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Wouldn’t it be amazing if there was one single app where you could shop anything from apparel to homeware to beauty products with amazing imagery from the people and influencers YOU like? Of course it would!

And thank goodness that not one, but two such apps exist at the moment. Those apps are of course 21 Buttons and (LTK).

I’ve written about their similarities and differences in my previous post, but I wanted to elaborate a little bit more on LTK as the user experience is quite frankly a little bit confusing.

As an influencer, there are bits and bobs that I’ve found to be somewhat strange as well, and it has been through trial and error that I’ve managed to start earning some coins on the platform. So, how to use Like To Know It?


So, First And Foremost, What The Heck Is! is essentially a shoppable Instagram. Right now, the platform operates both as an app as well an email subscription. The app is, as I said, a shoppable Instagram, where the user can follow bloggers and find products that they would like to buy via hashtags.

Your Instagram account will also be instantly synchronised with the app, so that if you’ve liked a picture in Instagram and it’s also “activated” on LTK, you will see that particular picture on your feed with all the relevant links to the products – great!


The email version of the app operates both through Instagram only as well as the LTK app. Once the user has signed up to the service, they will receive shoppable links to outfits directly by liking their favourite influencers photos on Instagram.

Not all influencers use LTK – you will be able to tell who do by the hashtags (#liketoknowit) on the images. You can also select how often you want to receive the emails – daily, weekly, biweekly, etc.


Okay great, but how to use  Like To Know It & How is It different from 21Buttons?


LTK and 21Buttons are both  very heavily focused on fashion, but there are also influencers from other niches on the LTK.

So, you’ll be able to find fitness gear, home decor, menswear, kidswear, baby items, beauty products and wedding items all by scrolling through the app. Some of the most popular accounts on the app focus solely on mommy gear or home decor.


It’s also much easier to find these niches on LTK than 21Buttons. 21Buttons is focused on fashion only, and they have made it extremely easy to find relevant clothing items such as pants, shirts, jackets, etc on the app.

LTK on the other hand has focused on a more holistic approach – they have dedicated sections to all the different niches.


Okay, Got It. But How To Use Like To Know It As A Blogger?


I’ve only started using the LTK app about a month ago when I finally realised its potential. Since then, I’ve made about £35 on the app which may not seem like a lot, but I have a feeling the figures will scale up.

I see a lot of bloggers do the same mistake that I did before. They’re not using the app as a separate platform, they’re using it only to link pieces from their Instagram.

As soon as I realised that I was gaining followers on LTK just by posting a picture on there, I became intrigued. I started experimenting on posting pictures solely on the app and using it as a separate entity.

I’ve mentioned before that I’m no longer as active on Instagram as I used to be, but I still have hundreds of pictures on my phone that are great quality, yet end up nowhere. I’ve now started posting them on LTK.

Since this realisation, I’ve grown about 7-10 followers per every picture I post, and all the revenue that I have made on the platform has come from pictures that have NOT been featured on Instagram.


Income Tips


So, if you’re a blogger looking to increase your income from LTK, I suggest you use it as a separate platform and post a picture every day.

I can’t comment on what the optimal times to post pictures are, but I tend to post whenever – it doesn’t seem to make a huge difference. When I can, I try to post late at night, because that’s when the American population is up. (Most of my followers are from the US.)

Another tip that I would have is to post multiple outfits – that way your followers have more options in what to shop!


So there you have it, you should now have a better understanding of how to use Like To Know It. I hope that you have fun with the app no matter if you’re using the app to shop or to post your own looks.


P.S. Make sure to follow me on LTK here so that you can see what I wear on a daily basis with more ease!

Let me know, did you learn any new tips from this article, or did you know how to use Like To Know It beforehand as well?


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