30 Trendy Indie Outfits To Keep An Eye On This Season

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Are you looking to build a few indie outfits of your own? If so, we got you! Here are 30 trendy indie outfits to recreate this season!

If you’re someone who consumes a lot of social media content on a daily basis, then chances are, you are already familiar with the indie aesthetic and indie outfits..

What is the indie aesthetic, first of all? It’s quite hard to categorize it in one specific fashion style, so it’s more like an umbrella term for all things retro or hipster. Indie outfits are a blend of y2k, grunge, streetwear, and many other social media aesthetics that you can think of. 

Indie outfits have been around for the past decade or so, and their roots can be traced from the popular blogging platform Tumblr back in 2014. Back then, the indie aesthetic mostly consisted of plaid clothing, grungy outfits, and clothing that were typically worn by punk/rock/indie band members on their shows. Indie and punk music heavily influenced the aesthetic when it started getting traction.

Indie outfits have gotten popular once again thanks to Tiktok. Only this time, the indie aesthetic has now ballooned to include other styles that Gen Z-ers made popular, such as y2k, goth, cybergoth, rock, fairy grunge and even cottagecore on some instances.

Where to get indie outfits

It’s fairly easy to get indie outfits these days since online fashion boutiques and retailers have included a wide range of clothing that caters to the growing trends.  Here are our top choices for affordable indie outfits:

Now, let’s jump into our favorite looks from stylish influencers and the retailers! 


The Trendiest Indie Outfits To Recreate



Cute indie outfit with brown jeans and mesh top

Get this mesh top from Etsy




Orange outfit set for indie outfits

Image via @naomiroestel




Outfit with white harem cargo pants

Get the cargo pants from YesStyle

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Cute indie outfit with Greek statues sweatshirt

Get the sweatshirt from Etsy




Indie outfit y2k aesthetic

Get these pants on White Fox Boutique




Oversized plaid shirt outfit with denim skirt

Get the oversized plaid shirt from YesStyle




Cute grunge outfit with cargo pants

Get the dungarees/cargo pants from Etsy




Waist chain for indie outfits

Get this waist belt on Nasty Gal




Cute outfit with wide leg jeans

Get the wide-leg jeans from Princess Polly




Beige fairy cottagecore indie outfit with skirt overall

Get the skirt overall from Etsy




y2k mesh top and baggy jeans for indie outfits

Image via @nynketabak




Sexy top for indie outfits

Get this top on Princess Polly





Brown cottagecore t-shirt with mushroom

Get the t-shirt from Etsy




White and cream cardigan with gold buttons

Get the cardigan from Princess Polly




Orange checkered pants for indie outfits

Get these pants on Beginning Boutique




Cute indie outfit with oversized trendy white sweatshirt with print

Get this sweatshirt from YesStyle




Pleated denim mini skirt with chain

Get this skirt from Etsy




Y2k casual brown flare jeans

Get these pants from Etsy




Sage green knit dress for cute indie outfits

Get this knit dress from Etsy




Orange pants for indie outfits

Get these pants on Beginning Boutique




Brown ribbed knot top for indie outfits

Get this top on Beginning Boutique




y2k mesh top and skirt set for indie outfits

Get this skirt on White Fox Boutique  | Get this top on White Fox Boutique




Cropped top and baggy pants for indie outfits

Image via @nynketabak




Front knot top and gingham skirt for indie outfits

Image via @nynketabak




Sexy black long sleeve top for indie outfits

Get this top on Princess Polly




Oversized plaid shirt and black crop top for indie outfits

Get this plaid shirt on White Fox Boutique




Checkered halter top for indie outfits

Get this top on Beginning Boutique




Plaid red pleated skirt for indie outfits

Get this skirt on Etsy




Graphic tee for indie outfits

Get this tee on Beginning Boutique




Green fairycore outfit

Get this mesh top from Etsy

Are you ready to build your own indie outfit? Let us know in the comments! If you’re still looking for more fashion inspiration, check the posts down below.


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