The Best Home Organization Ideas To Tidy Up Your Space On A Budget

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If you’re looking for affordable home organization products to keep your home clean & clutter-free, you’ve come to the right place! 

Like Marie Kondo’s best-selling book states, tidying up can truly be life-changing. If you’ve accumulated too much stuff with nowhere to store it, your home can quickly start looking messy when it actually isn’t.

To fight that, purchasing some organization products like storage baskets, boxes and small jars is crucial. Below, we’re sharing some of our favorite organization ideas for each room in the house.

Pst – Check out this post if you’re looking for pantry organization ideas in particular!


Home organization favorites


Get the items here:
  1. Blush Stackable Jewelry Box
  2. Drop-Front Sweater Box
  3. Black Drop-Front Shoe Box
  4. Storage Boxes With Wooden Handles


Common Area:
  1. Gold Wire Geometric Basket
  2. White And Natural Seagrass Clara Tote Basket
  3. Woven Water Hyacinth Magazine Basket 


  1. Acrylic Desk Organizer
  2. Nordic Modular Stacking Boxes
  3. Gold Wire Metal Pencil Cup


  1. Faceted Vanity Organizer
  2. Style Station Pro
  3. Bamboo Cutlery Tray


I hope that these ideas will be useful for your own home too! 


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