven

Missing mashed potatoes? Try out this bacon and cheese loaded cauliflower casserole and I can bet that your potato cravings are gone!

Easy Eggless Salmon Patties

Found On Mommy’s Home Cooking

Salmon is hands down my favourite fish to eat, but what if you don’t fancy cooking it the traditional way? Try these flaxseed meal salmon patties instead! They’re super easy to make and provide a bit of variety into your kitchen.

You can also serve them with avocado, cauliflower rice and a bit of cilantro on the side for an added culinary experience.

Keto Shrimp Scampi

Found On Ketogasm

This keto summer squash noodle recipe is another one for the books – buttery, lemony and full of flavor, this recipe adds a perfectly balanced Mediterranean touch to any dinner.

For extra sass, substitute the chicken broth for white wine when cooking!

Super-Simple Tuna Fish Salad

Found On The Healthy Foodie

Amazingly, we’ve gotten this far on the list without including a single salad recipe. And who’s to blame – salads can be a bit bland and are not everyone’s cup of tea.

However, this dish is bursting with flavor – you’ve got tuna for protein and fats, zucchini, olives and  tomato as your rainbow vegetables and parsley, mint and other herbs to add a pinch of yum.  Try it before you knock it, and you might just find that tuna isn’t as boring without mayo as you thought it was!

Herb Butter Salmon and Asparagus Foil Packs

Found On Creme de la Crumb

You CAN NOT go wrong with salmon and asparagus – these two are the ultimate kitchen combo for me. Even though they taste amazing with just salt and pepper seasoning, if you want to add an extra zing to the dish, try marinating the fish and greens with the herbs mentioned in this recipe.

More often than not, it’s subtle changes to recipes that will make you fall in love with old classics all over again!

Mediterranean Roasted Cabbage Steaks With Basil Pesto and Feta

Found On Inspector Gorgeous

Looking for meat free keto recipes? This is the one. Cabbage may not be a staple in your kitchen just yet, but if you dress it up with pesto and feta cheese like in this recipe, you may just become a convert.

Harissa Portobello Mushroom “Tacos”

Found On Healthy Nibbles And Bits

Substitute high carb tortillas for a healthy, leafy alternative and what do you get? Green tacos! The portobello mushrooms lend a meaty texture, while the guacamole, cashew cream and harissa add a filling and spicy kick to this meatless keto dish.

Salmon Gremolata With Roasted Vegetables

Found On Nosh Tactic

Don’t let fancy words like gremolata stop you from making this dish – gremolata is just a simple Italian garnish made from parsley, lemon zest and garlic. It’s a savory topping that can be used together with lots of meats, and it goes especially well with salmon thanks to it’s fresh taste.

Try it out with a simple mix of roasted vegetables like asparagus to really blow your family away!

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