How To Use Tailwind Tribes To Explode Your Traffic (Fast)

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: Tailwind Tribes is the secret behind my success in blogging. For me, it was a total game changer.

I went from getting 50,000 pageviews on my blog to 90,000 pageviews in a matter of MONTHS. (Note: These figures are based on my own results. Have a look at the typical results across all Tailwind members here!)

With that, my blog income also grew to a steady $3,000+ / month.

If you’re a fellow blogger, you’ve probably heard that I’m not the only one raving about them: Tribes is often quoted as the better version of Pinterest group boards and hundreds, if not thousands of bloggers are seeing a great return on investment with them.

Like I said, total game changer. 



So what exactly are tribes and how can you harness their power?

Well, in this post I’m going to discuss exactly that.

But first, let me show what results I’ve gotten once I started using Tribes in my business.


 My Results With Tribes


You probably know that Pinterest is the holy grail of traffic for many bloggers, but it’s not always so easy to get started with successful Pinterest marketing.

That was also my case – I thought that I was doing everything right with Pinterest, but the traffic just wasn’t there…Until I discovered Tailwind Tribes. After that, my Pinterest traffic REALLY took off, like you can see here:

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Tailwind Tribes has really been my ultimate secret to not only reaching 5 million monthly Pinterest views, but also getting 80,000-90,000 monthly pageviews on my blog consistently. Before I started implementing Tribes into my Pinterest strategy, my pageviews hovered at around 50,000 /month, and 5-6 weeks after I started implementing Tribes, it shot up to 91,000 / month.


And that wasn’t all – Tailwind Tribes actually helped to boost the popularity of my ENTIRE Pinterest account! Before Tribes, I was virtually getting no traffic to my blog from Pinterest (2,000-16,000 pageviews / month), and after Tribes it shot up to 50,000 pageviews / month from Pinterest!

I also tested out if my Pinterest traffic would suffer if I paused my Tribes strategy. I went on a 5 week hiatus in November/December time and didn’t post anything to Tribes. The results surprised me in a positive way: my traffic from Tribes dropped as expected, but my organic Pinterest traffic picked up where Tribes left off. So, the net result was that I still had as much traffic as before.

So what does that mean? Well, Tailwind Tribes helped to kickstart the flow of organic traffic to my blog too!


Now, hopefully, I’ve convinced you that Tailwind Tribes is something that you should also try implementing in your blog strategy. Let’s get started!


What Is Tailwind?


If you’re not using Tailwind yet, you’re missing out! Tailwind is a scheduling and analytics tool for Pinterest that can supercharge your efforts and free up tons of time in your calendar.

Instead of spending 15 min – 1 hour every day manually pinning your pins to Pinterest, Tailwind allows you to schedule all of your pins in advance, as far ahead as you like. The best part is that Tailwind analyses all of your data and makes sure that your pins go out at the optimal time for your audience.

Now, I spend about 2-3 hours per month scheduling all of my pins to Tailwind, and that’s it! Talk about a time saver.

In addition to scheduling, Tailwind also allows you to analyse your data: these include your pins, boards, profile and more. This then allows you to understand what content is resonating with your audience and what isn’t. You’ll can then focus on creating more content that works, and drop the rest!

Tailwind isn’t free to use, but they offer a 30 day free trial for their Pro Plan + Tribes. Check it out here

What Are Tailwind Tribes?


Tailwind Tribes are another feature inside of Tailwind. They’re an online community of bloggers and pinners sharing content in a similar niche. Normally, you share content on Tribes because you want your blog post to reach as many people as possible, make more sales or grow your blog. If your tribesmates like your content, they’ll share it to their boards for their followers to see.

I like to call Tribes Pinterest Group Boards 2.0, because essentially they function in the same way as group boards on Pinterest, but they’re soooooo much better and effective to use.

Why? Tribes allow you to get access to power pinners with millions of followers AND they actually work. 

How Tailwind Tribes Work


The reason why Tribes is different from Pinterest group boards and why it actually works is because if you submit a pin to tribes, you also need to schedule a pin from another creator. If you don’t pin from other people, you’re out.

This way, you’re almost always sure that someone will re-pin your content from Tribes to one of their boards, and from there other users will be able to share and interact with your pin too. It has a compounding effect which can be very powerful if done right.


