How To Spot A Fake Cartier Love Bracelet: All The Information You Need

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Cartier LOVE Bracelets are perhaps one of the most iconic pieces of jewelry you can get your hands on – but how do you spot a fake Cartier LOVE bracelet from a real one?

The Cartier LOVE bracelet is often seen to represent a commitment to a loved one, due to the delicate screws that keep it attached to your wrist.

This stunning bracelet has a long history and has been seen on the wrist of some of the best-known celebrities. The Cartier LOVE bracelet is beautiful on its own, or it can be a part of a stack of bracelets, so why wouldn’t you want to add one to your collection?

If you are thinking of buying a Cartier LOVE bracelet second-hand, you want to make sure it is a real one rather than a fake bracelet – but don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

This article will cover a short history of the Cartier brand, and take a look at the material and craftsmanship of real Cartier jewelry before jumping into how to spot a counterfeit LOVE bracelet. We have also looked at some of the different variations of Cartier LOVE bracelets to help you decide which one is right for you!

How to spot a fake cartier love bracelet

History of Cartier

This French luxury goods company was founded by Louis-François Cartier in 1847 when Cartier took over the workshop of his master, Adolph Picard, and began creating his own jewelry. However, it wasn’t until Cartier’s sons Alfred, Louis, Pierre, and Jacques took over the company that Cartier became a worldwide luxury brand.

Cartier jewelry is a favorite among royalty and celebrities alike. King Edward VII of Great Britain loved the jewelry brand and ordered 27 tiaras from Cartier for his coronation in 1902. The royal families of Spain, Portugal, and Serbia have all issued Cartier royal warrants because of their love of the brand and its high-quality craftsmanship.

More recently, celebrities including Angelina Jolie and Kylie Jenner, and royalty including Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge have been spotted in Cartier jewelry.

Notably, in 1969, Aldo Cipullo designed the LOVE bracelet for the Cartier brand. The permanence of the screw closure symbolizes commitment and free-spirited love. Despite being designed over 50 years ago, this piece of jewelry is still wildly popular with men and women all over the world.

Now, Cartier is seen as one of the most prestigious jewelry manufacturers, its popularity demonstrated by the fact the company has over 200 stores across 125 countries, with three historical ‘temples’ in London, New York, and Paris.

Materials and Craftsmanship

Cartier has become such a famous, sought-after brand because of the finest materials and craftsmanship its products are made with. Real Cartier LOVE bracelets are either made in rose gold, white gold, or yellow gold – this means if you see a LOVE bracelet in any other color or material it is bound to be a fake piece.

All authentic Cartier LOVE bracelets are made from 18-carat gold – this is displayed by the number 750 that appears next to the product online or on the bracelet itself.

Pure gold is 24-carat so 750 means 75% of the metal is pure gold, making the bracelet 18-carat gold (as 18 is 75% of 24). Hopefully, this information will help when you are buying any real gold Cartier jewelry.

Some LOVE bracelets are decorated with real diamonds; these will always be brilliant-cut diamonds and, for 4 diamonds, should total 0.42 carat. This gives you an indication of the high-quality diamonds used in Cartier jewelry.

If the diamonds in a LOVE bracelet don’t look like a brilliant-cut or are not the right clarity or color, it is likely that it is a fake LOVE bracelet.

Due to the top-notch materials and craftsmanship of real Cartier jewelry, the LOVE bracelet should feel solid, have a good weight to it, and have a smooth surface. If the piece feels lightweight or the metal is at all discolored, peeling, or marked, it is going to be a fake Cartier bracelet made with fake gold.

How to spot a fake

While we’ve done our best to describe the most important differences you need to watch out for when looking out for a fake LOVE bracelet, we understand that sometimes, a video describing the differences can be invaluable. So, we’ve also embedded a helpful comparison video from My First Luxury below.

YouTube video

The first thing to check is the logo. All original Cartier LOVE bracelets have the Cartier logo engraved onto one side of them.

This logo should be crisp and sharp, uneven inscriptions or markings are red flags that this is a fake bracelet. It is also worth noting the font of the Cartier logo, it should be in a neat cursive with no smudging or sloppy finishes.

2. serial number

The unique serial number is also one of the best ways to work out a fake Cartier LOVE bracelet from a real one. This is not a style number, but a serial number that is individual to each and every bracelet.

The format of the serial number could be five numbers + one letter, two letters + four numbers, or three numbers + three numbers. Any other serial number format would be a warning sign that this is a fake love bracelet.

The bracelet will also include Au 750 for 18-carat gold as mentioned earlier, as well as the size of the bracelet, such as 17.

3. the screws

It is always worth checking the screws of the LOVE bracelet to see if it’s the real deal. Newer versions of this bracelet have screws that attach to the bracelet itself before you screw them on, and are in perfect alignment with each other.

The stamping of genuine bracelets will be crisp and clean and leave a smooth surface. Fake LOVE bracelets often do not have a smooth finish or screws that align completely.

4. documentation

Documentation will often come with a real Cartier bracelet. This is a great way to check whether the bracelet is real. The document will outline the style, the store the bracelet is purchased from, the date of purchase, and the serial number.

If you are shopping for a LOVE bracelet on the secondary market, always ask for the original documentation to be included.

5. Get it Tested By A Professional

Cartier Love bracelets have a unique combination of metals, which includes 18k gold, nickel, and some other metals, according to Sarah Davis, Co-founder of Fashionphile. Professional resellers will be able to test your bracelet using metal alloy detectors and other tools to find out if your bracelet is the real deal.

With the growing number of super fakes, it’s worth it to get them tested to put your mind at ease. With this said, if you’re buying your bracelet from a reputable second-hand marketplace like Fashionphile, Rebag or The RealReal, in most cases, they will have already carried out such tests.

Our top picks from the LOVE collection

1. LOVE braceletS
Get this on Fashionphile
Get this on Fashionphile

The LOVE bracelets themselves are obviously a great choice if you are looking at Cartier jewelry. These stunning bracelets are available in three different gold colors to suit any personal style, and available in a wider size or thinner size as well! You just can beat the original real thing from the LOVE collection.

2. Love wedding band
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The LOVE range also includes a genuine ring. This wedding band is again available in three different color golds as well as platinum. There are no platinum bracelets available but the wedding band does come in this metal. An engraving can also be added to this sentimental piece of jewelry.

3. love earrings
Get this on Fashionphile
Get this on Fashionphile

If you love the design of this Cartier collection but are not ready for the symbol of commitment that often comes with the bracelet for example, then the earrings would be perfect for you! Available in the three shades of gold, you also have the option of diamond-embellished LOVE earrings for a little extra glam too.


Cartier LOVE bracelets are timeless pieces of jewelry that are unfortunately replicated too often. They are utterly elegant and symbolize love and commitment in a way that no other piece of jewelry does. The range of colors and sizes means they are perfect for men and women.

However, due to their popularity, you have to be careful to ensure you have the real bracelet. As already explained, there are several ways to check the authenticity of a LOVE bracelet, including the quality of the metal and the stamping, the documentation, and the serial number.

If all these elements seem legit and you bought the bracelet from a reputable source – go ahead and enjoy your real LOVE bracelet!

We hope you enjoyed this article on how to spot a fake Cartier LOVE bracelet! For more luxury fashion content, check out the links below.

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