These are my results from Tailwind Tribes so far – your growth can be truly exponential!



And unlike group boards, these rules actually work, because the tribe admin can easily see who’s following the rules and who isn’t. This means that you won’t get spammers who submit 30 pins to a tribe per day and never pin anything in return. Most tribes are very beneficial for every tribe member, and every tribe member pins at least one pin from another blogger after they’ve submitted their own pins on the platform.

That’s exactly why they are so powerful!


How To Find Tribes To Join


Finding Tribes to join is pretty easy. In fact, to make it more easier, I’ve compiled a list of the 100 Best Tailwind Tribes to Join for any niche! To grab it, simply check it out here.

If you want to go and find Tribes to join by yourself, you can also do that. Simply navigate to Tribes -> Find a Tribe and type in a keyword based on your niche, like “mommy”, if you’re in the parenting niche.



Here you’ll see something like this. The groups with the green icon are free to join by anyone and the blue tribes require you to write a short summary of why you would be an excellent candidate for the tribe.

How To Choose The Best Tribes


When you apply for Tribes, I highly recommend going for highly active, BIG tribes. This way, your pins will be in front of more people, and they’ll have a higher probability of being shared by your tribes mates!

I also recommend checking the virality of each tribe before joining. By virality, I’m referring to how many re-pins each pin that is submitted to the tribe gets. This means that either people have stopped pinning from this tribe or they are simply pinning to very low quality boards (hint: that’s not good for anyone, including them). There’s nothing worse than wasting your time and pins or tribes that don’t generate the results that you want and need.

To check the virality of a board, simply click on “Preview Tribe” in the upper lefthand side corner.

For example, if we click on #ManagingMommiesTribe, we’ll see that for every 43.6 k pins submitted, the pins get 45.8k repins, or 1.05 re-pins per pin on average. This is okay, but there’s better tribes than that too.



For example, if we preview Practical Mommy Lifetsyle, we’ll see that for every 49.2k pins submitted, the pins get 88.8k repins, or 1.80 re-pins per pin on average. 



I recommend only joining tribes that have a virality of 1+ to get maximum results!


When To Submit Pins To Tribes


Submitting pins to Tribes is pretty easy,  but there’s a certain way to do it that will guarantee you get the maximum amount of traffic and exposure.

The key here is to wait until your pin already has some repins on Pinterest and then submit it to Tribes.

This is because on Tribes, you can see which pins have repins on them. Naturally, people want to pin content that is already popular on Pinterest, so the more repins you have on your pin before posting it to Tribes, the better.

The good thing about Tribes is that repins aren’t attached to individual pins: Tribes actually count all the repins of the URL that is linked to your pin. So, if you have an old blog post that is already popular on Pinterest, creating a new pin for that blog post will already have tons of repins on it, even if it’s never been re-pinned before.

For best results, submit your pins to the same Tribes on a consistent basis, like once per month.


How To Choose Who’s Content To Share


Generally when choosing what content to share from others it’s best to stick to content that is already popular on Pinterest and Tribes. When scrolling through your Tribes, you’ll see how many repins all the other pins have and you’ll also see how many other Pinner’s have shared the pin.

I tend to only rein content that already has many reins on Pinterest and that’s also trending on Tribes – this is the safest bet. If the content is already popular on Pinterest, it’s more likely to resonate with your audience also.

To find the most popular content, I like to go to Tribes -> Insights -> Tribe Highlights and see who’s content has been shared the most amount of times. I then picks a few of the pins that fit my niche and my boards, and go ahead and schedule them.


Another thing that I’d like to mention is that when choosing which pins to re-pin, focus on those pins that you think will get re-pinned on Pinterest, not on those that are likely to get clicks. Not only will this be better for your overall Pinterest performance, it may also be beneficial for your business.

If your followers aren’t clicking away from Pinterest on to your competitors’ sites, they’re more likely to stumble across your articles on the Pinterest smart feed and click to your blog instead!


How To Use Analytics To Your Advantage


Analytics are your best friend when it comes to blogging. And Tailwind Tribes are no exception!

If you learn how to use analytics to your advantage with Tribes you’ll be able to focus on specific tribes that drive the most amount of results for you and achieve growth even faster.

When looking at Tribes analytics, I go to Tribes -> Insights -> Tribes Activity and have a look at my best performing tribes. You can sort your tribes according to virality (the number of re-pins received) and reach.

You want to make sure that you’re only submitting pins to the tribes that provide the best results for you, so have a look at what you’re getting on average and if there are any tribes that fall short of that, get rid of them.

Note: It’s best to give new tribes a couple of months before analysing them, otherwise the analytics might not be accurate!



The golden standard is to pin to tribes that have a virality of 1 (or more). This means that for every pin that you submit, you get at least 1 repin. Repins are the currency on Pinterest, and it means that your pins will spread further and further and they’ll get seen by more and more people.



It’s also important to take a look at the reach that you’re getting from your tribes. You want your pins to be seen by as many people as possible, so stay away from tribes that hinder your reach.

By focusing on submitting pins to those tribes that have a high virality AND a high reach, you’ll be well on your way to increasing your traffic from Pinterest.


Tribes Give Pins A Boost That Lasts


I’ve spoken to different bloggers and they’ve experienced a similar thing – once your content gets shared on tribes enough times, it gets popular on Pinterest and you can stop sharing it on tribes. It will still get the same traffic, provided that you’ve keyworded your pins well and focused on Pinterest SEO!


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  1. Thanks so much for sharing! I’m researching Tailwind and this has been super helpful. I just launched my blog about a week ago, and I don’t have many repins on my Pinterest yet. Is now a good time to try Tailwind or should I wait until my blog takes off a little more?

    1. Maria Julia says:

      Hi Ashley, well done on launching your blog! I would say once you have at least 10 posts it’s a good time to start using Tailwind. Otherwise, you might not have enough material to promote on Pinterest! 🙂 x

      1. Thank you! I appreciate it. I have that many posts, so I’ll try it out. 🙂

  2. Wilson Wilson says:

    I’m currently saving up to get your explosive traffic with tribes eBook! I really can’t wait to get it! I have a tribes unlimited membership, and even though I have gotten a reach of 1.2M+, I’m still getting 5 page views per day from Pinterest. Maybe It’ll turn around after awhile! Thanks for the awesome post

    1. Maria Julia says:

      Hi Wilson! 🙂 I’m sure you will be able to turn it around – 5 pageviews is very little to the amount of views that you are getting! Perhaps you should try to create different pins that peak people’s curiosity and that will encourage them to click over to your website? x

  3. Hi Maria,

    Thank you for sharing all your tips! Your YouTube videos and blog posts are super helpful. How many tribes do you recommend joining for each niche? Do you share the same pins to all Fashion tribes for example?

    1. Maria Julia says:

      Hi Gabriela! It’s really up to you and what tribes plan you’re on. Some plans have a restriction on how many tribes you can join (e.g. 5, 10), but if you’re on a plan that has an unlimited number of tribes that you can join, I would say 10-20 per niche. What I’ve personally done is that I’ve joined as many tribes as I’ve found, and then tracked their performance over a few months. Then, I’ve eliminated those that perform poorly x

  4. This post was very insightful! I am looking forward to trying out tailwind and several Pinterest strategies. I recently purchased your explosive traffic with tribes ebook and cannot wait to sit down and dig in :).

    Currently, many of my pins have less than 8 repins. Do you think this will hinder my chances of being accepted into a tailwind tribe?

    1. Maria Julia says:

      Hi Shalanda, that’s awesome! I’m sure that Tribes will have give a huge boost to your overall Pinterest strategy! To answer your question: no, I don’t think so. Many tribes have absolutely no requirements for joining them, so there shouldn’t be any problems for you 🙂 x

  5. All your videos are so helpful!!! I’ve just started going through ebook and the email course….thank you so much for putting all these gems and tips together! 🙂

    1. Maria Julia says:

      Thanks so much for the awesome feedback Courtney! Hope you’ve been able to put the tips into practice! 🙂 x

  6. Harsh Patel says:

    Hey, I read your article and your information about “SEO” is very amzing and so much helpful for me. Keep it up and Thank you very much.:)

    1. Maria Julia says:

      Glad you found it helpful! 🙂

  7. Well, I know nothing about Pinterest… I think I know what I needed to focus on the coming month…

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